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DevexGESF: What to watch at the 'Davos of education'

22 March 2019

As 3,000 leaders and advocates head to Dubai this weekend for the Global Education & Skills Forum 2019, Devex rounds up the topics to keep an eye on.

DevexOpinion: Education sector must align, accelerate, and account for efforts toward SDG 4

22 March 2019

Save the Children's Joseph Nhan-O'Reilly explores recent developments in education financing and makes the case for a Global Education Funding Forum to advance efforts toward achieving SDG 4 — inclusive and equitable quality education for all by 2030.

DevexDFID could redeploy over 200 staff for Brexit

22 March 2019

The U.K. aid department may offer 10 percent of its U.K. workforce to other government departments scrambling to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

DevexAdvocates call out lack of diversity in global development

22 March 2019

We will not achieve inclusive development without workforce representation, advocates say.

DevexWater scarcity poses 'fundamental risk to stability,' new report finds

21 March 2019

Water scarcity can strain food production systems and fuel conflict in fragile states. There are multiple ways the U.S. can help refocus global attention on access to water, according to the lead author of the Chicago Council report.

DevexOpinion: Fixing water fixes gender parity

21 March 2019

In recognition of World Water Day, two WASH experts examine how looking at water through the gender lens can help address broader parity issues.

DevexNFL player Chris Long on advocacy and the role of influencers

22 March 2019

Chris Long founded Waterboys in 2015 and has since helped raise funds to provide more than 200,000 people with drinking water. Devex sat down with him ahead of World Water Day to get his insights on working with influencers and what it's like to partner with USAID.

DevexNutrition supplements, but no one to distribute them

14 February 2019

In northeast Kenya, security threats have undermined nutrition supplement deliveries — and left mothers wondering when the next shipment will arrive. This is part of our six-piece Failed Aid series, which investigates citizen reports on failed or unfinished aid projects in Africa.

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DevexQ&A: Why the world needs science and partnerships to tackle TB

22 March 2019

Rogerio Ribeiro, senior vice president and head of the global health unit at GSK, explains the need for incentives to progress on the creation and availability of new vaccines and medicines for tuberculosis.

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DevexOpinion: The potential for an SDG mobilization conduit

22 March 2019

Repurposing and redesigning asset-backed commercial paper programs could create a viable conduit for institutional investors to pool tens of billions of dollars for the SDGs.