World Bank Meetings

Devex is on the ground at the World Bank Annual Meetings in Indonesia. Follow reporters Michael Igoe and Sophie Edwards on Twitter for live updates.

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GPE to stay under World Bank but with more independence and 'new capabilities'

October 2018 update: What does the World Bank's latest pipeline data tell us?

What's in the latest World Bank Monthly Operational Summaries, and what insights can the data give us into the bank's priorities as we approach 2019?

4 things to watch at COP24

"We are facing the most important COP since Paris," says Jens Mattias Clausen, climate change adviser at Greenpeace Nordic.

World Bank Inspection Panel chair: 'Whenever we say something, the building shakes'

Last week, the World Bank's Inspection Panel marked its 25th anniversary, and on Monday, the bank's board released the first results from a review of its toolkit. Devex spoke with Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, chairman of the Inspection Panel, about the review process and the panel’s legacy.

Donors put up $1B for Global Financing Facility, with notable absences

The financing facility for women's and children's health met just half of its fundraising target at a replenishment conference Tuesday.

Will the World Bank push China's Belt and Road Initiative in the right direction?

The World Bank has lent its name to China's massive infrastructure effort, but will it also ask the hard questions?

In Laos, a World Bank 'model' dam and the myth of sustainable hydropower

In July, a burst saddle dam in Laos made international headlines. But development and water experts say many other mega-hydropower projects are little more than slow-moving disasters that deserve immediate attention.

Why did India really reject the human capital index?

Last week, India rejected the World Bank's new index, citing "major methodological weaknesses" — but there's a more likely explanation.

IFC releases draft impact investment guidelines

Investors have welcomed draft principles for impact investing intended to turbocharge a sector that could be critical to garnering development finance — but some say there is still work to be done.

5 takeaways from the World Bank meetings in Bali

Human capital, climate change, impact investing, infrastructure, debt concerns, and accountability — here are the highlights from the World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings in Bali, Indonesia.

Long Story Short #31: Inside the World Bank Annual Meetings

Human capital index. Shifts in coal financing. A civil society showdown. Live from Nusa Dua, Indonesia, reporters Michael Igoe and Sophie Edwards delve into the biggest stories from the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings.

Civil society slams flagship World Bank report on the future of work

In its 2019 World Development Report, the bank argues that fears about the impact of automation on jobs have been overplayed — but others aren't convinced.

World Bank human capital index — just another ranking?

President Jim Kim wants the index to change the bank's relationship with governments — and with the International Monetary Fund. Will he succeed?

World Bank contracts 2017: Top Chinese contractors

China is the leading country of origin for World Bank contractors. In the final part of Devex's series on the bank's 2017 contracts, we explore the rise of Chinese contractors and identify the bank's top 10.

World Bank launches highly anticipated human capital index

The World Bank has launched a new global ranking focused on human capital. What is it, and why is it important?

World Bank drops support for Kosovo's controversial coal project

World Bank President Jim Kim announced that the bank will not support the construction of a coal-fired power plant in Kosovo, the last coal project under consideration by the institution.

Civil society groups welcome IFC coal plan but push for more

Despite the International Finance Corporation's plan to "green" its lending portfolio, civil society groups say its hands are still dirty.

World Bank annual meetings face politics, global debt, and climate disasters

The International Monetary Fund and World Bank Annual Meetings have kicked off in Bali, Indonesia, against a backdrop of stark climate change warnings, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical rivalry.

Opinion: A new IFC vision for greening banks in emerging markets

IFC CEO Philippe Le Houérou lays out a bold new policy that changes the way the institution lends to banks associated with coal projects — under the condition that they agree to reduce those investments.