UN Climate Change Conference

Follow our coverage of the U.N. Climate Change Conference for everything you need to know as global development leaders meet to shape global, regional, and industry climate agendas.

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Are aid groups ignoring South Sudan's climate crisis?

Opinion: How to collaborate to finance climate action

In the fight to mitigate the impacts of climate change, intergovernmental collaboration is essential. Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland speaks about the practical action being taken to tackle devastating impact of climate change on people’s lives.

Q&A: French aid chief on climate finance: 'It is just a question of action'

Development banks should be a central part of the solution to climate change and development financing — but they are still not properly utilized, according to Rémy Rioux, CEO of Agence Française de Développement.

Opinion: A look at the action taken during Climate Week

Following New York’s Climate Week, GGGI’s Dr. Frank Rijsberman shares details on the progress made and that’s yet to be achieved by COP 26.

To face climate change, Guatemalan farmers change their ways

Farmers in Guatemala are coming to terms with a new climate reality by adopting new farming practices to maximize harvest. Devex reports from the country's Dry Corridor.

Opinion: How to build climate-resilient tourism in the Caribbean

In many small islands, improving resilience to climate change is a key priority across multiple sectors, and especially tourism. Experts weigh in on how this can be done.

Opinion: Preventing next year’s climate crises

Jorge Moreira da Silva, director of OECD's development co-operation directorate, argues for an alignment of climate and development policies.

UK pledges £1.3B for climate and biodiversity but aid experts flag concerns

The government announced three new cross-government climate and biodiversity funds at the UN General Assembly — but aid experts questioned whether it should be coming from the ODA pot.

'It is up to us to do something different' on climate, IFRC president says

Climate change is altering the nature of humanitarian response work, IFRC president Francesco Rocca tells Devex.

Report warns of the humanitarian cost of climate change

Two weeks on from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, an IFRC report estimates the humanitarian costs of climate-related disasters could climb to $20 billion unless action is taken.

Human rights should be center of climate crisis action, new movement says

Ahead of the Climate Action Summit, more than 200 representatives of leading environmental and human rights groups met in New York to spark what they hope will become an international movement.

Q&A: The private sector's role in getting improved seeds to farmers

Across Africa, researchers are developing more durable seed varieties, but getting them to fields remains a challenge. The private sector can help, says Joseph DeVries of the Seed Systems Group.

A new foundation makes the case for undoing climate change

Work is well underway on climate mitigation and adaptation. But experts from a new climate-focused foundation propose that one piece to the puzzle — climate restoration — is missing.

Opinion: Let's get climate action into traction with gender equality

The time for gender-responsive climate action is now, write UNDP's Ulrika Modéer and UN Women's Anita Bhatia.

How can Pacific Island nations progress climate action?

Australia was unwilling to negotiate on coal and emissions reduction targets during the Pacific Islands Forum, but Pacific leaders will continue to push for stronger climate targets through various ways.

European Commission's development team, US aid funding restrictions, and malaria eradication goals: This week in development

Disease eradication timelines, U.S. aid budget restrictions, and United Nations self-censorship on climate change.

Climate adaptation is expensive. Inaction will cost more, report finds

Investing in climate adaptation is worth more than $7 trillion in net benefits, according to the Global Commission on Adaptation. "If the economics are so attractive, why isn't it happening?" asks Manish Bapna, managing director of the World Resources Institute.

Can the Pacific be insured?

With diverse needs, economic risks, and a reliance on aid, CGD's Vijaya Ramachandran is investigating whether the Pacific Islands can be insured in a bid to help recovery from natural disasters.

Opinion: The US government should steer clear of Argentina's 'Dead Cow'

Next week, OPIC's board of directors must decide whether to accept or reject two giant fracking projects in Argentina. The U.S. government should not be in the business of exporting this environmentally and socially devastating practice to other countries.