Central Tajik Water Rehabilitation Project

Location Tajikistan
Large Opportunity Size

The objective of the project is to finance a program of priority capital investments, to improve the municipal water services in the Central Tajik cities of Gissar, Shachrinav, Somoniyon, and Turzonzoda.  The overall objectives of this Project are to rehabilitate the water supply system and, where applicable, allow selected wastewater improvements; improve both billing and collection; and improve financial and operational management.
This operation is expected to be approved by the Board in 25 October 2011.
The estimated total cost of the project is estimated at US$ 21 million.
9 October 2012
This operation was signed by both parties.
11 November 2011
This operation was approved by the Board in 8 November 2011 and is now pending signing.

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Key Information

Value USD 21 million
Category Services
Country Tajikistan