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The war being waged against WASH facilities

9 June 2021

In spite of international humanitarian and human rights law, WASH facilities continue to come under attack in conflict-affected areas.

UK’s 100M COVID-19 vaccine donation will be additional to aid budget

10 June 2021

Campaigners have expressed relief that the government's contribution to vaccine-sharing will not put further pressure on a budget that has already been severely squeezed.

Opinion: How the UK can still lead on education at the G-7

10 June 2021

The outcome of tomorrow’s G-7 session on education will be critical to solving a global challenge. Harriett Baldwin, a member of U.K. Parliament, proposes one clear way forward for the country to set a high ambition.

Opinion: Getting the most out of every last drop of water

9 June 2021

Efforts to improve water use in agriculture have shifted from maximizing efficiency to maximizing productivity. But to deliver sustainable development, water productivity must go beyond the farm.

Opinion: Making market systems work for WASH

9 June 2021

The delivery of WASH and public health services is often difficult and fragmented. IMA World Health’s Larry Sthreshley and Christopher McGahey weigh in on how to connect the dots.


Opinion: The time to fight global malnutrition is now

11 June 2021

2020 was devastating for communities struggling with malnutrition. 2021 doesn’t need to be. Michelle Nunn of CARE, Kathy Spahn of Helen Keller International, and Nadra Franklin of FHI 360 weigh in on the opportunities for U.S. leadership on malnutrition.