World Bank Meetings

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Opinion: Can the World Bank clean up its fossil fuel problem?

Conference call: The World Bank has a new leader. What now?

Journalists Michael Igoe and Sophie Edwards take Pro subscribers inside David Malpass' reception as World Bank leader — and explore early signals about how his leadership could shift the institution's priorities.

From critic to cheerleader — David Malpass' first week at the World Bank

The World Bank Spring Meetings concluded Sunday — and so did David Malpass' first week on the job. While the new president took pains not to make waves, he also got a glimpse of the challenges ahead.

Financiers sign up to IFC's 'common market standard' for impact investing

Sixty investors, collectively managing more than $350 billion in assets, signed up to new impact investing principles, put together by IFC and designed to bring greater transparency, credibility, and discipline to the impact investing market.

What does the World Bank's Silicon Valley strategy look like now?

Its disruptive technology approach was catalyzed in the former president's office, but the World Bank Group's Silicon Valley strategy was never going to vanish with Jim Kim's departure, staff explain to Devex.

How IFC is dealing with pressure to boost accountability

The International Finance Corporation, which recently received a $5.5 billion vote of confidence from its shareholders, faces scrutiny and growing pressure as it vows to improve accountability.

World Bank pandemic facility 'an embarrassing mistake,' says former chief economist

Former senior World Bank officials shared their views on what President David Malpass should prioritize at the World Bank. Lawrence Summer, previously chief economist, wants him to steer clear of "financial goofiness."

World Bank Spring Meetings, US aid conditions, and Sudan's uncertain future: This week in development

David Malpass makes his World Bank debut, U.S. officials say Central America aid will come with conditions, and Sudan faces an uncertain turning point.

New report casts doubt on World Bank 'billions to trillions' agenda

Multilateral development banks are failing to meet expectations when it comes to catalyzing additional private finance into low-income countries, a new Overseas Development Institute report says.

World Bank looking for new options in fragile and conflict states

The World Bank is in the early stages of a new strategy on fragility, conflict, and violence, which could offer a model for bringing development investment earlier to protracted crises.

Opinion: How development banks can align with the 1.5 degree climate target

Announcing an intention to align with 1.5 degree Celsius would be a great first step, writes E3G Senior Policy Adviser Helena Wright.

Opinion: At IFC, accountability is of utmost importance

International Finance Corporation CEO Philippe Le Houérou ushers in a new era of accountability at IFC — one that "will require more dedicated IFC resources" and "a change in our behavior and culture."

Opinion: Here's how to invest in sustainable economic growth

A new Harvard study takes a hard look at which human capital investments have the most influence on economic growth. Former AfDB President Donald Kaberuka explains what the research findings mean for policymakers.

US lawmaker threatens World Bank capital increase over private sector concerns

Rep. Maxine Waters told U.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin on Tuesday that unless the World Bank shows greater transparency, her committee will not prioritize a capital increase for the bank's private sector arm.

World Bank reforms found ineffective, bank shuffles senior staff

Structural reforms implemented by former World Bank President Jim Kim caused more problems than solutions, according to the bank's watchdog. Steps have already been taken to reverse some of the reforms.

Events preview: This week in development cooperation

This week, tune in to the Devex Conference Call for an inside look at how the new World Bank president has been received, including his institutional priorities. We're also on the ground at the Skoll World Forum in Oxford and World Bank Spring Meetings in Washington, D.C.

In World Bank debut, David Malpass looks to win over staff and critics

David Malpass convinced the World Bank's shareholders he is the right man for the job. At the bank's spring meetings, can he win the hearts and minds of his own institution?

Opinion: 5 priorities for the World Bank's new leader

David Malpass takes the helm of the World Bank this week. Masood Ahmed, president at the Center for Global Development, outlines an agenda for the institution's newest leader.

China could play a role in World Bank reengagement with Venezuela

The World Bank has positioned a country director for Colombia and Venezuela in Bogotá with an eye on eventual reengagement. But first, there’s the issue of Venezuela’s sizeable debt to foreign creditors.