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Wuni Zaligu Development Association (WUZDA)

Background Wuni Zaligu Development Association (WUZDA) was founded in 1992; the dreams of the founders of this organization were to nurse it from a community based organization to local Non-governmental organization. Wuni Zaligu in the local parlance is interpreted to mean what God almighty has ordain cannot be change, “meaning to the understanding of founders that Gods decree is made to guide human beings to prosperity, “meaning orders and laws must be consciously observed and followed to ensure promotion of human development”.  WUZDA has officially been incorporated into the registration of companies and was given the certificate to commence operations. Since its official registration in July 2004 WUZDA has reached out to over 31 communities in the Tamale metropolitan area, Nanumba north and Nanumba south districts in the northern region of Ghana. WUZDA has its head office located in the Tamale Metropolis while the district office is in Bimbilla for Nanumba north and south districts. Objective To assist develop and build skills of the vulnerable and the exclude to understand and to comprehend their civil rights and liberties as enshrined in the 1992 constitution of the republic of Ghana, as well as international protocols that Ghana have acceded to. To ensure that the dignity and respect for all citizens is recognized and adequately protected. Strengths The following are the basis upon which WUZDA is operating and targeting in assisting communities/groups to acquire their priority needs and rights; -Skills in community mobilization and  entering techniques/tools -Developing of good leadership drive in local communities among the youth -Competent, skills and committed project staff -Fourteen (14) years of experience in community entering/mobilization activities -Lobbying, negotiating and problem solving skills/tools. -Good networking and information sharing/management skills. -Skills in proposal writing, strategic planning, monitoring/evaluation of projects and fund raising activities -One (1) Toyota saloon car, one (1) Yamaha AG 100 and two (2) Apsonic 125 motorbikes for field activities -Officially recognized to commence business as a company limited by guarantee and non-profit organization. -Physical presence in Tamale, Nanumba north and south districts. -Spacious office accommodation for both administrative and field activities.   Values In order to perform to standard to attain the goals of the organization, WUZDA agreed to consider the following, -Work closely and respect national/state laws and regulations (e.g work closely with state mandated institution to eradicate poverty and hunger) -Respect other people’s views and expirations -Perform and deliver our duties also base on quality, and ensure we deliver also base on our strengths and weakness in order to achieve organization’s strategic objectives -Agree not to compromise with policies and achievement of goals/ objectives -Work to promote national policies that ensure right to water and sanitation (RTWS), food/human security and promote affirmative action on rights and liberties of all persons.   Vision Ensuring the promotion of well sensitized and enlightened society where civil rights, personal liberties and justice prevails for all citizens regardless of religion, tribe, class etc, to enhance the promotion of rights to access basic services to improve their social wellbeing in order to reduce abject poverty. Mission Development of effective strategies and plans to focus on enhancing capacity of the vulnerable and the excluded in society to acquaint themselves with civil rights, personal liberties and adequate protection, to guarantee and ensure all rights and protection clauses enshrined in the national constitution and international protocols are adhead to in order to bring adequate human security and justice for all citizens.    
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Company Offices

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  • Block B plot No. 24, Kakpayili residential area, adjacent the chief (GUMA- NAA) palace