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Opinion: 3 tips for coping with aid's budget crisis

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By Haoliang Xu

Budget tightening means finding new ways to do business. United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and U.N. Development Programme Asia-Pacific Director Haoliang Xu gives three tips for rethinking your agency's model.

World Bank contracts: Who’s winning and where are they going?

Ahead of the World Bank Spring Meetings next week, Devex has reviewed the bank’s database of major contract awards and analyzed the key sectors, regions and other trends in World Bank procurements.

So you want to switch from DfID grants to contracts

The processes for procuring DfID grants and contracts aren't so different; here are some tips for making the switch.

The new EuropeAid Framework Contract: What you need to know

Changes to the EuropeAid Framework Contract are likely to mean stiffer competition for applicants, but more opportunities for organizations that are new to working with the EU. Devex explains.

As ADB expands operations, prospective partners step up their interest

Devex attended the most recent ADB Business Opportunities Fair. Here are some of the business development insights and tips we learned as the bank prepares its new framework strategy to respond to evolving development challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Communication as aid: Key takeaways from the Humanitarian ICT Forum

The annual Humanitarian ICT Forum at Google HQ in California looked at how to empower nonprofits and communities with technology during emergency response.

Who's who in #globaldev: March 2017 appointments

Another American will be replacing Ertharin Cousin at the helm of the U.N. World Food Programme when her term expires this April.

DFAT's innovation resource facility: What it means for Australian aid

InnovationXchange provides support for innovation across the Australian aid program and has launched a new resource to assist with its mandate of improving the impact and value for money of the Australian aid program: the Innovation Resource Facility. Devex discovers how it works and whether it can provide a more effective Australian aid program.

Q&A: Management Sciences for Health's new CEO on her transition from the private sector

Marian Wentworth, who joined MSH as CEO last week, talks to Devex about her goals and what she can bring to the organization.

Delivering an Australian aid program: How DFAT taps the private sector for public good

How are large-scale Australian aid programs managed and delivered? We speak with key members of the Palladium team delivering an innovative infrastructure program in Cambodia for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Power with Purpose: How to foster female leadership in the development sector

Devex President Raj Kumar and McKinsey associate partner Tracy Nowski discuss how to foster female leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Understanding USAID's Business Forecast data

The U.S. Agency for International Development's Business Forecast Conference Call last week was the first since USAID released their new web-based portal with access to Business Forecast data. Devex breaks down what you need to know about the portal and analyzes the details of the BF data to see what we can learn about USAID's planned opportunities for partners in the coming 12 months.

Innovation, partnerships and funding: insights from Palladium's Indonesia country director

Palladium is one of the biggest organizations working to support bilateral donors in managing, implementing and monitoring aid programs and their operations in Indonesia are representative of the organization. At the center of their operations is Indonesia Country Director Oliver Mathieson. Devex sat down with him to discuss his work and perspective on the changing delivery of aid programs.

Here's what you need to know about ADB's 2017-2019 opportunities

The latest ADB Country Operations Business Plans for the 2017-2019 period account for over 800 projects worth more than $71 billion in ADB contributions. Devex analyzes the data and future ADB business opportunities — including an interactive visualization tool that breaks down lending or non-lending contributions by year, sector and location.

Q&A with the head of Taking big bets on bold ideas

Jacquelline Fuller, president of, speaks the languages of both Silicon Valley and global development. She talks to Devex about making the most of your expertise to have greater impact.

Q&A: UNFPA West Africa director on the security benefits of family planning

UNFPA West Africa Director Mabingue Ngom spoke with Devex about how involving local leaders is key to increasing contraceptive use. Ngom warned that the stakes extend from health to economic growth and security: high population growth can exacerbate migration, extremism and violent terrorism, he told Devex.

Digging deep: How Trump's budget affects everything from local jobs to foreign stability

Senators, development experts, lobbyists and advocates are working overtime to figure out how best to tackle unprecedented cuts.

Q&A with Ambassador Deborah Birx: 'This White House is very responsive to data'

A complete readout of Devex's interview with Ambassador Deborah Birx, the U.S. global AIDS coordinator, on PEPFAR's budget, potential "global gag rule" impacts and what implementers need to know.

Philanthropists have a new way to partner on the SDGs

The SDG Philanthropy Platform aims to coordinate foundations and draw them into national conversations to advance progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Views from the top

How CEO Sean Callahan plans to shake up CRS culture

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Sean Callahan recently moved his desk into a smaller office, converting the larger space into a conference room for staff. It's the first of many changes in an organizational culture he plans to lead by example. Devex caught up with the Catholic Relief Services CEO about what else we can expect from the nonprofit under his stewardship.