Opinion: We need a digital revolution in global public health

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It's time for the global health community to harness the power of data for the world's mothers. Rockefeller Foundation's Naveen Rao explains how.

Opinion: How the media and NGOs can work together on the complex stories

Media and NGOs need a renewed relationship that is curious and questioning and trusting, and that takes risks to tell the stories that need telling, writes the head of Mercy Corps.

Opinion: Our frontline defense against ‘superbugs’ is fatally weakened

"Do no harm" is a founding principle of health care — and something we cannot afford to ignore right now, writes WaterAid CEO Tim Wainwright.

Opinion: Preventing pneumonia must involve more than tech tools

Digital tools aren't always the solution for health challenges — there are other ways to innovate. Health leader Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor explains.

Opinion: A fresh take on the global health financing gap

Private money is flowing into the health sector — but it’s perhaps not happening in the way that the global health community might assume.

Opinion: Empowering women in Africa to succeed

Rep. Michael McCaul, lead republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, outlines his vision for strengthening women’s economic participation and entrepreneurship across the African continent.

Opinion: A safety-first approach to keeping patients and practitioners safe

A strong and vibrant health care workforce is critical to keeping patients safe and is essential to achieving universal health coverage. Experts from the global health community weigh in on the steps needed to ensure health care worker safety.

Opinion: Public funds need to better align with child health inequalities

Child mortality rates are falling nearly everywhere. But new analysis from Save the Children suggests that the underlying picture might be more problematic. Save the Children UK's Claire Leigh explains.

Opinion: International development has a race problem

It's time for the aid sector to acknowledge that "diversity" isn't as inclusive as it sounds. Global health executive Angela Bruce-Raeburn explains.

Opinion: What works in trachoma elimination programs

As two five-year programs working to support 10 African countries to tackle trachoma come to an end, a learning paper highlights what works and what doesn’t when it comes to trachoma elimination.