WHO needs $14B — here's how it plans to raise it

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Budget negotiations at the World Health Organization have traditionally been a challenge. Devex speaks with WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and two of his directors for details, including what the organization plans to do differently.

GPE to stay under World Bank but with more independence and 'new capabilities'

After months of uncertainty, the Global Partnership for Education's board has opted to keep the organization as a trust fund of the World Bank, but under new terms.

Opinion: Richard Branson on why philanthropists should club together

"To bring about radical change, sometimes you have to be audacious ... Yet too often, the really big ideas just don’t get the backing they need," writes philanthropist and businessman Richard Branson.

Saving a seat for Africa's rising businesswomen

With the backing of the U.K.'s development finance institution, Marcia Ashong and Tamsin Jones began teaching women in Africa how to get "boardroom-ready." Now, other DFIs want to get in on the act.

4 things to watch at COP24

"We are facing the most important COP since Paris," says Jens Mattias Clausen, climate change adviser at Greenpeace Nordic.

Interactive: IDB trends and top consultant contractors 2016-2018

Devex analyzes the Inter-American Development Bank's top consultant contractors over the past two years.

A Kachin ceasefire could help end the sale of Burmese women and girls, experts say

Against the backdrop of one of the world’s longest civil wars, thousands of Burmese women and girls have been trafficked and forced to marry men in China, according to a new study.

Inside the UN's little-known think tank

It's a university without a traditional campus, and perhaps the most obscure of U.N. bodies. Devex visited the U.N. University to find out more about the quiet think tank powering sustainable development studies.

Outlook remains bleak for South Sudan food crisis

Despite rising humanitarian needs, the World Food Programme's Adnan Khan says they are able to do more with less if money is provided early.

USAID chief lays out a Trump development doctrine

"The American approach ... moves countries from being recipients, to partners, to fellow donors," Mark Green said at the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition on Wednesday.

DFID prepares for an expected El Niño

The looming weather phenomenon could cause widespread flooding and drought across several regions and increase the likelihood of humanitarian assistance needs.

Inside Development

Q&A: Intellectual property within DFAT's innovation program

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Sarah Pearson, chief innovation officer for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and head of innovationXchange, shares her perspectives on the role of intellectual property within aid programs.

Global Views

Opinion: The case for agroforestry

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Daniel Moss describes the outsized impacts of farmer-managed natural regeneration, an agroforestry technique, and how policymakers can recognize and build on its promise.

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