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Devex LIVE: Prescription for Progress — bringing health solutions to scale

20 February 2020

Prescription for Progress returns to the Bay Area for a full day of panel conversations, flashtalks, and exclusive announcements as we explore partnerships at the intersection of health, tech, and innovation. Join us live.

In Malawi, Trump’s global gag rule creates culture of intimidation

19 February 2020

The impacts of the restrictive policy have reached far beyond sexual and reproductive health in the southeast African country, according to advocates.

Q&A: UNEP chief Inger Andersen on program priorities and climate change

19 February 2020

Devex speaks with the executive director at the United Nations Environment Programme about her priorities and the challenges around tackling climate change.

Ebola vaccine given the go-ahead in 5 African countries

18 February 2020

DRC, Burundi, Ghana, Zambia, and Guinea have become the first to license the vaccine, which has been effective in 97.5% of cases, preliminary results show.

EU-funded agricultural center to close after 35 years

18 February 2020

With the center in need of a new mandate, the partners behind the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation have been at odds over its future.

New report shows Australia failing in Pacific engagement

18 February 2020

A new report studying the divide between Australian aid and its reception in the Pacific has found Australia to be lacking in its understanding of Pacific culture.

Inside Development

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Exclusive: New partnership leverages weather data to tackle mosquito-borne diseases

20 February 2020

A diverse group of partners, including Malaria No More and The Weather Company, are coming together to explore how weather data and analytics can help defeat mosquito-borne diseases.

Global Views

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Opinion: Leading through the 'new world disorder'

20 February 2020

How should global development leaders prepare their organizations for a chaotic but crucial decade? With less than 10 years to go to achieve the 2030 Agenda, here are three ways to run an agency with a stable hand through challenging times.