Possible development funding windfall looms as Europe debates FTT

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By Bill Hinchberger

After years of negotiations, a group of 10 European Union member states seems to be making progress on an accord for a financial transaction tax that could pave the way for more international development funding.

What NGOs want from Australia's foreign policy white paper

As Australia's ambassadors gather in Canberra to discuss foreign policy, including Australia's forthcoming Foreign Policy White Paper, Devex looks at submissions from NGOs to see what they want from Australia's international diplomacy moving forward.

Q&A: MIT's Carlo Ratti on people-driven 'senseable' cities

The city of the future isn't just smart, it's "senseable," according to Carlo Ratti, director of the SENSEeable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Devex spoke with Ratti about smart versus senseable cities, how emerging nations can quickly surpass their more developed counterparts, and the skills industry professionals will need to keep pace with a changing world.

5 lessons for cities on the cusp of a smart revolution

Barcelona, Spain, has a long-standing reputation as a leader in smart innovation. How can its experience and knowledge be tapped into by other cities on the verge of embracing a more sustainable urban environment? Devex explores what lessons can be learned from the city’s smart transition.

Smart cities need to make sure they don't leave people behind

AECOM's resident smart city expert, John Bachmann, talks about the opportunities and challenges created by the movement, and the need to make sure that citizens don't get lost amid the technology buzz.

Q&A: UNFPA West Africa director on the security benefits of family planning

UNFPA West Africa Director Mabingue Ngom spoke with Devex about how involving local leaders is key to increasing contraceptive use. Ngom warned that the stakes extend from health to economic growth and security: high population growth can exacerbate migration, extremism and violent terrorism, he told Devex.

DFAT's innovation resource facility: What it means for Australian aid

InnovationXchange provides support for innovation across the Australian aid program and has launched a new resource to assist with its mandate of improving the impact and value for money of the Australian aid program: the Innovation Resource Facility. Devex discovers how it works and whether it can provide a more effective Australian aid program.

Why the World Economic Forum launched a 'do tank' on the technological revolution

On Friday, WEF opened its Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which aims to convene people across sectors to ensure that technology benefits society. We need to move from talking to doing, speakers told Devex.

Q&A: Humanitarian Advisory Group explains how NGOs can push for gender equality at the top

New research from the Humanitarian Advisory Group identifies an important gap in achieving equal representation at the top of NGOs: data. Devex speaks to Kate Sutton, director of the Humanitarian Advisory Group, about this new research and who needs to be involved in discussions to create change at the top of NGOs.

Q&A: Management Sciences for Health's new CEO on her transition from the private sector

Marian Wentworth, who joined MSH as CEO last week, talks to Devex about her goals and what she can bring to the organization.