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Do development contractors need B Corp certification?

18 November 2019

U.K. development contractors are beginning to turn to B Corp — a social and environmental impact certification. But what does it mean, and does the sector really need it?

Engaging the private sector within the UN framework: what are the challenges?

18 November 2019

The second "ad hoc" meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Big Data and Digital Ecosystem for the Planet showed barriers to private sector participation the the UN system. But it also showed ways of participating informally to influence on better use of technology and data within the system.

New complaints database aims to strengthen accountability in development

18 November 2019

To date, 1,300 complaints have been filed to the accountability offices of 13 development finance institutions. For the first time, they are all searchable in a new database: the Accountability Console.

5 things we learned about US aid from the impeachment hearings

18 November 2019

The U.S. House of Representatives held its first public impeachment hearings related to President Donald Trump's withholding security assistance to Ukraine. The hearings offered a rare window into America's foreign aid practices.

Interactive: Exploring DFID's funding pipeline

Explore DFID's future opportunities in our quarterly analysis with interactive visualization.

$3M collaboration between Google and GEO to open Earth mapping data

15 November 2019

A new partnership between Group on Earth Observations and Google is offering 25 licenses for Google Earth Engine worth $3 million — and Devex has the insight into what will make proposals successful.

USAID expands presence in Sahel as instability grows

15 November 2019

At a hearing Thursday, officials from USAID and the State Department outlined U.S. engagement in one of the most unstable areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

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What does the future of climate resilience look like? Experts weigh in

18 November 2019

Following pleas for discussions to be turned into action on climate change, we ask the experts what measures can be taken.

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Opinion: A high birthrate alone will not lead to higher economic growth in Africa

15 November 2019

Whether the continent's population surge turns out to be a blessing or a curse will depend on reducing the fertility rate now and investing in health and early childhood education, writes Abisola Odutola.