• Organization TypeInstitute, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersAustralia
  • Founded1988

Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM)

As an institution focused on forensic medicine and science, they serve the community and the courts. Their statutory responsibilities are to provide independent forensic medical and scientific expertise to the justice system, tissue for transplantation and to both teach and undertake research that will benefit the community. The VIFM provides the justice system with the crucial evidence that underpins safe convictions and appropriate acquittals. Their doctors and scientists investigate deaths reported to the Coroner, examine alleged offenders and medically assess, treat and support victims of crime. The Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria supports patients and their families by providing safe tissues for transplantation and medical research. Their medical and scientific staff undertake research that directly contributes to public health and safety and the just working of their legal system. By contributing to the professional development and education of both health care and legal professionals they ensure a high standard of forensic medical services for Victoria and provide critical support for their healthcare and justice systems. Their Working Relationships The Institute works in close partnership with many sectors of the Victorian community. The strength of the working relationships they have with their clients and stakeholders is critical to their success. These partners include: the Attorney-General and the Department of Justice and Regulation; the Victorian courts particularly the Coroners Court of Victoria; the Universities including Monash University; Victoria Police; the Australian Federal Police; legal and medical professionals; and public and private hospitals Their Role in Teaching, Training and Research The Institute’s founding legislation and mission requires us to undertake professional training and research in forensic medicine and related scientific disciplines. These academic activities in medicine, law and science are fundamental to the Institute’s credibility in the courts and allow them to maintain a highly professional standing in national and international medical, legal and scientific communities. Their Motto Veritas Omnia Vincit – Truth Conquers All Their Vision To advance their role as a reliable and innovative leader in the world of forensic medicine and science. Their Mission As an independent institute underpinned by ethical principles and a commitment to excellence, their purpose is to: - provide forensic medical and related  services  to the Victorian public and justice system - contribute more broadly to justice in, and the health and safety of, communities in Australia and overseas - increase knowledge through teaching and research, and - enable the provision of high quality human tissue grafts for transplantation.
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