DevexUSAID's TB strategy as seen from Kyrgyzstan

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DevexQ&A: Changing attitudes for global health progress

25 April 2019

The global health sector is not being forward-thinking enough about how it views health systems according to the U.N.'s Siddharth Chatterjee. He explains how to overcome "hurdles of the mind" for increased progress in health.

Devex3 philanthropy leaders on how to drive more dollars to local solutions

25 April 2019

Good intentions are never enough, according to Chandler Foundation CEO Tim Hanstad. He and two other leaders in philanthropy explain how donors can close the distance with the solutions they seek to support.

DevexQ&A: The World Bank's strategy for fragile states

25 April 2019

The new strategy will examine staffing, partnerships, internal policies, and other aspects of engaging in complex situations. Devex spoke to Franck Bousquet, senior director of the bank’s fragility, conflict, and violence group, to learn more.

DevexOpinion: Combatting the deadliest animal on Earth

25 April 2019

On World Malaria Day, ONE Campaign Director Tom Hart makes the case for U.S. investment in the Global Fund to end the disease that takes hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

DevexCommunities come to the rescue of Nigeria's local hospitals

24 April 2019

Nigeria's primary health centers are collapsing under the weight of a population boom — and where government money has failed to materialize, communities are stepping in to save their local clinics.

DevexQ&A: Nigerian gender minister on 'ecosystems' for women entrepreneurs

24 April 2019

Devex sits down with Aisha Abubakar, Nigerian minister for women's affairs and social development, to hear more about how creating "ecosystems" around female entrepreneurs is a crucial step in helping these women thrive.

DevexConsulting firms approve, question new ADB procurement

24 April 2019

The bank's emphasis on output-based contracts is welcomed, but there are questions on whether the new shortlisting policy for consultants is helping level the playing field, particularly for firms from low- and middle-income countries.

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DevexBelt and Road Forum, a UN 'sexual health' fight, and malaria's vaccine moment: This week in development

25 April 2019

China pushes back against “debt trap” criticism, a United Nations resolution on sexual violence in conflict falls victim to politics, and Malawi rolls out the first malaria vaccine.

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DevexOpinion: Faith organizations are key in global refugee response

25 April 2019

Faith communities are often first responders on the frontlines of displacement. But faith-based organizations can face discrimination, hindering much-needed relief work.