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WEF strategy meeting seeks to use SDGs as a roadmap to purpose

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By Catherine Cheney

The 17 global development goals offer a possible guide to companies that might otherwise have a hard time eliminating the perceived trade-offs between profit and purpose.

Expanding digital services key to financial inclusion in Africa

To create a more inclusive financial environment for all young people in Africa, experts at the World Economic Forum on Africa argued that banking must do more to meet the needs of the continent's poorest by adopting more inexpensive mobile banking options.

Q&A: CARE CEO Jamann on development challenges in ASEAN countries

CARE International CEO Wolfgang Jamann was the sole civil society co-chair at WEF ASEAN. He sat down with Devex to speak about the challenges and changes in fundraising and partnerships, and the importance of working locally.

Key takeaways from the World Economic Forum on MENA

Devex reports on the key takeaways from a weekend of talks and debates at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa in Jordan.

4 discussions to watch at the WEF Middle East and North Africa

As political, business and civil society leaders gather in Jordan this weekend for the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, Devex takes a look at some of the topics that are likely to dominate the conversation.

Q&A: Donald Kaberuka on financing the AU peace fund

The African Union is adopting an import levy to cover its growing budget gap and expanding peace support operations. The architect of the reforms, former African Development Bank President Donald Kaberuka, sat down with Devex to explain how the changes will play out.

Combating illegal fishing a priority for WEF on ASEAN

Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing represents a dangerous threat to the environment, livelihood and health of Pacific Island nations. At the World Economic Forum on ASEAN, held in Phnom Penh, a new hard-line strategy was announced Friday to combat illegal fishing, with cooperation at its core.

Takeaways from the World Economic Forum on ASEAN

Talk of connectivity and growth were high on the agenda at this week's WEF ASEAN, but ultimately the conference raised far more questions than it addressed. Devex looks at some of the key questions raised during the conference.

ASEAN and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the World Economic Forum on ASEAN, participants are in agreement: Now is a make or break time if Southeast Asia is to prosper from the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A look back at the World Economic Forum on Africa

Against a backdrop of slowing economic growth, rising food insecurity and a demographic shift that could lead to greater instability in the region, the World Economic Forum on Africa gathered business, government and civil society leaders last week in Durban, South Africa. Here's what happened.

Boosting agriculture could mitigate African famine threat in a warming world

Experts say that adverse weather patterns and climate change are here to stay, which means famine could become a recurring problem in many areas of Africa. As a result, immediate mitigation efforts must also include investments spread across the agriculture sector.

South African environment minister shares lessons on how to create blue economies

The economic value of the world's oceans has been estimated at $24 trillion, and more than 90 percent of Africa's imports and exports are transported by sea. South African Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa shares lessons on how African nations can utilize water resources to reach markets and create more economic opportunities.

Gates Foundation: Africa can tackle inequality via its own research

The Gates Foundation is at the World Economic Forum on Africa to lend its voice to the idea of reducing inequalities and to try to get African governments to invest more in research and development, Ayo Ajayi, the director of the foundation's Africa team, told Devex.

Tackling the problems of fragile states in Africa

At a panel at the World Economic Forum on Africa, a diverse group of panelists discussed the causes of fragility and what solutions exist to overcome the issue.

WEF Africa and US aid budget relief: This week in development

Business and government leaders look to Africa's future, the U.S. development professionals breathe a sigh of relief, and a Norwegian oil magnate launches a garbage-eating research vessel. This week in development news.

African leadership and priorities debated in opening of WEF Africa

The opening plenary of the World Economic Forum on Africa took the continent’s leaders to task for a raft of failures and laid out a set of policy priorities — from education, to job creation and poverty alleviation that should drive development efforts and seek to address rising inequalities.

WTO's Agah on trade's enduring role in an era of retreat

The Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization Yonov Frederick Agah cautions a wait and see approach as several countries adopt policies that threaten to turn inward and away from open trade relationships and treaties.

NEPAD reprioritizes focus on intra-African trade via regional transport corridors

NEPAD, the technical body of the African Union, talks to Devex about its plan to boost intra-African trade through the support of three major cross-border transport road networks. While regional trade remains low compared to other parts of the world, NEPAD said if properly implemented, these corridors could provide youth with skilled employment opportunities and reverse the perception of infrastructure investments in Africa as high risk.

5 things to watch at the World Economic Forum on Africa

About 1,000 business, civil society and government leaders from more than 100 countries have descended upon Durban, South Africa, for the 27th World Economic Forum on Africa. Here are some of the topics Devex will be watching this week.

Should Africa 'hurry up and wait' amid development crisis?

The future of Africa is an urgent global concern in every dimension — moral and humanitarian, as well as economic and geopolitical. But amid all the discussions of policy and politics, the real question is: What are we doing about it? Devex President and Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar weighs in from the World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban.

Opinion: The new Latin American reality

Regional integration, gender equality and trade were among the key topics discussed at the Inter-American Development Bank's annual meetings in Paraguay. IDB Executive Vice President Julie Katzman explains.

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