Which countries are the most committed to development?

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Sweden, Denmark, and Germany are the most committed national development actors, according to this year’s Commitment to Development Index, which measures both aid levels and how other policies foster sustainable development. Here are the key insights.

USAID adopts a hard line on China's development approach

Under the Trump administration, the U.S. aid agency is taking a more aggressive stance toward China's role in developing countries. "If you decide to work with China, it is bad," a senior USAID official said.

Ocean advocates find new ways to link their cause with climate change

While ocean conservationists have long pointed to the impacts that climate change is having on oceans, at the Global Climate Action Summit they launched a new agenda focused on the critical role the ocean plays in the fight against climate change.

Long Story Short #27: How the UN is rethinking its response to sexual harassment

Bureaucratic hurdles. Inconsistent processes. Deep stresses. What's it like to report sexual harassment at the United Nations — and will recent changes make a difference?

Bill and Melinda Gates on the 'single biggest determinant' of progress on the SDGs

On Tuesday, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released their second annual Goalkeepers report, calling for a "third wave" of poverty reduction focused on Africa's booming youth population.

Webinar: Your guide to a killer online profile

In global development, jobs are not always posted and recruiters often search for passive candidates. In this exclusive Devex webinar, we talk through the main ingredients of a stand-out online profile and share tips to help you rank higher in recruiter searches.

The backbone of India's health care system: Is there a new role for ASHAs?

As India grapples with an increasing rate of NCDs, some experts believe community health workers could hold the key to preventing and managing diseases such as hypertension. Devex investigates.

Inside Development

Securing community forest rights is key to achieving climate goals

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A new report highlights the role played by people in safeguarding much of the world’s carbon reserves. Yet the authors say governments are largely ignoring one of the most cost-efficient ways to avoid the release of carbon emissions: Recognizing the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities to collectively own and manage their land.

Global Views

Opinion: The Equator Principles just turned 15, we should celebrate their impact

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The Equator Principles have helped facilitate more responsible investments in emerging markets. IFC CEO Philippe Le Houérou details three areas of opportunity to build on their success.

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