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AIIB priorities as Jin Liqun starts second term

30 July 2020

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank saw the election of Jin Liqun to a second term as president during its virtual annual meeting. As he and the bank move beyond their inaugural years, here's what Jin hopes to achieve.

A career in development? Rewarding but tough, AIIB chief says

30 July 2020

AIIB President Jin Liqun and International Advisory Panel member Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala spoke during a virtual session of the bank’s annual meeting about the need to arm yourself with technology skills and to be prepared for a tough job.

Fight 'shadow pandemic' by overhauling funding strategy, women leaders say

30 July 2020

Less than 1% of foundation giving directly reaches women of color implementing development work. The pandemic offers a chance to rethink equitable funding, several experts tell Devex.

Faith leaders have key role in stopping spread of COVID-19, UNICEF says

30 July 2020

Religious gatherings should respect social distancing guidelines, take place outside when possible, and include sanitization measures, according to guidance from UNICEF and Religions for Peace.

'Statistics that can and will be used': Pacific Islands devise new gender data plans

30 July 2020

The "Pacific Roadmap on Gender Statistics" provides the region with a toolkit to support the collection of better quality sex-disaggregated data. Devex takes a look at how the roadmap will be implemented in Micronesia and Palau.

Opinion: NGOs must step up to save UK aid

29 July 2020

Amid the DFID merger and U.K. aid cuts, NGOs must draw on the lessons of past victories and earn public support with a new argument for aid — one framed by global common interests, according to this op-ed.

USAID local contractors for women and children's health

29 July 2020

Whether a veteran implementer or a new grassroots NGO, any organization stands to benefit from taking an inventory of the local organizations working with USAID. Devex shines a spotlight on those in reproductive, maternal, neonatal, child, and adolescent health in India, Kenya, and Nigeria.


Opinion: We need structural change to enable self-empowerment — not empowerment by others

31 July 2020

"Rather than a movement of empowering others, we need to start a radical initiative of depowering relationships through the structures of policies and laws," according to this op-ed.