World Bank Meetings

Devex is on the ground at the World Bank Annual Meetings in Indonesia. Follow reporters Michael Igoe and Sophie Edwards on Twitter for live updates.

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IFC releases draft impact investment guidelines

Civil society slams flagship World Bank report on the future of work

In its 2019 World Development Report, the bank argues that fears about the impact of automation on jobs have been overplayed — but others aren't convinced.

World Bank human capital index — just another ranking?

President Jim Kim wants the index to change the bank's relationship with governments — and with the International Monetary Fund. Will he succeed?

World Bank contracts 2017: Top Chinese contractors

China is the leading country of origin for World Bank contractors. In the final part of Devex's series on the bank's 2017 contracts, we explore the rise of Chinese contractors and identify the bank's top 10.

World Bank launches highly anticipated human capital index

The World Bank has launched a new global ranking focused on human capital. What is it, and why is it important?

World Bank drops support for Kosovo's controversial coal project

World Bank President Jim Kim announced that the bank will not support the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Kosovo, the last coal project under consideration by the institution.

Civil society groups welcome IFC coal plan but push for more

Despite the International Finance Corporation's plan to "green" its lending portfolio, civil society groups say its hands are still dirty.

World Bank annual meetings face politics, global debt, and climate disasters

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Annual Meetings have kicked off in Bali, Indonesia, against a backdrop of stark climate change warnings, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical rivalry.

Opinion: A new IFC vision for greening banks in emerging markets

IFC CEO Philippe Le Houérou lays out a bold new policy that changes the way the institution lends to banks associated with coal projects — under the condition that they agree to reduce those investments.

World Bank contracts 2017: Top 10 consultants

Consultant services accounted for more than half of World Bank contract awards in 2017. Devex takes a look at the biggest winners.

Why Jim Kim is spending so much time in Silicon Valley

The World Bank president is in the Bay Area for the second time in two weeks to highlight existing partnerships between the World Bank and the technology sector, and to invite further collaboration.

What next for Liberia's controversial education experiment?

The rebranded Partnership Schools for Liberia program has tentatively entered its third year — but with no funding confirmed.

Ivanka Trump: White House to launch women's empowerment 'umbrella initiative' in 2019

Ivanka Trump previewed the new effort — which will incorporate an existing World Bank initiative — on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

International Finance Facility for Education musters growing support

Details emerged about the development of the fledgling IFFEd during the U.N. General Assembly.

Tech companies join in effort to help prevent famine

The Famine Action Mechanism will use the predictive power of data as a powerful early warning system to identify when food crises might turn into famines and alert funders to take action.

World Bank contracts 2017: Key sectors and regions

Devex analyzes World Bank data for fiscal year 2017 to find out the key sectors, regions, and other trends.

Is the global education sector heading toward fragmentation?

After years of underfunding, the global education sector has seen a flurry of new and innovative financing mechanisms emerge — but are there now too many?

A look at the Global Financing Facility's goals, strategies, and learnings

The facility launched in 2015 to mobilize public and private capital to support women's, children's, and adolescents' health. Since then, it has been experimenting with a number of financing models and helping countries develop investment cases for investing in health. Here's what you need to know about GFF.

Can IFC rise to its next challenge?

The World Bank's private sector lending arm just received its biggest budget boost in years — but it comes with strings attached. Can the International Finance Corporation shift its attention to the world's disadvantaged and most fragile countries without compromising its returns and rating?