Opinion: Failing to deliver on Financing for Development commitments

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By Sarah Dalrymple

Failure to deliver on commitments to bridge the humanitarian-development divide in the Financing for Development process threatens to derail progress to date. Development Initiatives Senior Policy and Engagement Advisor Sarah Dalrymple explains.

Opinion: How new Director-General Tedros must modernize WHO’s engagement with the world

The World Health Organization is often hobbled by the debilitating combination of high expectations, anemic funding, and cloudy perceptions of its role in a world full of many new actors in global health. Yet no other agency in the world has the authority to lead in times of global health crisis. Gabrielle Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Panorama, explains where newly elected WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus needs to focus his attention immediately.

Opinion: IFIs are enabling the plunder of the world's oceans and seas

Ahead of the United Nations Ocean Conference, U.N. Development Program Policy Specialist Gail Hurley explores how international finance institutions can support Sustainable Development Goal 14 on ocean conservation.

Opinion: How to build talent in the field — for less money

Lingos CEO Chris Proulx lays four solutions to building talent where they're based.

Opinion: Meeting the goals of the New Urban Agenda

Across the globe, leaders must determine how to ensure sustainable and inclusive urban economies and environmental sustainability. Ahead of September's sixth edition of the Asia-Pacific Housing Forum, Habitat for Humanity International Chief Executive Officer Jonathan T.M. Reckford explains.

Opinion: Fighting superbugs cannot be a luxury for the rich

High-income countries are much better prepared to deal with antimicrobial resistance than their low-income counterparts. Dr. Marc Sprenger, director of Antimicrobial Resistance at the World Health Organization, charts a path forward.

Opinion: Simplify the toolkit to help community health workers do the job right

Simplifying the community health workers toolkit can save time and money. International Rescue Committee Health Technical Advisor Alison Wittcoff explains.

Opinion: 'America First' doesn't work in foreign aid

President Trump's "America First" rhetoric may work at home — but could be detrimental for development assistance efforts abroad. Democracy International co-founder and President Eric Bjornlund explains.

Opinion: 4 priorities on women's health for new WHO chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus

International Women's Health Coalition Advocacy and Policy Director Shannon Kowalski puts forth four steps the World Health Organization's newest leader can take to make progress on women's health.

Opinion: 3 traits of successful implementation scientists

In many ways, implementation is a science like any other. Global Health Corps Senior Director for Advocacy and Communications Jess Mack outlines the three traits of successful implementation scientists.