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Oxfam yet to decide on specific 'role' of new Nairobi headquarters

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By Lean Alfred Santos

Oxfam International's relocation of its headquarters to Nairobi, Kenya, may be a done deal, but details on the specifics of the move remain scarce. Oxfam GB chief executive Mark Goldring shed some light on the issue in a recent update.

US aid

Why the new $800M US partnership with Afghanistan is 'not a sure thing'

The U.S. government will make up to $800 million available for the creation of a new partnership with Afghanistan, but Devex has learned that not all of this money may actually materialize.

Global health

Global Fund: Back in gear or spinning wheels?

As the Global Fund begins work on its new five-year strategy, there remains some confusion about the processes under the new funding model and concern over eligibility criteria. Devex spoke to some of the Global Fund's implementing partners to get the inside track.

North Korea

In North Korea, people are 'still malnourished, but better fed'

While the reclusive Asian country certainly needs humanitarian support, particularly to address malnutrition, the situation there is not as dire as most people believe. Devex spoke with the former WFP deputy director in Pyongyang and several experts on North Korea.

Health systems strengthening

Pharmaceutical leaders call for greater investment in health systems

Aid agencies must invest more in strengthening health systems and infrastructure to avoid the catastrophic consequences of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis, U.K. parliamentarians have warned. But prevention is not only dependent on drug development, senior figures in the pharmaceutical sector have told Devex.


Sounding off on WHO’s Ebola response

On March 31, it will be a year since Medecins Sans Frontieres sounded the alarm on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Over the past week, Devex readers debated the role of the World Health Organization in the international response. What do you think?

From the field

A potter — and a Kibera slum health champion

John Maina is as comfortable spinning clay into flower pots as he is helping manage more than 400 community health volunteers within Nairobi's Kibera slum. Devex caught up with the community health committee chairman in Soweto East to find out what motivates and challenges him.


Displaced from Kokang: The plight of Myanmar's IDPs

Fighting between government and rebel forces in the Kokang region of Myanmar's northern Shan State has led many migrants and locals in the area to seek refuge in neighboring states and across the border in China. With access severely restricted, how can aid groups help these IDPs?

Post-2015 development agenda

Climate change is a key part of the post-2015 agenda

Discussions on the post-2015 development agenda and climate change framework shouldn't be held separately, Amina Mohammed, the U.N. secretary-general's special adviser on post-2015 development planning, shares in this video interview.

Inside Development

Focus on: Land Matters

The World Bank's Carbon Fund: Undermining indigenous rights or saving the planet?

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Civil society leaders and indigenous rights activists say the World Bank's new Carbon Fund does little to protect the land rights of indigenous and local communities. But should land rights be the No. 1 priority when tackling climate change?

Global Views

Stephanie Psaki on girls education

Does getting pregnant cause girls to drop out of school?

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Championing girls’ education is critical. But it’s also important to understand what’s threatening girls’ education so we can take the right measures to address these threats, an expert from the Population Council writes in this guest commentary.

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