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    #YouthWill Build Peace

    Jobs in peace building: What (and where) are they?

    Skilled aid workers are needed to help establish lasting peace in fragile states. But jobs in this competitive field are tougher to break into than it might seem. Devex asked donors, implementers and recruiters what skills are in demand — and how to best build a career in peace building.

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    Career Trends 2015

    Recruiters' most wanted: French-speaking aid professionals

    Global development recruiters named French as the most in-demand language, according to Devex's recent career trends survey. But fewer students across the United States are learning the language.

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    2015 Hiring Trends

    2015: Where are the global development jobs?

    Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

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