Rachael C.


United States


Bison Pumps is based in the U.S. where it manufactures Stainless Steel hand pumps for groundwater wells. The pumps come with a Lifetime Warranty and can lift water from depths of 300 to 500 feet! The Bison Community Pump is specially designed for use in developing countries where the pump will be used regularly and must reach depths of up to 500 feet. Bison's pump is unique in that it uses only potable-water-safe materials. Unlike other pumps whose galvanized steel can poison the drinking water, the Bison's stainless steel and PVC pipes guarantee the water will not be contaminated with lead. The Bison Pump is completely closed off so water cannot be polluted or the pump injured by debris. The Bison is VLOM, requiring zero tools for installation! Furthermore, the Bison's manufacturing process is greener and safer than the competitor's manufacturing processes in India. In the U.S., galvanized steel is so dangerous to manufacture, it is practically outlawed. Our employees work 40 hours a week and are paid a living wage. They work in an air conditioned, well-lit, well-ventilated environment and have regular breaks throughout the day. Excess materials are always recycled, as we thrive to leave as small a footprint as possible! For a pump that will last YEARS instead of months; for a pump that will SUSTAIN the water quality rather than damage it; for a pump whose manufacturing HELPS rather than risks the workers' safety... give Bison a call today! 1-800-339-2601

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