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Collaboration, competition, connectivity: Q&A with Paul Garnett of Microsoft's Affordable Access Initiative

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By Catherine Cheney

Microsoft's director of Affordable Access Initiative talks to Devex about the role of universal internet access in development and efforts to achieve it.

Why invest in health evidence? Q&A with Chris Murray of IHME

Devex interviews Chris Murray, founder of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, which just received a $279 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to continue and expand its work.

In an era of declining trust, how can NGOs buck the trend?

Trust in global institutions is at an all-time low. The results of the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer paint a bleak picture of a broken global system and a population with little hope for things to improve. NGOs are caught in the negativity. Devex investigates what's behind the trends and how NGOs can win back trust.

How development organizations can save money in a world of fluctuating currencies

Smarter foreign exchange strategies helped the Global Fund save $55 million in 2015. In times of volatile exchange rates, how can development organizations save money and insulate themselves against currency risks? Devex spoke to the Global Fund about its FX hedging strategies and to Cambridge Global Payments about shopping around for better FX deals.

Writing a proposal? Here's a checklist to guide you

Small errors can derail even the most convincing project proposals. Two business development managers spoke to Devex about the due diligence that can help transform a submission into a winning bid.

4 lessons for a better extreme weather response

Governments rich and poor are struggling to respond to more frequent and stronger extreme weather events. What can their experiences teach one another about where to invest?

African cities will remain 'closed to the world' without reform and investment, World Bank says

Rapidly growing cities in sub-Saharan Africa are crowded, fragmented and expensive, says a report published today. Reforms to land markets, property rights and infrastructure are needed if they are to reach their economic potential.

Leocadia Zak on how USTDA has the impact, but needs to get better at the messaging

Leocadia Zak, the most recent director of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency, is the agency’s biggest cheerleader. In an exit interview with Devex just before she stepped down from her post at the end of the Obama administration, she praised the agency’s staff, held up its model as an example, and advocated that it could do more if it only had the resources.

NGOs rethink emergency response plans amid Trump travel ban uncertainty

International humanitarian nonprofits say they are putting travel plans on hold for some staffers as legal uncertainty restricts their ability to deploy the right staff to the right places.

6 organizations to watch among NGO Advisor's top-ranked 500

NGO Advisor's annual list of the most impactful NGOs highlights best practices across a range of sectors. Devex delves into the list to offer insight into what makes an organization stand out.

What is at stake for the three main channels for US climate finance?

There is a lot of speculation over how a Trump administration will deal with climate change. Here are the three main funding channels for U.S. international climate finance flows and how each might be affected by the new government.

Lessons for aid in the Trump era, from Australia

Australia's aid program was targeted for heavy budget cuts several years ago under the Tony Abbott government. Here are some lessons that international NGOs learned during the process — and how partners of the U.S. Agency for International Development can start to prepare now.

Foundations rally behind an industry in turmoil

Those who made their fortunes in tech are now considering how civic media fits into the landscape of issues they want to support. Here are highlights from a Silicon Valley event last week — part of a strategic rethinking by philanthropists and foundations on their role in supporting media innovation.

5 development stories to watch in the Trump era

As Donald Trump is sworn in as president of the United States on Friday, Devex is looking ahead at what some of the big storylines are as Trump takes the reins and what the global development community should be watching as the next four years unfold.

Business leaders call for new socially focused business model that embraces SDGs

In an environment where trust in CEOs is dropping, distrust in business is growing and the markets with the greatest future opportunities are in emerging economies, a group of business and civil society leaders are calling for bold action to disrupt the way business operates and replace it with a new socially focused business model.

The key elements of an exit strategy, according to one small project in Cambodia

Weh Yeoh has spent the last three and half years working to introduce a new profession — speech therapy — to Cambodia. As the OIC founder prepares to step away from the day-to-day operations this year, Devex caught up with him at the project's offices in Phnom Penh to chat about avoiding founder's syndrome and his thoughts on what makes a solid exit strategy.

Election sees WHO's future role in question

Whoever wins among six candidates for the director-generalship of the World Health Organization will have a consequential impact on the future of agency and of global public health itself. Candidates are promising leadership and bold change. But any reform will have to contest with a WHO's fraught budget, demanding member states and a stultifying bureaucracy. Devex takes an exclusive look at the stakes behind the vote.

CNFA's model of supporting agribusinesses gains government attention

Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture, CNFA, recently marked a decade of working on agricultural development in Georgia, largely through supporting agribusinesses as a vehicle for improved rural employment and income generation. Devex spoke with Bauka Namicheishvili, chief of party of the REAP program, to learn more about the model.

What donors, recipients and businesses want from aid for trade

Aid for trade programs account for a rising share of development budgets. Devex takes a behind-the-scenes look at what donors, the private sector, and developing countries want to get out of these programs — and where better coordination is needed.

German foreign aid is at a record high and rising. Here is how it works.

Germany has a growing budget for development cooperation and increasing pressure to take a leading role on the world stage. Here's how it approaches its work in development cooperation.

New funding aims to catalyze innovative climate finance tools

Climate finance needs to attract more private capital in more ways in order to meet global goals. Convergence, a platform that works to help catalyze blended capital deals, issued two grants last week to organizations working to design new products.

Opinion: Wanted — a new mindset for CEOs

With the release this week of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission report, Fred Sicre, a managing director at The Abraaj Group, offers recommendations on three key areas that private sector engagement is required in order to push the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Pharmaceutical companies launch new initiative to tackle NCDs

On Wednesday, a group of 22 pharmaceutical companies announced a new initiative aimed at tackling noncommunicable diseases and better assessing their individual, and collective, work to enable access to care in developing countries.

Gates doubles down on malaria eradication with influential new group

Bill Gates and Ray Chambers plan to mobilize the voices and networks of influential End Malaria Council members to help ensure the world has the political commitment, resources, and tools it needs to end the disease.

In historic move, UN grants International Chamber of Commerce observer status

In late December, after years of trying, the International Chamber of Commerce was granted observer status at the United Nations. Here's a look at the process that signals the growing acknowledgment of the need for private sector engagement to tackle the world's greatest challenges.

The biggest funding trends from latest donor data

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's latest statistics show an overall decline in donor funding in 2015. Devex delves into the data with an interactive analysis tool.

DfID's top private sector partners for 2015

As the Department for International Development gears up for the next chapter in providing development assistance, Devex ranks the 15 private sector organizations which received the most funding in 2015.

5 communications strategy lessons from successful African NGOs

Organizations — whether those working to amplify the voices of communities or providing access to health care and education to the underserved — should create visibility and traction for the messages that they share. Devex caught up with three successful nongovernmental organizations that work in Africa for tips.

How a commercial carpet giant built an inclusive business in its supply chain

The U.S. Department of State presented commercial carpet company Interface with a Corporate Excellence Award on Thursday. Devex spoke with Interface's chief sustainability officer to learn more about Interface's journey and what other companies looking to build inclusive businesses or improve supply chain sustainability should keep in mind.

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Top development groups in the Niger Delta: A primer

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The Niger Delta is often in the news for the unrest in the region, which has attracted the attention of many in the development community. Here's a list of development organizations working in the Niger Delta region.

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Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala talks finances, focus and the future

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In an interview with Devex and a few other reporters on Friday, Clinton Foundation President Donna Shalala offered more details on what the past year has been like at the foundation, how fundraising efforts will move forward and how newly announced changes will allow the foundation to be nimble and explore new investments.