Nancy W.

Master's DegreeSuzhou University of Science and Technology



I consider myself a self-motivated global citizen with openness to diversity across cultures, geography and markets. I am passionate about creating solutions in the engineering, building, service and production environments. Research and development, and human relations are also key areas of interest. I take pride in development of business models that regards proper stewardship of the environment as standard practice. And seeing my clients happy. My Career Objective is: To be of indispensable value to the organization while at the same time enjoying challenge seeking opportunity to learn and improve my skills, both locally and globally; and to achieve personal satisfaction as well as organizational goals and needs of employer. My personal attributes: Self-motivated fast learner, with critical thinking and problem solving skills. An ardent Team player who’s open minded and performance driven and can work well under pressure and tight schedules with a passion for excellence. A focused achiever with strong analytical, interpersonal, social skills. My 3 major talents are:- Leadership: I have an extraordinary proficiency for taking charge and motivating group members toward common goals, and the ability to establish short and long term goals, specify the strategies and actions to achieve them, and have the perseverance to overcome obstacles and failures to attain objectives. I have an extraordinary ability to express my beliefs and opinions even when they are contrary to those of others, motivate and inspire others to extend themselves to attain goals, and exercise authority. I can keep others informed despite pressing deadlines, remain tactful in stressful situations, and compromise to achieve organizational goals. I also excel at collecting and analyzing the information necessary for providing effective direction to groups of people, and very good at developing strategic plans and explaining to others how to accomplish those plans. I also excel at understanding what to say to motivate people to follow my direction. I am able to recognize and deal positively with obstacles and failures, share responsibility for team direction and performance while establishing and maintaining effective workplace relations. Innovation: I have a strong proficiency for generating creative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions to problems and entrepreneurship, and a disposition for working with abstract ideas and developing unconventional solutions. I am receptive and flexible to different ideas, perspectives, and changing demands. I excel at anticipating problems and choosing solutions that will avoid trouble before they happen, and making plans that will lead to positive outcomes. Persuasion: I consider myself as having a strong proficiency for convincing others of a direction, activity or idea and influencing the decision making processes. I can be friendly, excited, and socialize with large groups, helping to attract people and be influential. I also have an extraordinary ability to sway the thinking and behaviour of co-workers and customers who initially disagree. I am good at knowing what to say to people in order to influence them without making them upset. I am very collaborative, confident and accepting of criticism.


  • engineering
  • construction
  • architecture / design
  • procurement process
  • development
  • china
  • kenya
  • Sectors
  • Funders
  • Countries

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