Q&A: Rajeev Venkayya on why vaccines are a worthy investment

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By Adva Saldinger

Vaccines may help address the challenges of emerging infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance, but only if enough investment is made up front. Rajeev Venkayya, the president of the Global Vaccine Business Unit at Takeda Pharmaceuticals, speaks to Devex about the costs and potential returns of developing vaccines.

Q&A: Israel's development finance strategist on plans to invest in Africa

Israel is seeking to become a donor in Africa. The country's strategy will be to focus on specific countries and particular sectors where they can make an impact with limited finances to invest.

Child marriage set to cost developing countries billions of dollars by 2030

A new study by the World Bank and the International Center for Research on Women offers new national and global estimates for the amount of money that could be saved by eliminating early marriage.

Clues to DfID's economic plans emerge with post-Brexit trade

The U.K. government unveiled plans over the weekend to maintain duty-free and quota-free access to the British market for the 48 least developed countries after Brexit. Insiders offer Devex insight into what DfID's economic development strategy might look like going forward.

Kiva hits $1B in crowdfunded loans

As the San Francisco-based nonprofit organization looks toward the next billion, it is evolving in a few key ways, framing its work as funding the next generation of entrepreneurs.

India turns to the private sector to bring health care to underserved areas

At a government hospital in the northern Indian state of Haryana, a public-private partnership is working to bring high-end diagnostic services to those who previously couldn't afford it, or lacked access. It's here where technology is enabling the state's best radiologists to connect with patients in far-flung areas. 

6 tips on how to succeed in ADB-financed consulting contracts

Sometimes, it's the simple tasks that can make or break your chances in securing that ADB consulting contract, as Devex learned in conversation with a procurement specialist at the multilateral institution.

Opinion: Global health — why we need win-win solutions

Can we explore the benefits of the private sector while ensuring development gains? European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica makes the case for big-picture thinking for health systems in this guest column.

Delivering WASH programs in the Philippines — without funding or political support

A new WASH program in the Philippines is aiming to provide the development community with knowledge on how to deliver sustainable sanitation and hygiene programs in semi-urban environments — without any financial backing or support of local government.

Disability inclusion: How to overcome the barriers to a career in global development

Across all industries, people with disabilities can face physical and social barriers to employment. Despite being in the business of social inclusion, this can be particularly so in global development. Devex spoke to a number of development professionals to learn about their experience working with a disability and their advice for overcoming the common barriers to getting a job in the sector.

Ivanka Trump will represent the White House at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The daughter of U.S. President Donald Trump will lead the U.S. delegation at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, according to Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

European Investment Bank president on crowding-in finance

Devex sat down with Werner Hoyer, the president of the European Investment Bank, to talk about how the "crowding-in bank" is leveraging its funds to attract private investment and what lessons it has learned in nearly 60 years of multiplying public resources.

Tips for navigating the 'new Washington'

Under the Trump administration, how should aid groups adjust their programs and advocacy? Here are the recommendations from a few development leaders.

Inside Development

Kenya becomes first country to debut generic HIV drug

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Kenya has become the first country worldwide to launch a new, affordable HIV treatment. This option, which has been prescribed in high-income countries as a first-line treatment method, will be available in public health facilities before being rolled out extensively nationwide.

Global Views

Opinion: Ending famines and chronic hunger requires good governance

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Enhancing food security in countries on the brink of famine will require a mix of of public and private investments, sound policies and targeted interventions. Paul A. Dorosh, division director of the Development Strategy and Governance Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute, explains.

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