Community networks bring education online in Kibera, Kenya

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By Anthony Langat

Locally run and managed intranet connections could provide access to poor or remote communities in Africa. Advocates hope a new initiative in Nairobi's Kibera slum could pave the way for greater use of the technology in Kenya and the region.

A Trump-induced competition for women's health funding in Colombia

Both the United Nations Population Fund and Profamilia are dedicated to the sexual and reproductive health of women in Colombia. But the recent peace agreement, the global gag rule and the Kemp-Kasten amendment have created a competitive funding environment for women’s health in the recovering country.

'Radical change' needed on unpaid care work, report finds

Women take on three times as much unpaid domestic work as men — holding back progress on gender equality and global development. Devex speaks to the authors of a new report to find out more.

Q&A: Uganda's refugee minister seeks solidarity in first-of-its-kind summit

Uganda and the United Nations will jointly host a summit this week that aims to draw in $2 billion in donor support for the country's hosting of some 1.2 million refugees. The meeting is the first of its kind since countries promised last year, in the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, to better share the global costs of displacement.

3 key conversations from the US-Africa business summit

Leaders at the U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Washington, D.C., last week pushed for greater economic engagement, despite uncertainty over the United States' position on global trade. Devex was there to hear the buzz behind the scenes in key discussions.

What does 'shelterless' mean? Ask the humanitarian encyclopedia

A multiplication of actors in the humanitarian space has led to confusion around key concepts — such as "protection" and "resilience" — with local perspectives often left out of the picture. A new humanitarian encyclopedia aims to help.

Opinion: Invest in midwives to improve global health

A midwife with the right skills and training can provide 87 percent of the health care needed during pregnancy and following birth. Ahead of the International Confederation of Midwives' 31st triennial congress, former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete and Wellbeing Foundation Africa's Founder-President Toyin Saraki explain.

African Women Leaders Network advocates for more women in leadership

A new networking group created for and by African women seeks to increase the voice and presence of female leaders in politics, humanitarian agencies and on-going regional peace efforts.

Q&A: 3 questions for Chile's minister of gender equity

Devex caught up with Chile's Minister of Women and Gender Equity Claudia Pascual in Santiago, to find out what she considers her biggest wins to date, and why she feels Chile still has a long way to go to meet gender equality targets.

WHO AFRO reforms: A conversation with Dr. Matshidiso Moeti

The first woman regional director for the World Health Organization in Africa made revisions to the office’s structure and way of working. Devex spoke with Moeti to take stock of the reforms and discuss how prepared her office is for future emergencies.

Q&A: Jeff Sachs on anti-poverty financing — a failure of moral imagination and will?

The landscape of financing for development is changing. So how can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within this new context of commitment and funding — in the era of Brexit and the “America First” agenda? Devex sat down with economist Jeff Sachs for his take.

Artificial Intelligence for Good sees development applications

The International Telecommunications Union and the XPRIZE Foundation are among the organizations working to advance artificial intelligence solutions to specific global challenges.

UK aid prospects brighten slightly in immediate election aftermath

After a shocking election result and a hung parliament, U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May remains in power, but a strong Labour showing means her staunchest policies around foreign aid won't go unchallenged.

What goes on inside one of South Sudan's leading security firms?

As the world’s youngest nation heads into its fourth year of conflict, humanitarians in South Sudan are both stretched thin and concerned for their safety. As a result, many rely on external security contractors, such as WS Insight, to help inform and guide their movements. Devex caught up with the firm's head of risk to find out what it looks like to collect and collate information to keep aid workers safe.

Q&A: David Sanderson on rethinking urban disaster relief

Development and humanitarian actors will need to collaborate more and better to respond to growing numbers of urban disasters, Professor David Sanderson tells Devex ahead of a key meeting of Australian academics and NGOs next week in Sydney.

As polio approaches elimination, transition poses risk

Polio is on the brink of eradication, but efforts to fight the disease are closely linked to, and often even the basis for, many countries' preventative health systems. What happens if and when polio, and the donor funds it garners, are history?

UN Ocean Conference could bring 'next big thing' in development

The United Nations Ocean Conference, which ended with a "call to action" by governments, has not led to any immediate, binding commitments. But the first-of-its-kind meeting could be the first of many oceans and marine life events — and possibly treaties — in the years to come.

Europe alone cannot plug the family planning funding gap — Sweden's Modéer

Ulrika Modéer, Sweden’s state secretary for international development, said it will take more than actions by the Nordic countries and the European Union to make up for America’s cessation of family planning funding in the wake of the reimposition of the "global gag rule."

7 tips for funders when investing in a social enterprise

Social enterprises can be an attractive proposition for foundations and investors looking to make their charitable donation stretch further. But for donors used to supporting more traditional nonprofits, funding a social venture can look different and will require a change in approach. Devex spoke to a successful social enterprise and an investor to get their tips on what to expect.

Inside Development

Pence puts security, America first in speech on Central America

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Vice President Mike Pence delivered remarks on Central America in the Washington, D.C. building where the U.S. Agency for International Development is headquartered on Thursday. He described a strong emphasis on security cooperation.

Global Views

Q&A: What can fiction reveal about development?

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Devex caught up with Adaobi Nkeokelonye, a social development researcher who blogs about the intersection of literature and global development. In exploring the power of narrative, she urges the sector to think more seriously about how to humanize concepts typically described in jargon and numbers.

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