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DFID and FCO draw up plans for a potential merger

11 December 2019

Civil servants and Conservative politicians are said to be trying to convince Prime Minister Boris Johnson to protect DFID's independence if the party wins a majority in Thursday's election.

EU silent on status of ambassador to Malawi

10 December 2019

Local media in Malawi report that EU Ambassador Sandra Paesen has been recalled to Brussels, but the EU isn't saying anything.

IFRC makes climate action its top priority

10 December 2019

As discussions continue at COP25, IFRC launches a new climate-first strategy set to impact all of its operations.

Rwanda's education U-turn sparks debate on mother tongue instruction

10 December 2019

Amid growing consensus that teaching in a student's mother tongue can improve learning outcomes, why are some countries switching back to European languages that most teachers and children don’t understand?

Who's who in #globaldev: November 2019 appointments

10 December 2019

Canada has a new development minister and Norway's aid agency has a new director-general. Meanwhile, several high-profile aid leaders are taking on new job profiles in the coming year.

Security is just the beginning for Iraqi entrepreneurs in ISIS' wake

9 December 2019

The Islamic State reduced many of northern Iraq's businesses to rubble. Now they are faced with starting over in a country that makes it very difficult for entrepreneurs and investors to succeed.

Inside data strategies to build capacity and fill gaps

9 December 2019

Richard Volk and Kai Wanner from Coffey International Development how the internet of things can help monitor and manage issues supporting the most vulnerable people in lower-income countries — and help fill global data gaps.

Inside Development

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UK election, Trump's World Bank tweet, and COP25: This week in development

12 December 2019

U.K. voters decide the future of foreign aid, Trump targets World Bank lending to China, and climate negotiators prepare for long nights in Madrid.

Global Views

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Opinion: Keeping the promise — time to move from declarations to deeds on UHC

12 December 2019

On Universal Health Coverage Day, Carolyn Reynolds, a distinguished fellow with The George Institute for Global Health, takes stock of progress made so far toward UHC and details three areas where concerted global action can make a difference.