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How to fill the French language gap in aid work, peacekeeping

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By Jeff Tyson

West Africa faces a shortage of French-speaking aid workers and peacekeepers. But recruiters shouldn't be hiring more expats to fill the gap, according to Marc Trouyet of France's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Development research

5 new rows to hoe in development research

A change in mindset is needed not just in the way development researchers do their work but also in the partnerships they forge. Ann Tutwiler, director general of global think tank Bioversity International, shares some of these changes in this exclusive interview.

Social enterprises

Echoing Green wants deeper engagement with social entrepreneurs

Echoing Green will soon a launch program that will train and place rising corporate stars into the boards of its fellows' organizations. It's part of a three-year plan that will not only spur growth in the network of social entrepreneurs it supports, but also increase assistance to those already part of its network.

The future of multilateralism in Asia

It's official: Australia joins AIIB

Given that the final set of founding members have yet to be finalized, Australia is focusing its efforts more on ensuring governance and transparency within the China-led infrastructure bank, with Canberra's financial contribution to be tackled later on.

#YouthWill Lead Tomorrow

3 ways to support youth as agents of change

International efforts too frequently see young people simply as beneficiaries and recipients. Commonwealth Secretariat's Youth Division Director Katherine Ellis calls for change and tells Devex how global development professionals put youth-led development at the heart of their work.


Threats remain, despite milestones in Nigeria's presidential election

The world is watching Nigeria closely as election officials count votes. Meanwhile, those who remember election-related deaths in 2011 hope the worst of this year's election violence is over.

International NGOs

Oxfam yet to decide on specific 'role' of new Nairobi headquarters

Oxfam International's relocation of its headquarters to Nairobi, Kenya, may be a done deal, but details on the specifics of the move remain scarce. Oxfam GB chief executive Mark Goldring shed some light on the issue in a recent update.

From the field

A potter — and a Kibera slum health champion

John Maina is as comfortable spinning clay into flower pots as he is helping manage more than 400 community health volunteers within Nairobi's Kibera slum. Devex caught up with the community health committee chairman in Soweto East to find out what motivates and challenges him.

US aid

Why the new $800M US partnership with Afghanistan is 'not a sure thing'

The U.S. government will make up to $800 million available for the creation of a new partnership with Afghanistan, but Devex has learned that not all of this money may actually materialize.

Inside Development

#YouthWill Lead Tomorrow

How to attract a next-gen philanthropist

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While young philanthropists are likely to be more engaged and to give not only money but also expertise, the next-gen wealth has not yet found a clear path toward international giving. With insight from the Johnson Center, Nexus and the Epic Foundation, Devex examines how the next generation of philanthropists is choosing to give.

Global Views


#YouthWill: A campaign wrap up

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Devex's monthlong Youth Will campaign engaged millions of people around the world and generated a lively discussion on topics from youth and education to civic engagement. As Youth Will comes to a close, we reflect on the key takeaways.

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