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DevexUS NGOs decide to forego legal action against Trump administration — for now

21 August 2019

While the aid community waits for the Trump administration to decide whether it will pursue a funding rescission, the largest coalition of international NGOs has decided not to sue the White House at this time.

DevexUHC high-level meeting unlikely to be 'transformative moment,' CSO experts say

22 August 2019

Governments will address the challenge of achieving universal health coverage during a high-level meeting at the U.N. in September. But so far, the agreement falls flat, civil society experts say.

DevexAfrica on path toward polio eradication

22 August 2019

It's been three years since the last case of wild poliovirus was detected in Africa. Now, WHO's Africa Regional Certification Commission will check whether the virus is eradicated across the continent.

DevexIn Sierra Leone, new Kiva Protocol uses blockchain to benefit unbanked

21 August 2019

As Sierra Leone launches its new national digital identity platform, proponents say the platform will provide citizens with formal identity, control over their credit information, and access to digital financial services.

DevexInside UNDP's work on a global LGBTI inclusion index

22 August 2019

UNDP is set to launch the first-ever global LGBTI inclusion index this year. Advocates hope it will bridge the data gap and shed light on the challenges LGBTI populations face.

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DevexRescission uncertainty, Africa's polio milestone, and Brexit contingency plans: This week in development

22 August 2019

Africa celebrates a hopeful health milestone, U.K. aid chief urges Brexit preparations, and Sierra Leone launches a blockchain digital identification platform.

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DevexOpinion: Enlisting the private sector in the fight against HIV/AIDS

22 August 2019

With coordinated encouragement and investment, the private sector’s health workforce can make a significant contribution to sustaining HIV services, write Abt Associates' Sarah Dominis and Emma Golub.