UK NGOs head for Europe as Brexit looms

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Observers fear the U.K. could experience an exodus of aid expertise as organizations hurry to firm up their presence in Europe.

World Bank Inspection Panel chair: 'Whenever we say something, the building shakes'

Last week, the World Bank's Inspection Panel marked its 25th anniversary, and on Monday, the bank's board released the first results from a review of its toolkit. Devex spoke with Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, chairman of the Inspection Panel, about the review process and the panel’s legacy.

Moving beyond a 'flush and forget' mindset in India

For India to truly be open defecation free, it needs more than toilets. Devex speaks with entrepreneurs offering solutions and experts working with governments to find out about the latest efforts to deal with waste.

Australian aid's new focus: Infrastructure finance, security, and sports

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison last week announced an adjustment of aid to the Pacific to include a 2 billion Australian dollar ($1.46 billion) Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific. Devex asks experts for their thoughts.

Mentors are key to women succeeding in leadership

Women don’t need to rely on formal mentorship programs to benefit from the guidance of peers. Here is a roundup of advice from women leaders on how to find and make the most out of mentorship opportunities.

Q&A: Gates Foundation on India's agriculture and nutrition challenges

Purvi Mehta sits down with Devex at the 2018 World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogue to discuss agricultural and nutrition challenges in a country that primarily eats rice and wheat, and why gender is a key piece of the Gates Foundation’s agriculture strategy.

Opinion: The economic case for reproductive rights

"There is a simple truth: Investing in women's health creates a ripple effect that results in healthy societies on all levels." Seed Global Health CEO Vanessa Kerry weighs in on the economic case for family planning and reproductive rights.

View from the ground: International Conference on Family Planning 2018

Devex rounds up the top talking points at this year's conference in Rwanda.

What's at stake for aid in the Brexit deal?

From funding to influence, Devex looks at the big issues for aid as politicians scramble to seal a Brexit agreement.

Inside Development

On Message: Behind the Handle @UNWomen

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A new series where Devex talks to the heads of social media at organizations, foundations, and companies working toward progress on the SDGs. This month, we talk to UN Women's head of social media, Beatrice Frey.

Global Views

Opinion: 3 considerations for women rising in global development leadership

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Fiona Macaulay, founder and CEO at the WILD Network, shares behaviors that can undermine women's path to leadership — in addition to strategies women leaders can use to get to the top.

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