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University Medical Center Utrecht

"The best possible care for today and in the future" Since everyone deserves the best possible healthcare, UMC Utrecht always sets the bar high. The result: innovative, cutting-edge medical treatment that meets the healthcare needs of today and the future. They develop their unique knowledge in this respect together with patients, patient organizations and several partners. Their doctors, researchers and students join forces to solve major medical issues. Patients at UMC Utrecht receive treatment specifically geared to their specific individual needs. Everything they do is aimed at making and keeping people healthy – and at preventing sickness too. MISSION UMC Utrecht is a leading international university medical center generating, testing, sharing, and applying knowledge on health, illness, and health care for the benefit of patients and society. IMPACT ON HEALTH UMC Utrecht aims to play a major role on the international research stage and play a leading role in research and innovation in a selected number of fields: the strategic programs. Only then can they have an impact on health. They aim to make the knowledge they create available for clinical and feasibility studies, and subsequently put that knowledge into practice. So their role is not limited to creating knowledge; they work hard to make the knowledge and skills gained within UMC Utrecht fit for actual clinical practice. That in turn results in products, processes and services for healthcare. They also stimulate new industriousness. By “marketing” their knowledge and skills, patients in other hospitals can benefit as well. IN CONJUNCTION WITH PATIENTS They seek collaboration with patients and other interested parties, for instance by involving them in research they conduct and asking them to play a part in education, participate in research and provide input on how healthcare should be organized. They also give patients control over their own medical treatment, tailored to their personal needs, enabling them to have a significant influence on people’s health here and now, but also elsewhere and in the future. 
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