World Bank Meetings

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Tackling corruption: 6 takeaways from the World Bank Spring Meetings

Concerns raised about World Bank support for private education

Civil society groups have raised concerns about the World Bank's support for private education solutions in developing countries, including lodging a formal complaint against a provider in Kenya, as the institution meets for its Spring Meetings.

What to expect at the World Bank Spring Meetings

Global leaders descend on Washington, D.C., this week for the World Bank and International Monetary Fund meetings amidst a backdrop of international conflict, a faltering global economy, and trade tensions. Devex highlights some of the issues which look set to play out during the week.

World Bank failing to follow watchdog advice, says IEG report

World Bank managers are failing to properly implement, and in some cases ignoring, the recommendations of the bank's own independent watchdog, according to a report from the Independent Evaluation Group published last Thursday.

Q&A: The World Bank's human capital project targets better outcomes

Devex spoke to Annette Dixon, vice president of human developement at the World Bank, about the institution's forthcoming human capital index, a growing body of research tying quality investments to economic growth, and what it all means for World Bank projects.

Interactive: Where does MIGA invest?

The size of investments by World Bank's MIGA has seen significant growth in the past five years. Devex analyzes MIGA guarantee trends and offers an exclusive interactive visualization to discover the origin of investors, including main sectoral and geographical focuses.

April 2018: The latest World Bank pipeline projects

A $1 billion health project in Nigeria, $250 million for education in India, and resilience and recovery efforts in Sint Maarten: Devex takes a look at the latest projects in the World Bank's pipeline.

World Bank staff warn about trying to do more, while getting paid less

The World Bank staff association has weighed in on a proposal to reduce annual salary growth, arguing it could make the bank less competitive. Others say the World Bank's capital increase deal paints a picture of a bigger and better institution.

Meet MIGA, the World Bank agency coming of age

The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency is the World Bank's youngest, smallest, and least known branch. Can it take on an ambitious new role?

Plans for the International Finance Facility for Education take shape

After a year of silence, work is finally ramping up on the launch of the first global education financing facility — but not everyone is convinced of its benefits.

Inside the World Bank's gamble on 'digital economies' in Africa

As traditional development pathways are disrupted by technology, the World Bank is betting on "digital economies" as the African continent's best chance for success — but even insiders say the strategy is a gamble.

Interactive: What does the World Bank's latest pipeline data tell us?

A year after Devex started analyzing World Bank pipeline data, what do the latest figures tell us — and what insights do they offer into the priorities discussed at last month’s Spring Meetings?

Can the World Bank 'sell' anticorruption?

The World Bank didn't used to talk about corruption at all. Now that it does, can the institution help bring about systemic change, or will it continue to "run after the problem?"

What a $13B capital increase means for World Bank lending

After months of intense negotiations, the World Bank's shareholders have agreed to inject an extra $13 billion into it, but the deal comes with significant reforms about how and to whom the bank lends. Devex speaks to insiders about the changes and what they could mean in practice.

World Bank procurement reforms 'already saving millions of dollars'

Experts scrutinized the early impacts of the World Bank's new procurement framework during its Spring Meetings last week.

5 takeaways from the World Bank Spring Meetings

While the World Bank Spring Meetings were dominated by negotiations around a major capital increase announced on Saturday, they also raised questions about human capital, digital economies, and internal changes at the world's largest multilateral development bank.

Gender experts offer 5 recommendations to We-Fi as it announces first grants

The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative, or We-Fi, is to hand out $120 million in funding split between the World Bank, Islamic Development Bank, and Asian Development Bank to support work on women's economic empowerment. At the World Bank Spring Meetings, gender experts came forward with suggestions for how the fund can best operate in the sector.

Facing pressure for coal connections, IFC aims for greater transparency about 'financial intermediaries'

The International Finance Corporation faces a difficult question. On one hand, IFC wants to help build strong financial institutions in developing countries. On the other hand, some of those institutions finance coal-fired power plants.

Opinion: Public-private partnerships don't work. It's time for the World Bank to take action.

With the World Bank Spring Meetings in full swing, more than 80 civil society organizations and trade unions have issued an open letter urging the institution to reconsider its approach to public-private partnerships. Eurodad policy and advocacy manager María José Romero explains why.