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Water for Life Solutions LLC (Water4Life)

Water for Life Solutions LLC (Water4Life) is a water and environment international consulting firm drawing on the broad experience of highly skilled senior professionals. Their staff and associates come from prominent domestic, regional, and international institutions with deep knowledge of the requirements of the public and private sectors. They bring tremendous experience from their work across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and North America for US and International firms and organizations such as USAID, Millennium Challenge Corporation, World Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, UN Habitat and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Their superior quality of work, professional integrity, and honesty helped them gain the respect of specialists, decision makers, and clients in addition to establishing strong national and regional networks. Building on these assets, Water for Life Solutions (Water4Life) is set to provide high quality advisory services and solutions to its customers. Mission Water4Life provides integrated and comprehensive solutions to achieve the social, economic, and environmental benefits from the management and sustainable use of water and the adaptation to climate change. Water4Life will: - Support increased access to sustainable water and sanitation. - Assist the public and private sectors in reducing their water and energy bills and save water for tomorrow. - Support farmers to achieve water use efficiency and higher production and revenue. - Promote increased non-traditional water resources via improved water reuse and harvesting. - Advance climate change adaptation. - Support green development and protection of the environment and natural ecosystems. Water4Life is keen to train and mentor women and young professionals to build and promote a culture of water for life.  Water & Environmental Services: Their services are catered towards local, national, and international development and financial agencies, water and environmental institutions, water utilities, water users across the residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, research centers, and the private sector. Water4Life provides policy, planning, institutional, technical, and socio-economic solutions for a comprehensive range of services including: - Hydrometeorological Monitoring  - Water Resources Management - National and Transboundary River Basin Management - Groundwater Modeling and Management - Water Quality Monitoring and Management - Irrigation and on-farm water management - Rural water Supply  - Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) - Water Utilities Management - Water Demand Management  - Urban Water and Energy Use Efficiency - Agriculture Water Use Efficiency  - Hydroponic Farming  - Water Reuse - Flood Forecasting and Management - Drought Monitoring Management - Environmental Management - Environment and Climate Change Economics - Climate Change Modeling and Adaptation - GIS and Remote Sensing - Knowledge Management - Public Education and Outreach - Monitoring and Evaluation Earth Observation Services: Water4Life provides integrated and comprehensive earth observation solutions to support and inform the management and sustainable use of water and climate change adaptation. Water4Life Earth Observation System gathers and integrates Earth Observation products from weather & climate modeling centers, earth observation satellites, and ground networks producing customized products for use in a particular sector and geographical area. The system enables product visualization access for decision makers, managers, professionals, and stakeholders. Water4Life Earth Observation System acquires, refines, assimilates, archives and distributes a wealth of high-resolution hydro-meteorological knowledge including precipitation, soil moisture, evaporation and land cover observations and model forecasts. Accurate regional earth observation information provides critical hydro-meteorological resource data to directly inform water resources socio-economic planning and management, urban flash flood forecasting, flood risk mitigation, drought monitoring and management, rainfed agricultural management, irrigated agricultural management and water conservation through ET management, hydropower planning and optimization, and wetland management. The cloud-based Water4Life Earth Observation System can be accessed remotely through a user-friendly, low-bandwidth web portal, or can be transferred into the client’s operational environment. Water4Life will provide training and mentoring to build, promote, and use Earth Observation Systems to promote a culture of water for life.   
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