Q&A: What development organizations should know about the 'Paris Rulebook'

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Apart from addressing a global challenge that will fundamentally alter global development, the Paris Agreement's "rulebook" contains specific details that have practical implications for development practitioners. Devex spoke to Will McGoldrick, director of climate strategy at the Nature Conservancy, about why he watches these negotiations so closely.

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Devex sits down with Fiji's chief negotiator from COP23 to discuss the role and impact of the Talanoa Dialogue — a year-long engagement involving civil society groups and political leaders — on climate negotiations.

Why NGOs of the future must put mission first

This year’s Global Washington conference narrowed in on ways that nonprofits can restructure in this period of uncertainty of funding for global health.

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At Prescription for Progress, a Devex Bay Area event exploring the hurdles of bringing global health innovations to scale, we caught up with Mark Allen, MSD for Mothers’ director of strategic partnerships, on how digital innovation can improve the provision of quality health care.

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On the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in September 2018, Nigeria Minister of Health Isaac Adewole shared with Devex how the government wants to tell the business community that Nigeria is the place to come.

Call for road deaths to be recognized as child health emergency

Road traffic accidents are now the leading killer of young people.

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As Somalia's capital Mogadishu becomes Africa's most crowded city, refugee organizations say land management should be part of emergency aid.

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The U.S. Senate voted to cut off assistance to the Saudi-led coalition waging war in Yemen, which is causing a humanitarian catastrophe that the World Food Programme says is too large for it to meet.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a vast boost to health services this week but some advocates are skeptical of whether and how that money will materialize.

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