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6 tips on how to succeed in ADB-financed consulting contracts

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By Jenny Lei Ravelo

Sometimes, it's the simple tasks that can make or break your chances in securing that ADB consulting contract, as Devex learned in conversation with a procurement specialist at the multilateral institution.

Who's who in #globaldev: May 2017 appointments

Big elections and appointments in the United Nations top this month's executive appointments in international development.

3 key conversations from the US-Africa business summit

Leaders at the U.S.-Africa Business Summit in Washington, D.C., last week pushed for greater economic engagement, despite uncertainty over the United States' position on global trade. Devex was there to hear the buzz behind the scenes in key discussions.

Explainer: Impact investing and international development

The international development community has high hopes for impact investing. But how does investing in developing country markets square with private sector interests? Office:FMA Partner Andrew Haimes and Advisory Service Lead Steve Zausner explain.

Big budget for meeting the SDGs? No thanks, says Walgreens Boots Alliance

How the small team and budget at the Walgreens Boots Alliance — winner of the United Nations global leadership award — is dedicated to embedding the Sustainable Development Goals across its whole business.

7 tips for funders when investing in a social enterprise

Social enterprises can be an attractive proposition for foundations and investors looking to make their charitable donation stretch further. But for donors used to supporting more traditional nonprofits, funding a social venture can look different and will require a change in approach. Devex spoke to a successful social enterprise and an investor to get their tips on what to expect.

After Trump, can Europe fill the gap on climate action?

After the United States president pulled out of the Paris Agreement on climate change, many are looking to the European Union for new leadership — but it is with partnerships as much as money that it could make a difference, experts say.

Devex explores EuropeAid's funding priorities in Latin America and Eastern Europe

In the final part of its EuropeAid Funding Insights series, Devex explores 2.7 billion euros ($3.03 billion) worth of European Union planned development projects in Latin America and Eastern Europe, as well as its "worldwide" activities. Use our interactive guide to find out where and how the money is being distributed.

How to include a randomized controlled trial in your project proposal

Randomized controlled trials can be an effective way to determine the true impact of interventions. For development projects, they need to be carefully planned and prepared, to ensure they can provide high-quality results that effectively communicate why an intervention does or doesn't work — improving aid and development programs for the future.

Devex explores EuropeAid funding priorities in Asia

As part of its EuropeAid Funding Insights series, Devex explores 1.4 billion euros ($1.57 billion) worth of European Union planned development activity in Asia. Use our interactive guide to find out where and how the money is being distributed.

How to lobby for development: Tips from a politician

British member of parliament Jeremy Lefroy gets a lot of calls from worthwhile aid organizations looking for his support. Here's what he wishes they'd do differently.

Canada's new foreign aid policy puts focus on women, rights

Canada's new international assistance policy takes a progressive, rights-based approach to tackling the SDGs. But with no increase in the overall aid budget, turning these commitments into action may be easier said than done, warn Canadian NGOs. Here's what you need to know about the new strategy.

WEF strategy meeting seeks to use SDGs as a roadmap to purpose

The 17 global development goals offer a possible guide to companies that might otherwise have a hard time eliminating the perceived trade-offs between profit and purpose.

How to pitch your work to mission-driven investors

If you're building a company addressing challenges in emerging markets, don't miss these insights from Silicon Valley Open Doors on attracting mission-driven investors.

What do AIIB's procurements opportunities tell us about their development strategy?

As the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank nears its 18-month anniversary, Devex analyzes its tenders and grants to see what makes them stand apart from other players in development finance. From the first year and a half of operations, it appears that progressing slowly and learning from the best are the priorities of the development bank still forming its identity.

Cyber protection: Have you received the data call?

With cyber attacks on the rise and in the news, now is the time for NGOs to ask themselves whether they are doing all they can to protect the personal information they have on file. So what can you do?

Who were AfDB's top contractors in 2016?

As the African Development Bank annual meetings conclude in India, data shows that Chinese firms won at least 22 percent of the bank's contracts in 2016, with Africa-based contractors also figuring prominently.

More insight and analysis

Top USAID grant implementers for 2016

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The United States Agency for International Development obligated grant funding reached $11.08 billion in 2016, increasing by $300 million from the previous year. Devex digs through the latest U.S. government data to determine which organizations were awarded the most grant funding.

Views from the top

Q&A: Jeff Sachs on anti-poverty financing — a failure of moral imagination and will?

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The landscape of financing for development is changing. So how can we achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within this new context of commitment and funding — in the era of Brexit and the “America First” agenda? Devex sat down with economist Jeff Sachs for his take.