EU refugee crisis: Same old, same old?

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By Helen Morgan

Humanitarians working to support refugees within Europe are in unchartered territory, and have never seen such desperate conditions. Devex met with IRC on the ground in Lesbos, Greece, to see the scale of the challenge it is facing and find out staff calls to action.

Simple steps to speed up your proposal process

With competition for grants tougher than ever, organizations must improve both the quality and quantity of the grant proposals they send out. But how can your organization responsibly accelerate your proposal process? Devex shares five simple ways.

How civil society can better protect children in the SDG era

To reach Sustainable Development Goal targets of eliminating all forms of violence against children, social actors must be involved, writes Gabriela Olguin, child protection regional adviser for South Asia and Pacific at World Vision International, in this guest commentary.

Breaking down silos at the intersection of meaning and money

This is the buzz from #SOCAP2015, the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco, where the tech world collides with the biggest global development challenges we face. Devex's Catherine Cheney brings the highlights.

Africa's arsenal for economic progress

What are the prospects for rural development in Africa? On the sidelines of the 15th International Economic Forum on Africa in Berlin, Germany, Devex sat down with Mario Pezzini, director of the OECD Development Center, to get the inside track.

Where the 'magic happens' for innovation

Scaling innovation is a challenge for the development community and there is a lot that it can learn from Silicon Valley. Devex spoke to Ann Mei Chang, executive director of USAID's Global Development Lab, about what the communities can learn from one another in this video interview from the SOCAP conference in San Francisco.

Investing in health workforces: The path towards the SDGs starts here

How can we ensure that access to health care is improved globally in the post-2015 era? Jim Campbell, the World Health Organization's health workforce department director and executive director of the Global Health Workforce Alliance, gives us his insight in this exclusive guest column.

What's an 'inculator,' and what makes one successful?

At the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco, attendees will do their best to unlock what works and what doesn't for accelerators and incubators.

How to promote open data in government through peer learning

Open data's potential for improved policymaking, and social, economic and environmental benefits are becoming clearer across sectors globally, according to Anna Scott, writer and editor at the Open Data Institute in this guest column.

3 mHealth projects you should know about

mHealth is most prominent in Africa and most commonly applied to support maternal health, but it is expanding into other developing countries and health subsectors. We take a closer look at three mHealth projects to learn more.

Is the development community still 'working in silos, singing integration?'

Enhancing synergies across sectors makes perfect sense. But Eliya Zulu, executive director at the African Institute for Development Policy, tells Devex what the big question mark is when it comes to integrated development.

Understanding hunger

Malnutrition isn't what it used to be, and nutrition experts are pushing more than ever to improve and increase the potential of food fortification. Devex takes a closer look.

Expanding the boundaries of global health: The intersection of the public and private sector

An increasing number of companies are turning their attention to global health needs. In this exclusive commentary, Laura Asiala, vice president of public affairs at PYXERA Global, discusses how can public-private partnerships can impact health.

Invigorating the global development partnership

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the development community must improve the way it works together. Paul Weisenfeld, senior executive of RTI International outlines the key elements for success in this exclusive opinion.

Colombian peace agreement requires an integrated donor approach

How can lasting peace be achieved in Colombia? Thomson Reuter's Senior Director of International Strategy Robert Buergenthal says both land reform and transitional justice will be required. But implementing a final agreement will be difficult.

Local insights should drive sustainable development in Africa

By carving out partnerships with local organizations the international community can help development become grassroots-driven and genuinely sustainable, says Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad, founder and chairman of the Al-Khair Foundation in this exclusive guest commentary.

As 'action year' approaches, Indian companies seek compliance with CSR law

Numbers are now rolling in for the first year companies had to spend 2 percent of their average net profit for the past three years on development projects under India's Companies Act 2013.

Inside Development

Is the development community still 'working in silos, singing integration?'


Enhancing synergies across sectors makes perfect sense. But Eliya Zulu, executive director at the African Institute for Development Policy, tells Devex what the big question mark is when it comes to integrated development.

Global Views

New challenge for accountability: Looking for tools that will give it substance


The inclusion of accountability in the Sustainable Development Goals is proof that it's more than just a buzzword. The challenge now is bringing out its substance, International IDEA Secretary-General Yves Leterme tells Devex in this interview for #DemocracyMatters.

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