World Bank Meetings

Each year, Devex covers the World Bank Annual Meetings. Stay tuned for live updates.

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David Malpass unchallenged to be next World Bank president

Lebanon withdraws World Bank nominee under pressure

Ziad Hayek, the only known challenger to the Trump administration's nominee for World Bank president, told Devex the Lebanese government made its decision because of "pressure" from other governments.

Calls for stronger accountability after IFC Supreme Court ruling

In the wake of the landmark ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the International Finance Corp. does not have "complete immunity" from legal liability, Devex talks to international lawyers about what being able to sue the World Bank could mean for the institution and communities.

'Teach' tool not for evaluating teachers, says World Bank education boss

Jaime Saavedra, the World Bank's head of education, hits back at critics of its new teacher observation tool, which launched to controversy last month.

Opinion: It's time to challenge the status quo in picking the World Bank president

The legitimacy of the World Bank as a development institution is at stake. Eurodad's María José Romero explains.

Opinion: 800 million reasons why disability is a key development issue

Eight hundred million people with disabilities live in developing countries. Interim President of the World Bank Group and CEO of the World Bank Kristalina Georgieva weighs in on making disability inclusion the norm rather than the exception.

Lebanon nominates Ziad Hayek for World Bank president

Ziad Hayek, an expert on public-private partnerships and former investment banker, is the second person to have publicly entered the race for the next World Bank president and the only known challenger to Trump administration nominee David Malpass.

Opinion: Innovation often fails to scale — maybe we can fix it

To mark U.S. National Innovation Day, the head of Aga Khan Foundation USA reflects on why many good innovations get stuck and explains why many are not thinking about scale with the right mindset.

In Kenya's largest slum, the World Bank battles cartels for control of electricity

In many houses inside Nairobi's Kibera slum, residents have two power connections: legal and illegal. This is part of our six-piece Failed Aid series, which investigates citizen reports on failed or unfinished aid projects in Africa.

Q&A: Former World Bank China director on David Malpass

The Trump administration's World Bank nominee doesn't think the institution should lend to China anymore. Devex speaks to Yukon Huang, the bank's former country director for China, about why that doesn't quite add up.

Q&A: Bill and Melinda Gates expand on 3 surprises from annual letter

Following the publication of the Gates Foundation's 2019 letter, Devex asked the billionaire co-chairs about their views on the importance of data, human capital, and getting more mobile phones for women.

Will Trump's nominee turn the World Bank against China?

On Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump nominated David Malpass, a key architect of the administration's ongoing feud with China, to be the next president of the World Bank.

As Jim Kim steps down, a tumultuous World Bank presidency comes to an end

As the dust settles on Jim Kim's abrupt resignation from the World Bank, former colleagues, staff, and experts weigh in on what he accomplished during more than six years as president.

'Why leave? I believe it's time,' Jim Kim tells staff

The outgoing World Bank president expressed his gratitude to "the best staff in the world of development," while shedding little additional light on his reasons for stepping away.

Global data dashboard aims to tackle education crisis

The World Bank, Gates Foundation, and DFID are collaborating on a Global Education Policy Dashboard to help governments make better-informed decisions around schools and learning.

Q&A: What a moonshot for MENA's economy means

"I think it boils down to making progress on these two agendas of mobile e-payments and fast, inclusive, affordable internet available to all," says Rabah Arezki, chief economist for Middle East and North Africa at the World Bank.

Opinion: A World Bank for the new world order

The Overseas Development Institute's Alex Thier outlines five criteria for selecting the next leader of the World Bank.

The World Bank presidential race heats up

Who will President Trump nominate to succeed Jim Kim? America's hold on the World Bank presidency could be on the line.

New report raises questions about World Bank lending to China

Most World Bank lending to China aligns with the bank's existing policy on how it lends to wealthier countries — but some lending doesn't, according to research from the Center for Global Development.