USAID mulls proposal to train aid workers as special forces

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USAID is looking for new options in nonpermissive environments. One of them involves training development professionals to work alongside military special forces.

Election 2019: What Australia's 'medevac' legislation means

New legislation requires the Australian government to transfer asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to Australia for appropriate medical treatment. Assistant Minister for International Development Anne Ruston discusses “medevac” and its implications as the government seeks re-election this year.

On Message: Behind the Handle @Amnesty

As part of our series where Devex talks to the heads of social media at organizations, foundations, and companies working toward progress on the SDGs, we talk to Valeriia Voshchevska and Amira Aleem, the duo behind @Amnesty.

Q&A: Development advocacy 101

What are the ingredients for a successful advocacy campaign and how do you measure success? MSD for Mothers’ director of advocacy explains.

IFAD launches new agriculture investment fund, looks to strengthen private sector strategy

On Friday, the International Fund for Agricultural Development announced a new $60 million fund to de-risk investments of small loans in agriculture value chains in Africa. The ABC Fund will address the "missing middle" between microfinance and commercial loans.

Video: Going beyond the financing role of the private sector in health

Mary-Ann Etiebet from MSD for Mothers explains why the private sector's role in development work has to move beyond financing.

New coalition harnesses 'radical collaboration' for community health

As countries work to make community health workers frontline in their health systems, a new effort is underway to standardize best practices — and ensure that what has been proven to work is put into policy.

With $100M in donations, Venezuela's opposition insists aid will enter

Donations to address needs in Venezuela now stand at over $100 million, following an opposition-organized global conference. Juan Guaidó's interim government maintains that aid will be delivered on Feb. 23.

Agriculture task force takes aim at EU investment plan for Africa

The EU has struggled to attract private investment to African agriculture. Now, a committee of experts will highlight shortcomings in its flagship External Investment Plan for the continent.

Inside Development

Lebanon nominates Ziad Hayek for World Bank president

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Ziad Hayek, an expert on public-private partnerships and former investment banker, is the second person to have publicly entered the race for the next World Bank president and the only known challenger to Trump administration nominee David Malpass.

Global Views

Opinion: Innovation often fails to scale — maybe we can fix it

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To mark U.S. National Innovation Day, the head of Aga Khan Foundation USA reflects on why many good innovations get stuck and explains why many are not thinking about scale with the right mindset.

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