• Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Founded1912

Warfield and Sanford Elevator Company

From the Ground Up John Warfield and Don Sanford started Warfield & Sanford, Inc. in February of 1915, beginning its distinguished history as an elevator company in a small location on E Street, in Northwest Washington, DC. Over the last century, the company has grown from a small family-owned elevator maintenance contractor into to one of the region’s largest providers of maintenance, repair, modernization, and installation of vertical transportation. In 1957, a young John Warring, Jr. began his career as an apprentice at Warfield & Sanford, under the leadership of Harry Mullen, a member of John Warfield’s family. Steadfastly working his way up, John Warring, Jr. became president of the company in 1977, a position he held until his passing in 2002. Under his leadership, he tripled the number of service contracts, and fostered many relationships that remain strong to this day. In 1982, John Warring, III started at Warfield & Sanford as a mechanic, just as his father had decades earlier and with the same determination, he quickly rose through the ranks, becoming president in 2002. John draws on the generosity, experience, and wisdom of his father to continue to move the company forward today. In 2007, to support the growing business, John relocated the company to a larger facility in order to house the increased work force, and to provide additional storage space for tools, machinery, replacement parts, and equipment. The beautiful, 27,000 square foot facility is centrally located in Laurel and allowing easy accessibility to Washington DC, MD, & VA. Warfield & Sanford continues to be family owned and operated to this day. Set on carrying the company into the future, both John Warring IV, and Luke Warring currently hold positions within the company, and as their grandfather and father before them, they continue you to work their way up through the ranks. Modernization Faster performance, energy efficiency, increased reliability, and property value are all big reasons to modernize your elevator equipment. Maintenance The Company provides the consistent maintenance and the attention to detail necessary to keep your equipment running safely and smoothly, reducing your elevator shut downs. Repair Warfield & Sanford provides round the clock support to every unit under our standard maintenance agreement. New Installation We have the flexibly to handle installations from the simple, to more complex out of the box scenarios.
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • 7811 Academy Lane, Laurel
  • Maryland 20707