World Health Assembly

Follow our coverage of the World Health Assembly for the latest news and insider conversations on universal health coverage, global health security, and WHO reforms.

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Breaking: WHO declares global public health emergency in DRC Ebola outbreak

WHA wraps up, Global Financing Facility reshuffles, and harassment concerns continue: This week in development

Negotiators spar at the World Health Assembly, the Global Financing Facility eyes a new leadership structure, and harassment allegations continue to ripple throughout the development community.

Conference call: Inside the 72nd World Health Assembly

Transparency. Ebola. A new WHO Foundation. Live from Geneva, journalists Jenny Lei Ravelo and Vince Chadwick share exclusive insights from the 72nd World Health Assembly.

Transparency, migrant health wrap up 72nd World Health Assembly

Here are the biggest takeaways from the 72nd World Health Assembly.

Opinion: We need a digital revolution in global public health

It's time for the global health community to harness the power of data for the world's mothers. The Rockefeller Foundation's Naveen Rao explains how.

Global health actors share different perspectives as WHO reform unfolds

How does the global health community view WHO's reform agenda? It depends who you ask.

WHO seeks equitable answer to health worker shortage

Delegates at the World Health Assembly discussed how best to address an expected 18 million shortfall in health care workers by 2030.

Health leaders gather at WHA72, India votes, and Zipline soars past $1B

The 72nd World Health Assembly, India’s development-focused election, and the future of medical delivery drones.

The race to tackle snakebite

"The only real barrier to [solving the problem of] snakebite is money, to be perfectly honest," said World Health Organization expert David Williams, as the agency launches its snakebite strategy.

Exclusive: The early stages of the WHO Foundation

In his opening speech, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the WHO Foundation will be established this year. But Devex learns the plan is in its very early stages.

Questions arise again over need to declare Ebola public health emergency

As the Ebola outbreak rages on in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the World Health Organization and other organizations face increasing challenges to respond, there are questions yet again about whether it’s time to declare a public health emergency of international concern.

Report finds lack of diversity, gender balance in WHO health emergencies program

The World Health Organization is doing well in terms of the speed and scale of its emergency response, but not so much on diversity and gender equality among staff.

72nd World Health Assembly: Here's what you need to know

The annual event tackles a range of global health issues. Here's what Devex will be keeping a close eye on in Geneva.

Events preview: This week in development cooperation

The 72nd World Health Assembly is happening this week in Geneva and Devex is on the ground. Stay tuned for our coverage and check out our preview for more.

Opinion: 3 actions to address the PTSD crisis in global development

While there are a number of effective clinical interventions for dealing with individual trauma responses, more needs to be done to support aid workers at an institutional level, write two mental health professionals.

A UK aid leadership shakeup, rebranding Belt and Road, and Ebola funding shortfalls: This week in development

The World Health Organization is short on Ebola funding, Belt and Road looks to improve its image, and Rockefeller hands off its resilience portfolio.

Opinion: Mobilizing effective communications for global mental health

In order to achieve significant progress in mental health care, a renewed effort is needed to redefine how it is perceived. Here are four areas where effective communications will help.

DRC Ebola crisis serves as test for WHO health reform

WHO was heavily criticized during the West Africa Ebola outbreak in 2014. An evaluation of its response to the ongoing outbreak in Congo shows how far it's come — and how far there is to go.

Mental health in the spotlight at Davos

Efforts to improve mental health in lower-income countries received a boost at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, in what campaigners hope will be a pivotal year for attention to the issue.

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