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Opinion: NCDs and building back fairer from COVID-19 — if not now, when?

17 May 2021

The world's failure to invest in noncommunicable diseases has come back to bite during the pandemic. Building back better requires greater priority for NCDs and integrated responses, argues NCD Alliance CEO Katie Dain.

Devex Newswire: A cold chain storage crunch is coming

17 May 2021

In today's edition: The world's cold chain storage problem, a dispatch from Guatemala, and why you should stop working so much.

What aid organizations need to know about Clubhouse

17 May 2021

The new social media craze could be useful for outreach, partnerships, and even fundraising, experts say.

This nonprofit is helping communities stop pandemics in their tracks

17 May 2021

COVID-19 has led to growing recognition of the work that Ending Pandemics, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, is doing to change how countries detect and respond to disease outbreaks.

WHO, ILO warn about health risks of working 55 hours or more per week

17 May 2021

In 2016, 398,000 people died from stroke, and 347,000 from heart disease as a result of working such long hours, according to a new study by WHO and ILO.


Opinion: Bangladesh is now 50. Here are 3 resilience lessons.

14 May 2021

Bangladesh has advanced its human development over the last few decades, as microcredit and digital payment services have also grown. Bangladesh offers three core lessons for other low- and middle-income nations.