DevexThe rules of humanitarian negotiation

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DevexThe race to tackle snakebite

23 May 2019

"The only real barrier to [solving the problem of] snakebite is money, to be perfectly honest," said World Health Organization expert David Williams, as the agency launches its snakebite strategy.

DevexIDB wants the world to use its computer code products for free

23 May 2019

Through its Code for Development initiative, the Inter-American Development Bank makes available a repository of open-source software code it has developed for clients that can be reused for free to solve similar development challenges around the world.

DevexAid community caught off guard by Somalia drought

23 May 2019

After years of drought, experts were expecting an average rainy season in Somalia β€” but that's not what happened, and the aid community is now struggling to attract attention to the crisis.

Devex In India, welfare politics trumps poll rhetoric

22 May 2019

At ground level, during this election season in India, parties have been seen wooing voters with social welfare and security schemes. Devex takes a closer look.

DevexNew program to support smallholders by sourcing coffee from fragile states

22 May 2019

Reviving Origins, a program by Nespresso, aims to help boost the coffee industry in Zimbabwe and other countries experiencing political conflict, economic hardship, or environmental disaster.

DevexQuestions arise again over need to declare Ebola public health emergency

22 May 2019

As the Ebola outbreak rages on in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the World Health Organization and other organizations face increasing challenges to respond, there are questions yet again about whether it’s time to declare a public health emergency of international concern.

DevexExclusive: The early stages of the WHO Foundation

22 May 2019

In his opening speech, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the WHO Foundation will be established this year. But Devex learns the plan is in its very early stages.

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DevexConference call: Influencing global health in the social media era

23 May 2019

How can social media advance global health objectives? On Message host Carine Umuhumuza speaks with Lippi Doshi, co-chair of Social Media for Global Health.

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DevexOpinion: Preventing pneumonia must involve more than tech tools

22 May 2019

Digital tools aren't always the solution for health challenges β€” there are other ways to innovate. Health leader Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor explains.