African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM VIII)

Location Somalia
Large Opportunity Size

The objective of the project is to promote long-term peace, security and effective governance in Somalia.
To this end, the project will undertake the following activities:

Activity 1: Support dialogue and reconciliation in Somalia by working with all stakeholders;
Activity 2: Provide, as appropriate, protection to the Transitional Federal Institutions and their key infrastructure, to enable them to carry out their functions;
Activity 3: Assist in the implementation of the national Security and Stabilization Plan (NSSP), particularly the effective re-establishment and training of all inclusive Somali security forces, bearing in mind the programs already being implemented by some of Somalia’s bilateral and multilateral partners;
Activity 4: Provide, within its capacities and as appropriate, technical and other support to the disarmament and stabilization efforts;
Activity 5: Facilitate, as may be, and within its capacities, humanitarian operations;
Activity 6: Protect its personnel, installations and equipment, including the right of self defense.

The total budget for this project is approximately €85 million to be funded by the European Union (EU) and other partner contributors.

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Key Information

Value EUR 85 million
Category Services
Country Somalia