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Youth with Disabilities Forum

About The Youth with Disabilities Forum (FMI) is a civil society organization, founded in Belgrade in 2005, and operates throughout the Republic of Serbia. Vision  A society of equal and active citizens in which persons with disabilities are empowered to live and decide independently, in accordance with needs and resources. Mission We want to contribute to the social inclusion of persons with disabilities, advocacy and promotion of human rights through the establishment of cross-sectoral partnerships, building and strengthening the necessary human and other resources and capacities. The Forum has successfully implemented around 50 projects, with more than 1000 direct and up to 5000 indirect users, contributing to the development of an inclusive society at local, regional and national level. The organization represents and represents the interests of persons with disabilities in several areas (education, employment, accessibility, entrepreneurship, social policy and social protection), enabling the improvement of the position of persons with disabilities and creating equal opportunities. The target groups of the Forum are: persons with disabilities, families of persons with disabilities, civil society organizations, business sector, local self-governments, relevant institutions: National Employment Service, Centers for Social Work, Educational Institutions, competent Ministries. Over the past period, the organization has built sustainable cross-sector partnerships with public and private sector representatives in developing innovative solutions to improve the position of persons with disabilities. Our task is to affirm the position of persons with disabilities within the framework of modern social policy, viewing the disabled person as a person with all rights and needs. We want equal opportunities for all, including the right to diversity. Emphasis is placed on guaranteeing equality of persons with disabilities, non-discrimination and their full participation in society. The main areas covered by the Forum over the last 5 years (programs and projects worth up to 210,000.00 euros) are: 1. Social inclusion - education and employment Since 2008, the Youth Disability Forum has been intensively working on the employment of persons with disabilities in the open labor market. In this regard, we have created a program for employment of persons with disabilities and cooperated with about 50 companies, small and medium-sized enterprises. By implementing the program, we have enabled the employment of over 300 people with disabilities. The employment program includes: 1. Organization of training and workshops for persons with disabilities for the acquisition of the so-called "Soft skills" in order to improve competitiveness in the labor market and increase employability, which enable more successful adaptation to the work environment and job requirements (throughout the year). 2. Counseling for persons with disabilities (works once a week on the premises of the FMI, aiming to inform people with disabilities and make recommendations for various non-formal forms of education (additional education, courses, seminars), information on ways to find work, help finding a job. registration in the database of the Forum of Youth with Disabilities, giving practical advice for the employment process) 3. Database of biographies of people with disabilities looking for a job 4. Forwarding biographies to employers - pre-selection of candidates 5. Realization of the educational program for employers - building and strengthening the capacity of companies for the employment process the disabled 6. Consulting and advisory services to the company in any segment of providing information on candidates, interviewing methods, job opportunities, job adjustments and tasks 7. Other types of advisory services to make the recruitment process more successful In addition, we achieved the following results: - We conducted a survey with 465 employed persons with disabilities, 194 unemployed persons with disabilities and 284 employers who contributed to the creation of a report on the position of persons with disabilities in the labor market - We implemented 3 educational programs for monitoring achievement rights of persons with disabilities in the employment process, which included 65 participants from 25 municipalities in Serbia - We held 6 public debates to develop recommendations for improving the employment process of persons with disabilities, with 89 participants. 6 thematic local coalitions for employment of persons with disabilities were established in 6 cities - We have made Recommendations for improving the process of employment of persons with disabilities - We have developed a program for career guidance for young people with disabilities, which we implemented in 4 cities with 132 participants. The program is certified by the Institute for the Advancement of Education. - We have developed a program of informal training “Inclusive Academy” with the aim of strengthening the capacity of persons with disabilities for employment in the open labor market, which is being implemented for the seventh consecutive year, and so far 80 persons with disabilities have attended. After completing the program, success in finding a job is 95%. -We signed about 50 contracts and memorandums of cooperation with companies to support the employment of persons with disabilities. -We have implemented an educational program aimed at improving inclusive education in secondary schools, in 5 schools in 5 cities, with up to 100 students participating. 2. Development and monitoring of disability support services / services in the local community FMI has implemented activities that contribute to the involvement of civil society in the social inclusion sector, by connecting and strengthening existing and creating new community service providers in the areas of social protection, education and employment, enabling them to promote and improve the quality of services. Highlights: -We have developed and implemented a Community Service Quality Compliance Program with 60 disability service providers -We have developed and implemented a Community Sustainable Partnership Program with 69 service providers -We have co-financed 5 local support services for persons with disabilities (in cities: Leskovac, Pozarevac, Belgrade, Kikinda and Uzice) that included 109 end users -We have developed a social protection service "Family Advisor", with the aim of preventing institutionalization and displacement of users from accommodation establishments. Family Counselor is an innovative service in the social protection system that aims at strengthening the family resilience of families of persons with disabilities. The purpose of the service is to contribute to preserving the integrity of the family and improving the quality of life of all members at different stages of family life. 3. Social entrepreneurship The Forum contributes to capacity building for social enterprise development, as well as building a mutual support network. Main results: - We have implemented the “School of Social Entrepreneurship” for the development of social business ideas for 5 consecutive years. So far, 63 participants have attended the school. In total, 35 business plans were developed. 1 was awarded a start-up grant to a social enterprise. -We organized the first "Social Entrepreneurship Fair" in Belgrade, which saw 42 exhibitors and through which more than 500 visitors passed - We developed the program and methodology for the first incubator for social enterprises. In the public competition, 4 tenants of the Incubator were selected in 2015 - We founded the Center for Inclusion, Innovation and Integration - In Center, as a social enterprise, operating in Belgrade (address of Emperor Lazar 5-7). In addition, the Forum promotes the sport of persons with disabilities and encourages people with disabilities to engage in sports. We created and maintain a website www.sportskainkluzija.com which, among other things, presents sports clubs and associations of persons with disabilities.
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