Access to Finance Project- Evaluation Consultant

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 23 February 2021

Job Description

Reference No: IC32

Organization: MISFA

Location: Kabul

Type of contract: Short Term Consultancy

No of Post: 01

Sex: Any

Nationality: International Position

Date Announced: February 23, 2021

Closing Date: March 8, 2021

I. Job Description

o Scope of the assignment and Methodology

o The impact evaluation will be carried out by an external evaluator and will engage with a wide range of stakeholders and beneficiaries, including MISFA, Microfinance Institutions, partner Banks, Afghanistan Payment System (APS), Afghanistan Microfinance Association (AMA) and De Afghanistan Bank (the Central Bank).

o The projects to be evaluated cover a wide range of topics including but not limited to capacity building, review of policies and procedures, product development, technological initiatives and infrastructure, branch opening and establishment of new departments.

o The evaluation will be qualitative in nature and the evaluator is expected to propose a detailed research methodology, tools and instruments. The final methodological approach including interview schedule, field visits and data to be used in the evaluation should be clearly outlined in the inception report and be fully discussed and agreed between MISFA and the consultant.

o Key Responsibilities

Specific activities and responsibilities include the following (but are not limited to):

- Review the projects’ documents including but not limited to the agreements, proposals, milestone and completion reports.

- Categorize the projects/grant agreement from impact evaluation point of view.

- Propose a detailed evaluation methodology.

- Involve and engage with stakeholders and agree on the proposed evaluation methodology and plan.

- Develop and submit a detailed work plan for review and approval.

- Conduct the evaluation.

- Generate the draft report.

- Submit the report for review and incorporate the comments.

- Submit the final report and a presentation to the stakeholders if required by MISFA.

o Methodology

Duration of the Work

- The duration of the work is estimated to be 36 working days starting from early April 2021. The exact starting date and detailed work breakdown will be agreed in the contract and inception phase. The initial breakdown is proposed as follows:


Estimated Level of Effort

Travel to the Country

2 days

Stakeholders’ and beneficiaries’ meetings and review of relevant documents

7 days

Submitting the inception report which includes methodology, data collection tools and approaches, questionnaires, guides, data analysis methods and tools, work-plan and other relevant documents and getting the approval from MISFA

10 days

Conducting the evaluation.

7 days

Preparing the first draft of the report

4 day

Incorporating MISFA’s Comments to the report and submitting the second version

2 days

Incorporating the World Bank’s and other stakeholders’ comments on the report

2 days

Submitting the final report and presentation to the stakeholders if asked by MISFA

2 day

Total Estimated LOE

36 days

II. Required Qualifications

o Academic qualification

- A Master’s degree in Business Administration, Banking & Finance, Public Policy, Economics, Development Studies, Social Science, or a related field. Certification in Research/Program Evaluation will be an asset.

o Work Experience:

- Seven (7) years of experience in conducting evaluations of project/programs funded by international donors including World Bank, DFID, etc.

- At least 3 years’ experience evaluating the microfinance/development finance projects and institutions.

o Competencies

- Experience in Afghanistan, South Asia and Central Asia is highly desirable.

- Sound knowledge of impact assessment methodologies and results-based management systems.

- Demonstrable abilities of conducting research, presenting facts based on data in a clear and logical manner with strong understanding of MFI policies & procedures, regulations, and business model.

- Good teamwork and interpersonal skills.

- Flexibility and ability to handle multiple tasks and work under pressure.

- Excellent computer skills especially MS Office Package and Research Software.

- Strong report writing, data analysis and presentation skills.

- Demonstrate ability to work independently and with multi-disciplinary remote teams.

- Demonstrate experience working with MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) and donor funded programs (preferably World Bank funded project) is a plus.

- Willingness to travel to different regions of Afghanistan based on security clearance, if required.

- Understanding of the economic and financial environment of Afghanistan.

o Language Requirements

- Language proficiency in both written and oral English is required.

o Duty Station and Travel Plan:

- The primary duty station of the consultant will be Kabul, Afghanistan throughout the first 30 working days of the assignment while incorporating MISFA, World Bank and other stakeholders’ comments as well as submitting the final report could be completed off site.

- The travel arrangements and plan will be negotiated in the contracting phase.

o Supervisor

The Impact Evaluation Consultant will be managing the assignment under the direct supervision of MISFA’s Director of Program and in close coordination with the team assigned by the director.

o Deliverables

The Consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables.

- Detailed Inception Report including the research methodology, research tools and instruments, work plan outlining timeframe for completion of the assignment.

- Draft report for review by MISFA

- Final report

o Payment & Structure:

The consultant will be paid a daily wage plus the travel and accommodation cost (reimbursable as per World Bank Procurement and MISFA’s Practice) the wage payment is subject to successful achievement of the milestones and deliverables. The payment structure will be as:

S. No.


% of Payment


Detailed Inception Report



Submission of the draft report acceptable to MISFA



Submission of the final report


All deliverables from the Consultant will be reviewed and approved by MISFA before they are considered final.

o How to apply

The application package, acceptable in English language only, should comprise an up-to-date résumé and cover letter explaining your interest and suitability for the position, indicating your salary and benefits expectations, and the earliest joining date, if selected.

Interested candidates should submit their application package only by e-mail with the subject “Vacancy – Impact Evaluation Consultant” to Due to the expected large number of applications; only shortlisted candidates would be contacted.

About the Organization


MISFA is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) fully owned by the Afghan Government’s Ministry of Finance (MoF). It was established in 2003 as a vehicle through which the Afghan Government and international donors could channel technical assistance and funding to build and strengthen Afghanistan’s microfinance sector, as well as the lower ranges of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) lending.

MISFA implements a range of government and donor funded programs including Access to Finance programs implemented through its partner financial institutions.

Program Summary

The development objective of the World Bank-funded Access to Finance Project for Afghanistan is to build institutional capacity, to improve access to finance of MSMEs and support ultra-poor households in selected communities in Afghanistan. The project has two components and MISFA is responsible for the implementation of the first component. Objective of the first component which is implemented by MISFA is to improve access to financial services for micro and small enterprises. This component aims to provide continuing support to the microfinance sector through Microfinance Investment Support Facility for Afghanistan (MISFA), as well as, supporting MISFA to take on a broader role as a catalyst for innovations to increase access and usage of financial services from the lower end of the market (notably micro and small enterprises) as per its new strategic plan. It has following three sub-components: (i) strengthening of the microfinance sector through MISFA; (ii) targeting the ultra-poor; and (iii) strengthening of MISFA.

Role of the Impact Evaluation Consultant

Under the sub-component (i) of Access to Finance Project; MISFA has managed a Capacity Building Fund and provided grants to the partner financial institutions as part of its a) system strengthening, and b) innovation windows. The Impact Evaluation Consultant who will be reporting to Director of Program is expected to conduct an impact evaluation of the grants provided to the partners under the mentioned windows.

The overall objective of the evaluation is to (i) answer questions pertaining to the effectiveness of the projects and relevance of its theory of change, (ii) identify changes caused by the project both at institutional level as well as on the microfinance borrowers, in terms of service delivery quality or cost; and (iii) collect feedback from partners on recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of such program funds in the future.

More information

ToR for A2F project Impact Evaluation Consultant_WB.pdf

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