World finalizes SDGs but 'real work' is yet to begin

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By Lean Alfred Santos

The 193 member states of the United Nations have finally come to an agreement on the sustainable development goals. But can this 29-page outcome document really be translated into concrete, life-changing actions?

For Jeffrey Sachs, $100B climate finance target has 2 major problems

In 2009, several developed countries pledged to mobilize $100 billion every year by 2020 to support climate action in the developing world. What has happened to this promise, more than five years since? Renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs gives us the inside track.

What Cecil the lion and corporate social responsibility have in common

Cecil the lion has become a cause célèbre for anti-poaching advocates. He could also be the mascot for socially responsible corporate supply chains.

Shared value: Taking 'doing good' from the periphery to the center

The new Energize Learning project in Ghana shows us how one global confectionery company is working with the national government and nonprofit sector to invest in the future of one of its largest developing country suppliers.

Right things, right places, right targets — right now

Despite not having targets since December 2013, PEPFAR has continued to deliver services and save more lives. So why then do targets matter? A joint op-ed from policy leaders at five NGOs.

Volunteers are key to achieving the SDGs

United Nations Volunteer Executive Director Richard Dictus shares why he believes volunteers can help lead the changes required to achieve the sustainable development goals.

When it comes to advocacy work, don't be shy to ask

For the past five years, Jennifer Johnston has dedicated her time in building advocacy group CEVHAP. How was she able to get much-needed resources to increase hepatitis awareness among the global development community?

'Integrated intervention' can help end extreme poverty

FXB founder Albina du Boisrouvray talks with Devex about why she believes an integrated approach to development can move the world closer to ending extreme poverty.

MCC pledges new PPP funding for project preparation

The Millennium Challenge Corp. has pledged new funds to support public-private partnerships worldwide. The commitment represents a new financing platform for the bilateral donor, which supports pre-project feasibility and due diligence.

Russia names first 'undesirable' as civil society crackdown continues

Russia’s increasingly restrictive laws concerning civil society have claimed its first “official” victim. What does it mean to be named an “undesirable” organization and how will these laws affect civil society in the country in the long run? We asked several experts to find out.

Sustainable solutions, strong leadership for better national health care systems

Governments need to get into the driver's seat and take a systemic approach to addressing health systems strengthening and coordination of partners to improve national health care systems, writes supply chain management expert Pamela Steele in this guest commentary.

Inside Development

International consultants: Overpaid today, extinct tomorrow?

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Devex interviewed industry insiders from all continents, and though perceptions of expat consultant bias varied, all reported the same trend: Even on a playing field tilted in their favor, consultants from the global north are steadily losing ground as capacity in middle-income countries grows.

Global Views

Right things, right places, right targets — right now

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Despite not having targets since December 2013, PEPFAR has continued to deliver services and save more lives. So why then do targets matter? A joint op-ed from policy leaders at five NGOs.

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