Maximo Bernardino Antonio Antonio M.

Senior Specialist Electrical Engineer

Master's DegreeTsinghua University -Beijing in P. R. CHINA


III- Professional Experience iii-1. 1979 – 1986, He worked for Plastex (an Industrial Company dealing with LDPE, HDPE, PP etc granulated row material transform into final plastic articles, such as: toys for children, domestic furniture, water irrigation pipes and others manufactured by granulated row material (PA) including those normally applied in households /buildings for electrical installations. IV- Previous responsibilities from 1980- 1992: iv- He was the Head of Electrical Department; and Technical Director, Supervising five factories using different types of row processing technologies , such as:  Extruder, Injection, Blowing, Cutting & welding process transformation technologies. v- Therefore, the main challenges were the following:  To seek for delivering mechanisms in order to optimize and strengthen efficiency regarding the standardized control quality, with aim to fulfill and optimistically dispute to meet the global market.  As an Executive Director and Electrical Engineer he was targeted to optimize and performing different case studies on price settings for the final products/ articles according to the market availability demand.  Therefore the results of his hardship and dedication have positively enabled him to be appointed as "General Technical Manager" in five Plasticizer factories, all located in Maputo.  1992 – 1995, after graduated, he became Member of the Main Directorate and Executive Council of the Company, where he was in charge of an urge number of staffs, over 425 people.  On 1995, just after privatization of all the factories he decided to apply for any available vacancy in the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy in response to the Public launching bid for creating DNE, (The National Directorate of Energy), where he won the top of the highest Score in the range of 20 Points or 100%.  Meanwhile, at .sometime his Application was successfully selected by UNESCO to continue his Advanced Post- Graduate Studies in the field of “Electrical Power Systems and Automation" at Tsinghua University in Beijing, People's Republic of China.  2000-2005- Senior Electrical Engineer in Ministry of Mineral resources and Energy, mostly dealing with Monitoring and Conducting feasibility studies Evaluation, Projects in the Rural Electrification Program.  Analyze and Evaluate Environmental Impact Assessment of Energy Projects Implementation in Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems.  In addition from 2002 -2012 he was appointed by INNOQ, as President of the National Institute Control Quality of CTN6 and Standardization in Mozambique, in charge of the following topics Updating / upgrade the Energy legislation Sector, previously used by Portuguese Colonial Regime to meet the National needs and neighboring countries´ as well, namely: a) The Policies & Regulations for the electrical equipment and electrical spare parts, b) Electrical Installations in accordance with their own categories and types c) Monitoring and auditing the implementation of the rules and Norms of Standardization in Mozambique.  2012 -October 2016- He was appointed by the Ministry of Energy / Department in the National Directorate of Energy (DNE), The Head of Licensing Department where the main where: the main duties were:  Issuing of Singular and Collective Licenses i.e for IDs for all professional Engineer by carrier to enable them to design, evaluate, analyze, develop, execute, implement and monitor any range of Energy Projects, starting from generation, transmission and distribution systems in Mozambique and world while, while Collective Person refers to issue Registration Licenses ‘for enabling Mozambican or foreign Companies to participate in Launching Bids to execute/ implement any type of service in Electrical Engineering in Mozambique respectively  Issuing of Licenses for Establishment of Physical Energy Infrastructure before it’s exploration;  And finally Issuing of Licenses for Exploration during the Commissioning Process.  Arbitrate any type of conflict between the Concessionary and the customers or even between different Stakeholders, in which the Ministry of Energy becomes directly or indirectly involved concerning the use of Legislation and other legal instruments conducted by Energy Policy to mitigate the constraint. V- Actual Responsibilities 1- From November 2016- August 2018, to update the overall power generation, transmission and distribution network in Mozambique. 2- To sketch for the most cost-effective structure for sustaining the rural electrification program, through the National transmission grid expansion and evaluate the performance reliabilities of generation, transmission and distribution networks, taking into account the legal and social framework structures. 3- To seek for the most optimal and stable framework strategy, for developing new sustainable Power projects in the rural electrification Program. 4- To analyze and promoting Regular checking of Energy Tariffs Settings versus Price Market structure to meet the overall customers in Mozambique and perform self studies for enhancing his own professional skills to make sure that the actual appointed job description by MIREME/DNE,/DEP in the Study of Tariffs and Energy Market Sub –Sector, SHOULD at least in practice, reflect the reality.


  • power generation
  • climate change
  • transmission / distribution
  • monitoring / evaluation
  • public administration
  • mozambique
  • china
  • Sectors
  • Funders
  • Countries
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