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What to make of the 2020 DAC stats

13 April 2021

The impact of COVID-19 has seen ODA grow to a record $161.2 billion in 2020, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. But the OECD warns that not enough is being done to support equality in the global response.

Opinion: A multigenerational approach should be part of US rebuilding efforts

13 April 2021

Opportunities for senior international development staffers are at best stable or more likely decreasing. The U.S. administration should adopt a multigenerational approach as it rebuilds the country's leadership role.

In Brief: Lift export barriers to boost global vaccine supply, Moderna says

13 April 2021

Moderna's chief executive officer says the "magic wand" for increasing global access to COVID-19 vaccines is allowing U.S. companies to export.

World leaders 'missed opportunity' to relieve long-term debt burdens

13 April 2021

As global leaders gathered last week for the IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings, debt was high on the agenda. But even as additional liquidity announcements were made, questions remain about debt restructuring.

Addressing slow-onset climate hazards in Southeast Asia requires social protection

12 April 2021

While sudden-onset climate-related natural disasters get more attention and funding towards planning and preparation, experts say slow-onset climate hazards are being neglected.

Biden proposes $6.8B boost for US international budget

9 April 2021

An outline of the Biden administration's first budget request calls for a 12% increase for international affairs spending in fiscal year 2022.


Opinion: Trauma health care would save lives in lower-income countries

14 April 2021

In high-income countries, people can call a free number, and an ambulance will arrive. Yet, in many other nations, pre-hospital transport services do not exist, costing lives unnecessarily.