G.K. N.

Public Policy Analyst, Governance Expert, Capacity Development & Institutional Strengthening Expert




MAKING STATE'S INSTITUTIONS OF GOVERNANCE MORE CAPABLE G.K. Ndungu is an economist, public policy analyst, governance expert, capacity development & institutional strengthening expert with vast experience in policy design & development, public sector reforms, legislative development and political & economic governance. He has extensive experience in providing advisory services to government (at national and subnational levels), legislative institutions and civil society organizations on matter related to law-making, policy making, policy implementation, budgeting and public finance management and monitoring and evaluation of policies and programs. He has over 12 years of experience in working with legislatures to improve their performance by focusing on internal administration and management, modification of parliamentary rules of procedure, drafting and enactment of legislation, oversight of the executive branch, budget analysis, constituency relations, and mechanisms for public participation in the lawmaking process. He has wealth of experience in working with sub-national level of government (county governments) to establish the foundation for democratic, decentralized local governance by creating the prerequisite legal framework and policies; enhancing the capacity of local government officials; building the financial and management systems and procedures; improving the delivery of public services; and strengthening mechanisms for broad citizen engagement and participation. He has practical working experience on how to improve the government's accountability to its citizens by supporting requisite reforms and strengthening oversight and the demand for accountability and better governance. Substantial knowledge of the tax and budgeting fields of PFM He considers his greatest influence to be the integration of public policy, technology, imagination and creativity in the design of comprehensive solutions to the most common pressing public problems. His interests range from development policy, to public sector reforms, to electoral processes, to representative politics, to institutional reform, to accountable democratic governance, to service deliver. COMPETENCE: Analytical Thinking • Developing conceptual frameworks that guide analysis. • Draws sound conclusions based upon a mixture of analysis and experience. • Providing policy advice and solutions on how to best interpret and use information. • Understanding and discerning the level of pressure or influence to apply in each aspect of the analysis in relation to the broader context. Strategic Thinking • Identifying and considering the emerging development opportunities and risks when articulating new options and recommendations. • Maintaining a broad, strategic perspective while identifying and focusing on crucial details. Teamwork and Team Leadership • Providing clear leadership and directions and priorities to teams. • Assigning tasks and responsibility to individuals to make them accountable for successful execution and implementation of program activities. • Organizing teamwork to encourage co-operation and bring together complementary skills/expertise. • Exemplary crediting of individuals' contributions and acknowledges team accomplishments. • Facilitating dialogue and discussions and resolution of conflicts or disagreement. Drafting Skills • Transforming technical information to engage a non-specialist target audience. • Drafting communiqués for consumption by reader and to the context to positively influence policies, reforms, and changes. • Proposal development • Drafting policy briefs & resolutions Flexible Thinking • Significantly contributes to thought leadership and contributes to shaping technical and business practices and policies. • Shares new and innovative ideas and perspectives to adjust strategies. • Encourages others to see the positive outcome of doing things differently. Achievement Focus • Sets challenging goals for his/her area of responsibility in relation to business opportunities. • Measures the risks involved while taking a course of action. • Engages in action at the right time and to achieve results. Managing Resources • Advises and/or develops practical solutions to address resource issues that impact the effectiveness of a team or project and the work to be delivered. • Allocates and controls financial resources within own area consistent with goals, priorities and budget. • Organizes people and activities, separates and combines tasks into an efficient workflow to deliver project outputs according to a clear timeframe. Negotiating • I constructively work towards a win-win solution during negotiations. Explores creative solutions with others to overcome antagonism and to develop partnerships. • I have managed to successfully lead negotiations with strong impact to the organizations I work for. • I am capable of demonstrating more than one preferred negotiating style (e.g. competing, co- operative, avoiding, compromise, accommodating) and adapting depending on the counterpart and context. • I possess high ability to step back when necessary from the negotiation process while staying focused on the objective. Strategic Networking • I actively and continuously expand my network to meet strategic goals. • I am creative in identifying and creating opportunities to initiate new partnerships that will facilitate the achievement of strategic goals. • I manage relationships among key outside organizations and government entities to create long-range opportunities. • I utilize established network of relationships to seek information of strategic importance and to seek a position of influence in key forums. Research design & Data Analytics (Qual and Quan) • Design of baseline surveys • Development of data collection tools • Design of evaluation systems (mid and end of project) • Monitoring and evaluation Sector development • I have worked with Government Ministries and Departments to establish evidence based sector policy frameworks, conducting functional reform and restructuring where needed. • Through integration with economic planning and development, I have engaged with other reforms relating to development of medium term fiscal and expenditure frameworks and expenditure tracking. • As form follows function and structures follows strategy, I have worked with sub-national governments to bring changes in policy, which most often require accompanying institutional reforms to be undertaken. • I have specialization in identifying public sector reforms and modernization requirements, and thorough detailed analytical and diagnostic work, charting a road map for delivery. NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: * Technical assistance in the establishment of the County Assemblies Forum (CAF); the coordinating body of the 47 County Assemblies of the Republic of Kenya seeking to institutionalize law-making and oversight capacity for the county assemblies in Kenya and form linkages with other arms of Government. * Technical assistance in the formation of the Accountability Kenya; an association of all key agencies mandated to champion accountability in the use of public resources. * Technical design of programs to democratize the budget process; working with a team of consultants to develop the white paper on 'the role of parliament in the budget process' and the creation of the Parliamentary Budget Office. * Design and conceptualization of the Senate's County Liaison Office (a think tank for the Kenyan Senate to carry out policy and legislative research to improve Senate's role on representing and protecting the interests of the sub-national governments (counties) and their governments. * Designing and managing the execution of a comprehensive capacity development programs for sub-national governments; * Support and structuring of public participation systems within sub-national governments * Advice on policy development and implementing policy reforms and change; institutional restructuring and reengineering public bureaucracies in the sub-national governments to fit into their new mandate; support sub-national governments in the establishment of delivery units * Technical support on establishing public financial management systems and credible budget making processes * Support to legislative bodies - institutional development, skills and competence development, improvement functional performance in areas of administration & management, legislative drafting, budget making and policy oversight and fiscal probity * Technical support on public sector reforms/civil service reforms - support on the establishment of systems to improve performance through reforming sub-national governments' public bureaucracies and civil service systems * Designing of capacity assessments and surveys;


  • development
  • economic policy
  • public administration
  • research & development
  • legislation / regulations
  • kenya
  • Sectors
  • Funders
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