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Novel coronavirus outbreak 'not yet' a global health emergency — Tedros

24 January 2020

While WHO decided not to declare the novel coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency, the risk of the outbreak is "very high," according to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

Germany follows UK to launch €25M climate disaster insurance fund

24 January 2020

The German government is looking to share the risk with the global south for climate-related catastrophes that happen there, building on a model established by the U.K.

Could Trump's impeachment also put an end to his aid 'rescission' threats?

24 January 2020

For two summers in a row, the Trump administration has threatened to rescind foreign assistance funding obligated by Congress. Aid advocates hope the impeachment trial will send a clear signal that this is illegal.

USAID, IDB to fund crowdsourced solutions addressing Venezuela crisis

24 January 2020

The BetterTogether Challenge aims to crowdsource ideas from Venezuelans around the world to solve problems facing those living in the economically collapsed country as well as refugees and migrants across Latin America.

Academic calls for reform of UK's 0.7% aid budget to protect poverty alleviation

24 January 2020

With U.K. aid increasingly focused on trade and private sector growth, Cambridge University lecturer Emma Mawdsley suggests splitting the budget in two to protect poverty alleviation funds.

Are the right 'experts' at the table for Australia's aid review?

23 January 2020

Consultations are underway for the new Australian international development policy, but some observers are questioning whether the experts overseeing the process are right for the job.

Youth, indigenous voices shape climate conversation at Davos

23 January 2020

Critics of the annual gathering in Davos say the meetings are all talk and no action. This year, new voices — from young people to indigenous leaders — are demanding they be heard not only in panels, but "as part of the system."

UK-Africa summit ignored gender, climate, and poverty concerns, advocates say

23 January 2020

"There's a fundamental question about how DFID ... [can] justify the spending for this summit when it hasn't been addressing key issues," says Sophie Efange of the Gender and Development Network.

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Q&A: ‘Transformation takes time,’ Richard Horton on the EAT-Lancet Commission diet

27 January 2020

What are the successes and continuing challenges of the EAT-Lancet Commission diet? Richard Horton, The Lancet journal's editor-in-chief, tells Devex one year on from its release.

Global Views

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Opinion: From talk to action — how parliaments make a difference

27 January 2020

As we enter this crucial "decade of action," international support to parliaments is vital to bolster their ability to accelerate progress on the SDGs. UNDP's Achim Steiner and IPU's Martin Chungong discuss ways to help parliaments tackle the defining challenges of our time.