In New Delhi, skepticism over Paris climate treaty 'wish list'

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By Alys Francis

India's planned post-2020 climate actions will be "fairly simple" and conservative, with an emissions reduction target of between 20 and 40 percent, if members of the government's climate advisory team and other stakeholders could have their way.

New shelter design a game changer for humanitarian partnerships

A partnership between the U.N. refugee agency and social business Better Shelter has resulted in new shelters that may significantly improve refugees’ living conditions — marking a turning point in the way UNHCR and other humanitarian groups can partner with the private sector.

What you need to know about global development's emerging donors

The rise of emerging donors continues to be among the biggest stories in global development, with the share of funding these nontraditional players contribute to the industry increasing each year. Here are some key facts you should know about the practices and priorities of these donors.

Senegal's family planning challenge

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa claimed thousands of lives and hampered infrastructure in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. But while those countries focus on rebuilding and recovering from devastating loss, neighboring Senegal is eyeing a different kind of threat that could undermine economic progress and fuel poverty — population growth.

For Sierra Leone’s foreign minister, AfDB needs to build on what it has

In the run-up to the African Development Bank's presidential elections in May, Devex takes a close look into the background, experience and vision of each of the eight candidates vying for the bank's leadership. Next up: Samura Kamara, Sierra Leone's bet for the presidency.

Seasoned AfDB official banks on 'institutional memory,' experience in presidency bid

In the run-up to the African Development Bank's presidential elections in May, Devex takes a close look into the background, experience and vision of each of the eight candidates vying for the bank's leadership. Today's candidate: Thomas Sakala, Zimbabwe's bet for the presidency.

The data revolution needs funding

The data revolution may not receive pledges yet at the International Conference for Financing for Development Conference in July, but it can gain political momentum, Johannes Jütting, manager of the PARIS21 Secretariat within the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shares in this video interview.

Sounding off on online applications for foreign aid jobs

Although referrals often work, many people have landed jobs in global development without them and did so by submitting applications electronically. Devex readers share their online job hunting struggles.

Can data help end forced labor?

Labor trafficking is becoming harder to track as companies' supply chains intertwine and evolve in an increasingly globalized world. Some experts think better data — and new applications — can help untangle the webs of labor exploitation.

Inside Development

A year into ADB reforms: Assessments and projections

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At last year's annual meeting, ADB President Takehiko Nakao rolled out a set of reforms to make the Manila-based financial institution more effective, increase its efficiency and help maintain its relevance in the region. How have these reforms progressed a year after they were announced?

Global Views

Lessons from Ebola can help with malaria fight

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Critical lessons from the Ebola outbreak identified by the World Health Organization can be applied to defeat malaria. And there are some warning signs on the horizon that we shouldn't ignore. An exclusive op-ed from Suzanne McCarron, president of the ExxonMobil Foundation.

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