5 trends affecting the remittance industry

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By Sophie Edwards

De-risking — the practice of financial institutions exiting relationships with, and closing the accounts of, clients perceived to be “high risk” — is threatening the way we transfer money. What other trends are affecting the remittance industry?

USAID is ready, but still waiting, for the Trump transition

Donald Trump's landing team hasn't arrived at the U.S. Agency for International Development yet, leaving sitting aid officials to wonder whether they'll have time to brief the incoming administration in person or whether their written briefings will have to do.

First clues for post-Brexit aid cooperation between EU and UK

The EU's chief Brexit negotiator pointed to Norway as an example of how the U.K. will behave after its exit from the EU. What can Norway — and the options being built into the EU's new aid consensus — tell us about the future of U.K. and EU aid?

USAID's plan to eliminate NTDs: What you need to know

The U.S. Agency for International Development recently launched a new five-year strategy to combat neglected tropical diseases. Devex spoke to Emily Wainwright, the head of NTDs at the aid agency, to find out more.

Discrimination and violence against female aid workers will be investigated — top humanitarians

After pressure from campaigners, the U.N.-led Inter-Agency Standing Committee has agreed to take action to prevent sexual discrimination and violence against female aid workers and reform its reporting and support policies for victims.

DfID contractors face tough questions, and the UN asks for $22 billion: This week in development news

The European Commission wants to explore connections between development and national security, a major UK aid contractor faces serious questions, and the United Nations issues its largest-ever humanitarian funding appeal. This week in development news.

Q&A: What Washington state can teach DC about public health collaboration

Washington Global Health Alliance is connecting global health organizations in Seattle, and spreading the model elsewhere. Devex speaks with its founder Lisa Cohen.

USAID administrator Gayle Smith on Obama's development legacy

The outgoing USAID administrator, Gayle Smith, talks about the future of aid agency under President-elect Donald Trump, looks back on its progress over the last eight years, and outlines five recommendations for strengthening the agency going forward.

Republican aid professionals on what's next for aid in a Trump administration

It is difficult to know exactly what will happen in the Trump administration. But Devex spoke with several Republican aid professionals to get their predictions and recommendations.

Q&A: White House energy chief on Trump transition and climate change

The private sector is leading a shift toward renewable energy, said John Morton, White House senior director of energy and climate change and former chief operating officer of the Overseas Private Investment Corp.