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Global COVID-19 deaths set to reach 2 million, with rising concerns in Africa

15 January 2021

As COVID-19 cases are set to reach 2 million deaths globally, challenges in vaccine access for low- and middle-income countries, a growing rate of daily deaths in Africa, and vaccine hesitancy remain.

African Union secures first batch of COVID-19 vaccines

14 January 2021

The African Union’s vaccine acquisition task force has secured 270 million COVID-19 vaccines for African nations, marking the first batch obtained for continentwide vaccination.

Exclusive: European Commission battles to sell post-Cotonou deal at home

14 January 2021

The EU executive says it has finally reached a deal on the bloc's relationship with African, Caribbean, and Pacific states. Now it needs to win over EU governments. A few issues stand in the way.

Concerns mount that a new COVID-19 variant could be spreading in Africa

14 January 2021

Early reports suggest the variant, first identified in South Africa, is now cropping up elsewhere, with possible consequences for African health systems and economies.

Guterres' path to reelection might be a quick one, experts say

14 January 2021

U.N. chief António Guterres formally announces his intentions to seek another term, and so far he is not facing any formal competition. His good standing with member states might ease his way to reelection, experts say.

Localization key to tackling sexual abuse by aid workers, IDC says

14 January 2021

A wide-ranging report by the U.K. politicians who monitor aid and development have found that sexual abuse committed by aid staffers still continues despite measures taken to stamp it out since 2018.

Opinion: For COVID-19 vaccines to succeed, we must build trust

13 January 2021

Ending the pandemic rests on the successful delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to every country. But the challenge goes beyond shipping or storage — to reassuring the most vulnerable people that vaccines are safe.


Opinion: The UN still needs a better business plan

15 January 2021

Without a more robust plan to engage the world’s corporations, the U.N. will lack global influence and fall short of its goals, this op-ed explains.