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Nigeria receives COVID-19 vaccines amid confusion over rollout

4 March 2021

As Nigeria prepares to deploy vaccines, public health experts and citizens have raised concerns that sparing, conflicting, and sometimes confusing information could hinder the process.

Opinion: 5 steps to tackle climate disasters during a pandemic

4 March 2021

The new IFRC Asia-Pacific director, Alexander Matheou, asks humanitarian leaders how they're going to respond to the risk of climate events in the region. The answers are largely consistent.

In Brief: Brussels looks to beef up status quo on development finance

3 March 2021

As heavyweight France backs improvements to the existing system, everyone is wondering what that means.

In Brief: Report says half of NGOs can't comply with Greek registration law

4 March 2021

A survey of 70 civil society groups providing services to refugees and migrants in Greece found that 45% don't think they can comply with a new law around registration for NGOs.

PAHO outlines COVID-19 vaccine rollout for Latin America and the Caribbean

3 March 2021

The Pan American Health Organization expects 28.7 million doses to arrive in the region, where 36 countries are participating in the COVAX initiative, with Colombia receiving the first shipment this week.

In Kiribati, hope that Biden administration will transform climate ambition into action

3 March 2021

In Kiribati, there is renewed optimism that COP26 will deliver the political will and policies required to respond to climate change thanks to the Biden administration.

Opinion: What COVID-19 tells us about battling malaria, other infectious diseases in Africa

3 March 2021

One year after the emergence of COVID-19, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former president of Liberia, and Jakaya Kikwete, former president of Tanzania, discuss lessons from the pandemic on how African countries should respond to the ongoing threat of malaria.

UK's aid budget to Yemen slashed by nearly 60%

1 March 2021

Aid budget cuts will hit the world's worst humanitarian crisis hard, in a move that's caused outrage across the political spectrum.


Opinion: Toward gender equality and social inclusion in the COVID-19 age

5 March 2021

COVID-19 continues to amplify food systems gaps. Building back better must include strengthening food supply chains; doing so sustainably requires rethinking business as usual, World Vision US explains.