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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR Germany)

UNHCR is funded almost entirely by voluntary contributions - most of it comes from governments. The Federal Republic of Germany is one of UNHCR's most important strategic partners and financial donors. Germany's commitment as one of the most important receiving countries in the European Union is also remarkable. From year to year, more people have to flee due to conflict, persecution and natural disasters. In 2016, more than 65 million people worldwide were on the run. Many conflicts and crises have been going on for decades, new or renewed conflicts are on the increase, and long-term solutions for refugees are still a long way off in many regions. As a result, UNHCR's needs have almost doubled in the last six years - to a total of 7.96 billion in 2017. Despite rising donor contributions as well, in 2017 only half of UNHCR's global needs were covered. In a complex environment of needs and priorities that are changing rapidly, UNHCR relies on timely and predictable financial resources that can be delivered as flexibly as possible to help where help is most needed. With a contribution of USD 477 million, Germany was the second largest donor to UNHCR after the US in 2017. Responsible in cooperation with UNHCR is the Federal Foreign Office, which also provides the bulk of the financial resources. The Federal Foreign Office has steadily increased its humanitarian aid budget since 2013. The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development supports UNHCR in a number of development-oriented projects, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Africa and Uganda. The Federal Republic of Germany is also an important strategic partner for UNHCR. It is one of the first signatories to the Geneva Refugee Convention of 1951 and the 1967 Protocol. In addition, Germany has been a member of the UNHCR Executive Committee (ExCom) since its founding in 1958, making it an important voice in the review and approval of UNHCR programs and budgets , In the current discussion about a global pact for refugees (Global Compact on Refugees), the Federal Government is committed to a fair, global division of responsibilities in dealing with major refugee movements and long-term displacement situations.
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