What role can community foundations play in achieving the SDGs?

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By Catherine Cheney

Last week, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation announced it now has $13.5 billion in assets. The news comes at a moment of growing recognition that community foundations are essential partners in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Ultra-poor graduation model results show more than just cash is needed

Results from an independent evaluation by Innovations for Poverty Action of Village Enterprise's ultra-poor graduation model show that cash transfers should be coupled with training, mentoring, and access to financial services.

UN to development community: Think urban for the SDGs

As the international community gears up to review global progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 11, the so-called “urban SDG,” urban development issues are increasingly seen by many as essential to deliver on the entire 2030 agenda. At the World Urban Forum in Malaysia, the message was clear: "We need to get our cities right."

Scale X Design: Is this the accelerator the aid sector needs?

Devex takes a look at CARE's Scale X Design — one of the few startup accelerators that focuses on investing in NGO staff, rather than in people outside the organization — to find out what it can offer the development community, and why it has ambitions to become "the sector's accelerator."

Latest humanitarian plan for NE Nigeria focuses on long-term solutions

As the conflict in the northeastern area of Nigeria enters its ninth year, a recently-launched 2018 humanitarian response plan focuses on merging humanitarian, development, and peace efforts into a long-term coordinated response.

Facebook takes another step into crisis response

The social media giant announced Thursday it is opening up its Community Help tool — which allows users to find and offer help after a crisis — to businesses and organizations for the first time, a sign of its ambitions for its role in crisis response.

Why your 'open door policy' may not be working

A CEO, president or secretary-general with an open door — or no door at all — has become a popular strategy within global development institutions wanting to shake the grips of bureaucracy and better communicate with staff around the world. Devex spoke with two executive coaching experts on the common mistakes that cause the strategy to fall short of expectations.

Takeaways from the 2018 Aid Supplier Conference

The second annual Aid Supplier Conference in Canberra on Feb. 15 provided an opportunity for Australian aid suppliers to engage directly with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, learning about new business opportunities and internal changes.

Aid groups race against Bangladesh's looming monsoons

Bangladesh's approaching cyclone season poses an "emergency within an emergency" for groups working to aid nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar.

Inside Development

With 3 mergers in recent years, what are benefits to Save the Children?

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In December, Save the Children Australia announced their third merger within a period of less than three years. But what are the benefits? A good business fit, shared values, and the ability of a merger to take the aspirations or both organizations to a new level are important first steps for a strong and successful merger.

Global Views

Opinion: The global development community asks tough questions. Here are the answers.

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Why doesn't the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation invest more in fighting noncommunicable diseases? Why does the foundation engage with the private sector? Does Gates have too much influence over the World Health Organization? Three Gates Foundation leaders answer their toughest global development questions.

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