• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Founded2011

Tusonge Community Development Organization

TUSONGE is a Tanzanian NGO who work with marginalized groups in grassroots communities of Kilimanjaro region.  The organisation started her work in 2011 in Moshi Municipality and the Majengo ward in six hamlets. TUSONGE’s mission is to enable disadvantanged women, men, youth and people with disabilities (PWDs) “to create prosperity, health, freedom and contribute to a vibrant and sustainable economy”.  TUSONGE’s projects focus on three key areas; Women’s Economic Empowerment, Human rights Education and Child protection.  Tusonge believes that ther is ability in disability and facilitation and leadership support is needed to enable PWD to transform from a condition of poverty to adignified standard of living.  TUSONGE’s five year strategic plan (2014-2018) sets the target that under the Economic Empowerment, 5% of beneficiaries reached are PWDs. They currently support one group of 40 PWDs (5 men, 35 women) with a focus on commercial agriculture and livestock keeping. TUSONGE is a Swahili word meaning that “lets advance or let’s move forward together”. TUSONGE believed that the only means to overcome social injustice, which has haunted women, youth, children and marginalized groups in the communities for so long, is through a participatory and holistic empowerment process which will respect the Right based approach. They expected that as a result of TUSONGE’s efforts the following would happen: Participants of the programme would increase the market access of their products Participants of the programme would increase their income from their business, and enhance profitability Participants of the programme would increase their self-esteem and confidence towards addressing socio-economic challenges The enabling environment for these entrepreneurs to work more effectively and efficiency would be enhanced towards respecting their rights and human values Participants of the programme would increase  their access to production factors that could facilitate their day to day business life The wider community would adopt the basic principles of gender equity and rights through gender conscious policies and planning frameworks.  Since 2011 TUSONGE has supported 750 entrepreneurs including women 75%, Youth 15% and men 10%and their dependents. Their activities were positively evaluated in 2013 and reflected positive outcomes as well and increasing demand of the service in communities especially those in rural set ups.
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