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Ubio Biotechnology Systems

About ubio is a young, vibrant biopharmaceutical company developing innovative solutions in medical, veterinary and food diagnostics. They leverage the latest and best technologies from the fields of electronics, information technology, and biotechnology to create products and solutions that take hi-tech diagnostics to the mass-market. ubio's vision is Affordable, Accurate, Accessible Diagnostics for All. ubio's mission is to develop high-quality diagnostic products and make them accessible to everyone at low cost, while creating value for its customers, employees, investors and partners ubio's product portfolio includes low-cost rapid tests for medical, veterinary and food diagnostics that make diagnostics affordable and accessible to patients, farmers and small industries without any capital investment. They have also developed a new generation biochip for clinical diagnostics market that will provide high quality test assays at significantly lower price points. Situated at Cochin, Kerala, India, ubio brings together key scientific and engineering talent with experience in the cutting-edge of biotechnology, information technology and electronics. Their technology leaders have proven expertise in product development and management, and have made major contributions to software, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries From its inception as a humble start up in the year 2008, ubio has reached a position where it can manufacture a wide range of affordable, accurate and point of care diagnostic tools with medical and veterinary applications. ubio is the first and only company in india manufacturing animal health diagnostics. The company's mission is to provide affordable and accurate diagnostic products, paying attention to diseases that seriously affect the economy of developing countries. ubio has a state of the art manufacturing facility as well as a pioneering R&D facility located in KINFRA Biotehnology Park in Kerala state, India. The facility is GMP and ISO 13485 certified and is approved by indian FDA for manufacture of diagnostics. The research and development division of the company is approved the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. ubio's Animal Health division manufactures rapid and ELISA kits for livestock, poultry and companion animals. The company collaborates with leading veterinary institutions in India and abroad for the development of recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies and diagnostic assays. In human health area, company is mostly focused in tropical and neglected diseases. ubio is devoted to continue its research, development and marketing activities to provide accurate and affordable solutions to animal and human health problem
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  • Biotechnology Zone, Kinfra Hitech Park, Kalamassery, Cochin