Amalee E.

United States


Put a water bottle in front of someone. Chances are his or her response will be to identify it as a water bottle, and move on with their life. Put a water bottle in front of me, and my response is a little different.... How long has the cylinder shaped water bottle been around? How has the shape evolved over time? What motivated those periods of change? Why is the cylinder the choice shape of water bottles? What kind of plastic do companies use to make them? What is the best available alternative material? What is the ideal alternative material for water bottles? What is the difference between the best available alternative and the ideal alternative material? How do we bridge that gap? Do all plastic water bottle companies use the same type of plastic? How many water bottles does the average American use? Is our country’s water bottle usage similar to people in other countries? Would socioeconomic conditions or culture affect a society's decision to use water bottles? If so, how? If not, why? How do water bottles enhance our day-to-day lives? What are the long-term benefits from using them? What are the consequences? How does using plastic water bottles affect the planet, and other life forms? When was the first water bottle ever used? Now, put a water bottle in front of you. What's your response?


  • development aid
  • sales
  • hardware
  • bridges
  • heritage
  • Sectors
  • Funders
  • Countries
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