Life in the shadows: Living with disabilities in a conflict zone

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There’s a wide gap to bridge to make disabilities more mainstream in humanitarian response, especially for people living in fragile settings. Devex reports from South Sudan.

Global data dashboard aims to tackle education crisis

The World Bank, Gates Foundation, and DFID are collaborating on a Global Education Policy Dashboard to help governments make better-informed decisions around schools and learning.

Can nanosatellites help reach the unreachable?

Devex speaks to Sky and Space Global CEO Meir Moalem about what the "new space revolution" means for development — and how partners can get involved.

Q&A: What a moonshot for MENA's economy means

"I think it boils down to making progress on these two agendas of mobile e-payments and fast, inclusive, affordable internet available to all," says Rabah Arezki, chief economist for Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank.

Turmoil for international aid groups in Burundi over ethnic quotas

A new requirement to share staff ethnicity data with authorities has left international NGOs in Burundi with a difficult decision. While some are complying, others have closed their doors.

As Davos gathers, the development community struggles for attention

As U.S., U.K., and French leaders drop out to deal with crises at home, Devex looks at some of the biggest concerns for the development community at Davos 2019.

UN surveys sexual harassment, union says problem is broader

A survey commissioned by the U.N. looking at sexual harassment within the organization has been criticized for not taking the whole question of abuse of power into account.

Inside Development

Events preview: This week in development cooperation

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This week, Devex is on the ground in Davos covering the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Sign up for special briefings and check out our preview for other noteworthy events.

Global Views

Opinion: A World Bank for the new world order

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The Overseas Development Institute's Alex Thier outlines five criteria for selecting the next leader of the World Bank.

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