DevexBreaking: WHO declares global public health emergency in DRC Ebola outbreak

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DevexQ&A: How the Ebola declaration could threaten food security in DRC

18 July 2019

WHO's decision to declare the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as a public health emergency could help raise extra funds for the crisis — but it also comes with risks.

DevexRed Cross takes on low levels of women in leadership

18 July 2019

A report released Thursday found that only 5.9% of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies have women as both president and secretary-general. Almost 10 times as many have men in both positions. Now IFRC has a plan of action.

DevexNew USAID procurement strategy targets increased work with religious groups

18 July 2019

USAID's New Partnership Initiative will make it easier for the agency to expand its work with local, national, and international faith-based organizations.

DevexOxfam grapples with taking blockchain beyond pilots

18 July 2019

Oxfam Australia has completed testing money transfers from Australia to Vanuatu with blockchain. As the organization looks toward wider applications, its leaders speak with Devex about challenges and opportunities.

DevexDFID headed toward centralization despite its leader's concerns

17 July 2019

DFID's latest annual report shows more money is being managed by Whitehall and less by in-country offices, even as its new secretary of state Rory Stewart advocates for the opposite.

DevexIFRC issues new guidelines to help cities combat deadly heat waves

17 July 2019

Cities worldwide could take on the guidelines with minimal cost, according to IFRC, to better prepare for the increasing likelihood of deadly heat waves.

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DevexGlobal Fragility Act faces opposition in Senate

18 July 2019

Four senators are expected to place holds on the Global Fragility Act, preventing the bill outlining a new U.S. approach to fragile states from passing.

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DevexOpinion: Looking closer to home for progress on the SDGs

17 July 2019

New research by UN Women shows that families can play a crucial role in advancing gender equality. Laura Turquet explains.