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weltumspannend arbeiten (Global Work)

The keyword “globalization” is on everyone's lips - and in fact they are all constantly affected by globalization in their daily lives. As customers, they benefit from cheap products from distant countries. As employees, they often feel threatened: social cuts, production relocations, increasing insecurity and increasing pressure to perform go hand in hand with globalization. However, positive and negative sides of globalization are only the two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated. Products such as textiles, electronics or agricultural goods are so cheap for us because they are produced in Africa, Asia, Latin America or even Eastern European countries at dumping wages, often under inhumane working conditions and without regard to environmental protection. They fear for their jobs for the same reasons. Multinational corporations are putting unions, works councils and even governments under pressure by threatening to shift jobs. Concerns are often made out of fear - worsening working conditions, wage cuts and savings packages in the social and environmental sectors are the result. Employees in the so-called "low-wage countries" are often perceived as a threat - a fatal mistake. As long as they let workers be pitted against each other, they can only lose. They can only counter global strategies and mechanisms together: Global solidarity between workers around the world is the key to just globalization!
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