Recruiters insights: Networking is key to finding consulting work


Many consultant positions in global development are not advertised externally — so how do you find out about them? Devex asks the experts.

Devex's top advice from 2018 for diversity and inclusion in the workplace

From hiring more diverse teams to tackling bias in recruitment, catch up on some of our top diversity and inclusivity stories from 2018 to keep the conversation going as we start the new year.

Webinar: Your guide to development hiring

Kate Warren, executive vice president at Devex, discusses today’s global development employment landscape and shared insights to help students plan for their postgraduate job hunt.

Why organizations need to stop hiring expats and start hiring more local staff

Despite being a much-discussed topic in development, there are fears that localization efforts are losing steam. Devex spoke with World Neighbors — which only employs local staff — to get insights on the benefits of hiring locally and why other organizations should follow suit.

How employers can better support parents at work

Overseas assignments, frequent travel, time away from loved ones — for parents with young children, this can mean a choice between career and family. While the spotlight is on parental leave policies, organizations can do more to support mothers — and parents — in continuing work. Devex spoke with several working mothers to get their advice.

How one program is engaging professionals with disabilities

The U.N. Development Programme and U.N. Volunteers are launching a talent program to increase the number of professionals with disabilities working in global development. The initiative will enable young professionals with disabilities to complete national or international volunteering assignments and gain all-important work experience.

How one organization is taking an 'X-factor' approach to finding future talent

Live audiences, debates, presentations, and outreach — here's more on the quest to find top talent for the British Council's Future Leaders Connect program.

Webinar: How to hire more diverse teams

As part of our series on #GlobalDevWomen, Sarah Grausz and Farah Mahesri, co-founders of Quantum Impact, join Devex to talk about diversity in hiring and to share strategies for building your organization's diversity and inclusion brand.

How to avoid gender bias in your job descriptions

Gender disparity in the workplace can start with gender bias in job ads. The language you use and the criteria you include could be discouraging women from applying and tipping the scale in the favor of men. Before you write another job ad, read these tips for avoiding gender bias.

Opinion: What we know about global development's wage gap

A global development professional shares her unsuccessful pursuit to achieve wage equality. The experts analyze what we know — and what we don't — about the gender wage gap in global development.

Should your NGO hire a data scientist?

NGOs are increasingly using and creating data to report to donors and improve their work — but when is the time right to hire a dedicated data scientist?

5 tips for a successful internship program

Member organizations of the Hilton Prize Coalition share their tips for running an internship program that benefits both the intern and the organization.

How the UN is attracting and retaining millennials

Global development employers have a lot to offer millennials who are looking for careers where they can make a difference while experiencing life in different parts of the world. Liz Huckerby, chief of integrated talent management at UNDP, discusses some of the ways the United Nations is successfully attracting and retaining millennial talent.

One NGO's way to stop staff paying for sex? Hire fewer single men

Jan Weuts, a humanitarian adviser at Caritas Belgium, says the NGO has a way to avoid its staff engaging with sex workers in developing countries: Hire fewer single men. Instead, the aid group tries to send young women or men with families to its field offices.

Webinar: 7 tips for building a better response to sexual assault

Three experts give their advice for any organization looking to revisit their sexual violence policies.

Recruiting bias, social media, and job titles: Top talent innovation and recruitment stories from 2017

This year Devex examined the biggest trends and innovations in talent acquisition and management in the global development sector. As we close out 2017, here is a round-up of some of the year’s most popular articles for those working in recruitment, human resources, or hiring. From building a more inclusive workplace, to tackling biases in recruitment, to analyzing trending job titles, catch up on some of our top stories from 2017.