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Vardaan Foundation

On the eve of the fifty years of independence of our country India, some of the concerned individuals desired to impart services and rehabilitate the needy ones in the rural and remote areas of India. To achieve the said objectives, a public trust was formed on 7th November 1997 and was named as VARDAAN FOUNDATION under the jurisdiction of Vadodara district (Gujarat). Mission To attain the desired objective, their mission is targeted to reach the unreached for imparting services and rehabilitating the needy ones in the rural and the remote areas of India. Thus major efforts were made to explore the challenges encountered during developmental activities and to transform the socio-economic status, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups, through action cum research process. They possess special ability - To demonstrate skills in identifying community needs and promoting community participation; - To articulate and force for policy reform, for different social sectors; - To develop efforts for long term commitment and strong advocacy role; - Position burning issues to offer key decision-makers a unique and compelling benefits or advantage; - Refine positions to achieve a broader consensus. Minimize the oppositions or find areas of common interest for doing action; - To develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic and Timely) objectives for different social services; - Identify resources from corporate sectors, national and international donor agencies and plan to build coalitions & mobilize support. Seek out and work with appropriate partners, spokespersons and media. - To provide all possible help to the needy & deprived community with the available resources. Vision Developmental activities are getting momentum all over the world. The stress on developmental activities and sweeping changes call for initiations of programs to understand the process, help vulnerable groups and individuals such as children, women, handicapped, aged, deprived and the poor through social action and active intervention done after exhaustive research. The effectiveness of such activities can be enhanced if they are directed, channalised and undertaken with the service, research and developmental motto in mind. Science and Technology have much to contribute in this universal task. All attempts are made to pool and coordinate efforts and resources to make life reach the desired and optimum level of possibilities for all segments of society. These expectations are generally crystallized at the level of planners and policy makers and it is the experience of many that such expectations do not find affirmation through the responses of people on whom such a benefit is meant to be bestowed. Thus, the chasm between the expectations of the policy makers and the perceptions of the people at large seems to be widening. Such shortcoming focuses on understanding the nature of campaigns and what makes them effective. It asserts that campaigns are not linear or mechanistic, but need to be understood as passing through various stages and requiring different kinds of action at different levels and at different times. They foresee the variety of work and skills thus required makes it vital that the various philanthropic organizations involved needs to collaborate with each other in bringing about sustained policy change at grassroots level particular for the vulnerable and deprived strata of society. Objectives: Vardaan Foundation Trust was formed with numerous objectives which will be executed in future with the mobilization of the desired resource. Some of the main objectives of the foundation are as follows : - To undertake developmental activities in the broad areas of the social services, action and social research with the aim of enabling individuals and groups take maximum advantage of inputs being made by Government and community to make better quality of life. - To strengthen the Government’s research cum action programmes at police level. - To start and run social service centers both for general & specific groups such as guidance and counseling centers for students, women and for the purpose educational, vocational and career. - To undertake all activities related to development, social services, social cum scientific research with latest technical know-how and conduct relevant and suitable programmes in the above areas. - To start & run institutions & center for the participation of groups which are not able to benefit from the mainstream. - To prepare, adapt, procure, translate and make available literature, publications and manuals after suitable adaptations. - To sponsor, collaborate with and undertake on behalf of other individuals, groups and organizations activities, which will help all the above areas. This can be at the local, state, national and international levels. - To conduct, seminars, conferences, symposia and invite experts in such forums. Also to sponsor, cross cultural & intercultural exchange between individuals, groups & institutions to encourage the oneness of mankind & the interdependence of ecology, nature and human race. - To conduct relevant research, surveys, training courses, publish and translate relevant literature. To undertake in service & other short term and long term training courses. - To seek membership, affiliation of national & international organizations in order to maintain contact and to further the activities of the Trust. - To undertake any other activities not included above which further the overall goal of the TRUST
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