Yemeni Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA)


  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersYemen
  • Founded1990
The General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology is the entity that merged after the establishment of the blessed unit on May 22, 1990, the Department of Aviation in what was previously known as the People's Democratic Republic of Yemen and the Yemeni General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology in the Arab Republic of Yemen. During that entity and from that date, however, the establishment decision for the new entity was not officially issued until November 2000 when the Republican Decree No. (444) for the year 2000 which set the objectives and terms of reference of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Meteorology and Financial System In addition to this decision, which regulates the competences exercised by the Authority, the Authority shall exercise its technical activities in accordance with the Civil Aviation Law promulgated by Law No. (12) for the year 1993 and its regulations, and the Commission is committed to applying all the annexes and amendments With the expansion of the territory of our dear homeland after the achievement of unity, the importance and need for air transport to connect the parts of the country especially to those areas in the parties and islands of our country, where the means of air transport is the only option, as in the case of Socotra Island in the absence of a sea line to transport passengers to and from Al-Jazeera or that means is the easiest and fastest as in the province of Mahrah and Hadramout province or need to connect our country to the outside world to serve the public of passengers and the service of tourism and other commercial or industrial activities as well as facilitate the transfer of Yemeni expatriates from abroad to us In order to serve all these purposes, eight international airports, two local airports (asphalt) and a number of paved airports used by helicopters have been established and updated. The Commission has a plan to convert them to asphalt airports and equip them with the required equipment. 

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