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Yayasan Mitra Netra


  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • Staff6-25
  • HeadquartersIndonesia
  • Founded1991
Yayasan Mitra Netra is a non-profit organization that focuses its programs on improving the quality and participation of the visually impaired in the field of education and employment. Established in Jakarta on May 14, 1991, and is a legal entity registered in the Supplemental State Gazette dated 14/12 of 2001 number 100. The foundation was founded by several blind people who successfully completed their studies in college together with their friends who are not blind, they are some of the very few who concern about the lack of services and support facilities for the blind who are studying in public schools and College. Mitra Netra means blind friend; Friends who always accompany blind people in their efforts to educate as high as possible through the provision of special services needed, and friends who always strive for the visually impaired to function in the community according to their interests and abilities respectively. Mitra Netra also means cooperation between the blind and those who are not blind. This is reflected in the organizational structure of the Foundation; Almost in every organ of the organization, always consist of blind elements and those who are not blind. Why is that? Mitra Netra believes that the one who best understands the problems and needs of the visually impaired is the blind person. However, to overcome the problem and to meet those needs, the blind can not do it alone; Blind people must partner with those who are not blind. This partnership spirit not only takes place within Mitra Netra institution, but also actualized to the Foundation's work in the community. In organizing and developing services for the visually impaired, Mitra Netra continues to work closely with other agencies or organizations, both government and private, with a view to building synergies.

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Company Offices
  • Indonesia (headquarters)
  • Jakarta
  • Jl. Gunung Balong II Nr. 58, Lebak Bulus III