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  • Founded1969

Vehbi Koc Foundation

Vehbi Koç Foundation, which is one of the first charitable foundations of the Turkish Republic, was established on 17th January 1969 by Vehbi Koç with the aim to revitalize the custom of foundation dating far back, yet sunk into oblivion in Turkey. The Foundation started to carry out extensive activities in the field of education, health and culture, which are among the basic requirements of life for a modern and developing Turkey and has been a model for philanthropists since its establishment. It founded many premises like schools, dormitories, libraries and clinics, and transferred those to the related public institutions. It paved the way by first establishing educational, health and cultural institutions, and then by managing them on a non-profit basis. In order to create equal opportunities, it provided scholarships to thousands of talented youngsters, who have limited financial means. In the early 1980s, the Management of the Foundation entered into an intensive working period in order to realize well-funded and well-organized projects in the areas it worked on. Experiences were showing that keeping an art work alive is as much important as creating that art work. Therefore, the Foundation would assume the responsibility of operation of the premises it established by planning down to the last detail, so that it maintains the quality of services rendered by these institutions at the highest level. It would act as a model for the society with its institutions, each of which has been turned into a center of excellence. Institutions of the Foundation, which were established based on this approach, continue their studies with the aim to light the way for the educational, health and cultural world in Turkey. In addition to the institutions serving its reason of existence, Vehbi Koç Foundation provides the public with its large scale projects. Through the institutions managed by the Foundation in the field of education, health and culture, with the projects it supports and the regular programs it carries out, Vehbi Koç Foundation aims to contribute to the rapid development of Turkey and to serve the country by setting an example for “the best” in all of its activities and via sustainable and reproducible models.   
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Company Offices

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  • Nakkaştepe, Azizbey Sokak 1, Kuzguncuk
  • Istanbul