Udruzenje LAN

"LAN" Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan, civic organization that operates on the principles of impartiality, independence, humanity and voluntariness, and through its work and activities will strive for democratic development of BiH society, tolerance, coexistence and respect for human rights and civil liberties of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The seat of the Association is in Bihać, Harmani H 15 7/6. The association operates in the Una-Sana Canton. The main goals and activities of the Association are: 1) Development of democratic relations in all spheres of life, 2) Full affirmation of the principles of humanity and justice in social policy, 3) Promotion, preservation, protection and improvement of the human environment, 4) Activities to preserve and nurture the historical heritage, 5) Collection of data, media presentation and printing of publications, newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs and other publications, with the aim of educating and informing citizens, 6) Promotion of historical, natural, cultural and economic potentials and resources as spiritual values, 7) Organizing counseling, seminars, educational courses, trainings, workshops, lectures for training, and manifestations of cultural, sports and entertainment character, 8) Affirmation of the position and status of young people, 9) Encouraging and empowering volunteer humanitarian work, 10) Initiating and supporting the process of establishing a common life, trust and tolerance among citizens, full equality of citizens in accordance with international and domestic legal regulations, 11) Creating conditions for European standards of quality of life, work and inclusion, 12) Developing multinational, multi-religious and multiethnic relations in accordance with contemporary democratic standards, 13) Liaison and cooperation with similar associations and organizations in the country and in the world, 14) Support and participation in all initiatives that are in line with the goals of the Association.
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Primary Funders

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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Bihac
  • Harmani H15 77000