UK snap election: Are aid commitments at risk?

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By Molly Anders

As the U.K. heads for a snap election on June 8, concerns are being raised that the government's legal commitment to spend 0.7 percent of gross national income on foreign aid is looking vulnerable.

To connect the world, Facebook builds human networks, not just physical ones

A new initiative connecting developers on a local level to collaborate, learn, and code with each other is just one aspect of this year's F8 conference that demonstrates a shift in approach for the tech giant.

IOM inches closer to global migration compact

Formal negotiations for the new migration framework will begin in early 2018, International Organization for Migration Director-General William Swing tells Devex. The compact aims to lay out principles and commitments that individual governments would use as a guide on cross-border and migration coordination.

Are World Bank staffers, and projects, suffering from too much screen time?

The World Bank’s inspection panel released lessons from its assessments of environmental and social harm caused by bank projects. One of their messages is that bank staffers should rely less on documents and computer models and more on their own observations of what is actually happening at — and around — a project site.

World Bank ramps up work on preventing gender-based violence

Preventing gender-based violence will be a priority for his second term at the World Bank, President Jim Kim said during an award ceremony for innovative researchers and organizations working on GBV.

Strides in progress on Neglected Tropical Diseases as global partners meet

A new report from the World Health Organization suggests that the number of people at-risk from Neglected Tropical Diseases is down by 20 percent over the past five years, as public and private sector representatives gather in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the road ahead

While aid donors embrace transformation, India mulls a universal basic income

While some countries and aid donors have dabbled in direct cash transfers, India is looking at whether rolling out a massive basic income program could eliminate poverty from the country entirely.

IMF: Global economy has 'spring in its step' but protectionism fears loom

The latest world economic forecast from the IMF has good news and predicts global growth will pick up by 3.5 percent in 2017, driven largely by emerging economies. But protectionist policies threaten to derail progress, the report warns.

Lessons from Burkina Faso's inclusive education system

Burkina Faso is aiming to more fully integrate disabled persons into society, starting with education. Devex visits a school that teaches disabled and non-disabled students in the same classroom, a first step in empowering them for a life of greater opportunity.

Urban planning jobs: What you need to know

Developing nations increasingly rely on local professionals to support urban management efforts. But their massive urban growth continues to offer opportunities to expatriates.

Q&A: Calls for greater investment of ODA into livestock sectors

The livestock sector plays a significant role in development, but Dr. Jimmy Smith, director general of the International Livestock Research Institute, says this is not reflected in official development assistance, which contributes less than 0.25 percent to livestock. During a visit to Australia, Smith discussed his thoughts with Devex.

UNFPA assess extent and impact of US cuts

While the funding loss was expected, the Unites Nations' reproductive and sexual health agency is still grappling with how the cuts will play out across its various programs and work worldwide.

In uncertain times, a clearer World Bank strategy emerges

The World Bank is undergoing a transformation from traditional project lender to modern financial catalyzer, working to incentivize private investors to pitch in the trillions of dollars needed for global development. While questions still remain, the shift in thinking and operation could position the institution for a new era of relevance.

World Bank President Kim wants to change how all DFIs work

Ahead of the World Bank Spring Meetings this week, President Jim Kim promised to pursue a new way of working for all major development finance institutions by placing a fresh emphasis on helping the poor.

Opinion: 3 tips for coping with aid's budget crisis

Budget tightening means finding new ways to do business. United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and U.N. Development Programme Asia-Pacific Director Haoliang Xu gives three tips for rethinking your agency's model.

The World Bank's new CEO Kristalina Georgieva lays out her vision for an agile bank

Ahead of the spring meetings, Devex talks to Kristalina Georgieva about her new role as the first ever CEO of the World Bank, where she is in charge of the two lending arms — the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the International Development Association. She tells Devex how she aims to make the institution more agile, innovative and better at crowding in private sector financing.

Q&A: Canada's ambassador to South Sudan on embassy's reopening

When fighting erupted in South Sudan’s capital of Juba in July 2016, the Canadian Embassy — along with many others — shut its doors and evacuated staff. Eight months later, the embassy officially reopened. Devex sat down with Ambassador of Canada to South Sudan Alan Hamson to discuss the current realities on the ground.

NGOs turn to courts to unravel Uganda's ban on sexual education

A local civil society group in Uganda is suing the government to compel the teaching of sex education, after a blanket ban on the subject last year. The debate crystalizes ongoing tensions about how to balance conservative social norms with the need for awareness in a youth-heavy population at risk from HIV transmission.

Opinion: What I learned about filmmaking during an epidemic

While filming a documentary about the threat of epidemics, filmmaker and professorJanet Tobias and her team found themselves in the middle of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia, Influenza outbreak in Asia, and the Zika outbreak in the U.S. Along the way, she developed some guidelines about what it meant to film during an epidemic.

Q&A: Plan International's CEO on a change of strategy

Plan International is specializing its focus to make every project "gender transformative." CEO Anne-Birgitte Albrectsen tells Devex why.

Q&A: Former Zaatari refugee camp chief on the tandem approach to urban planning

Just like the smartest cities around the world — in terms of connectivity, sustainability and inclusivity — planning and developing long-term refugee camps requires engaging with local actors. In this interview, Switxboard's Kilian Kleinschmidt discusses the need to forge new kinds of partnerships.

World Bank contracts: Who’s winning and where are they going?

Ahead of the World Bank Spring Meetings next week, Devex has reviewed the bank’s database of major contract awards and analyzed the key sectors, regions and other trends in World Bank procurements.

Inside Development

Collier: Despite progress, 'profound change' still needed at IFC

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New leadership at the International Finance Corporation is transforming the institution -- but a "profound change" is needed if it is to become a "public development agency whose interest is to develop the country, not to make money," according development heavyweight Paul Collier.

Global Views

Opinion: Lifting the next billion out of poverty

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Nearly one billion people have lifted themselves out of extreme poverty since the Cold War. Project Concern International President and CEO Carrie Hessler-Radelet charts a path for the next billion.

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