EU announces 59M euro Trust Fund for Africa package

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By Jessica Abrahams

The EU today announced the fifth package of aid through its Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, which some NGOs have criticized for linking aid with migration.

Venture philanthropy — The Shell Foundation's funding approach and what you need to know

Devex spoke to Sam Parker, director of the Shell Foundation, about their unique approach to finding and backing social ventures in the energy, transport and small and medium-sized enterprises financing space, and why the world will not meet the sustainable development goals unless other investors and foundations follow suit.

ARC looks to improve localization in humanitarian response

With a localized research program, the Australian Red Cross is trying to suss out what exactly a localized disaster response would look like in the Pacific — with implications for a range of aid groups trying to figure out how to localize.

Indigenous peoples push for permanent seat at UN

Indigenous leaders and representatives worldwide are convening at this year's United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, which runs through May 5. One issue they are lobbying for is regular access to the U.N. and a seat at the General Assembly.

Innovation in humanitarian response: A must-have with disclaimers

With growing global displacement and shortfall in funds available to provide humanitarian response, innovation is seen as the vessel that could be the difference between the sector sinking or swimming. But without properly scoping and understanding the impacts of new technology, it can do more harm than good. At the inaugural Asia Pacific Humanitarian Leadership Conference, innovation was a hotly debated topic.

Experts disagree on whether Europe can fill gap left by US aid cuts

Experts from Europe and the United States have differing views on whether Europe can and will step up to the plate on foreign aid spending if the Trump administration goes ahead with plans to cut its aid budget by nearly 31 percent.

UK aid organizations fall silent ahead of the election

Some NGOs in the United Kingdom are clamming up ahead of the June 8 snap election, concerned about unwittingly violating ambiguous regulations on election campaigning.

Trump budget woes, Yemen pledges, and Ivanka's fund for women: This week in development news

More details about the Trump foreign aid budget sent the U.S. development community reeling, donors came through with money for Yemen, while Ivanka Trump and the World Bank are combining forces for women’s empowerment. This week in development news.

Q&A: A private sector 'productivity tool' to eliminate poverty is catching on around the world

Poverty Stoplight, a visual survey that uses a series of photographs for families to self-assess their level of poverty, is Fundación Paraguaya founder Martin Burt's idea of eliminating multidimensional poverty. Now, the private sector is finding its own use for the tool.

Q&A: How to win USAID grants in South Sudan

The government of the United States is the largest donor to South Sudan, giving more than $2 billion since 2013. In this exclusive interview, Devex sat down with two leaders of the U.S. Agency for International Development's Vistas program, which awards small grants to NGOs across the country, to find out what it takes to win USAID funding.