Administration and Finance (A&F) Front Office Management Support Specialist Full-Time Personal Services Contractor (PSC)

Washington, D.C., United States
Apply by 28 June 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 4 June 2018

Job Description

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Administration and Finance (A&F) Front Office Management Support Specialist Full-Time Personal Services Contractor (PSC)


Announcement Number: 95332418Q0105 Amendment 3

Title: A&F Front Office Management Support Specialist Full-Time Personal Services Contractor (PSC)

Position Information: Full-time, Personal Services Contractor (PSC)

One Base year (2,087 hours per year), renewable for up to 4 Option Year Periods at the sole discretion of the government (a total of 10,435 hours over five years).

Pay Band: 4B ($27.79 – 51.15 per hour)

(Based on the PSC’s performance review at any point during the performance period, the PSC may be non-competitively considered for the full performance level 4A ($39.77 – 60.54 per hour).)

The PSC may receive a pay supplement of up to 15% of the employee’s direct labor cost in lieu of fringe benefits.

Closing Date for Questions: 2:00pm ET, 22 June 2018 (Friday)

Questions must be submitted via email to

Submission Deadline: 3:00pm ET, 28 June 2018 (Thursday)

Quotes must be submitted via email to

MCC will accept multiple quotes.

Who May Be Considered: U.S. citizens or legal, permanent residents with a minimum of five years residency history.

Duty Location: MCC Headquarters in Washington, DC

Small Business Set Aside: This requirement is set-aside for individuals (small business concerns) under North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 541990 All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services with a size standard of $15,000,000 in revenue.

Type of Contract: Time-and-material (T&M) with 1 Base Year and 4 1-year Option Year Periods.

More than one award may be made from this solicitation.

This requirement is subject to availability of funds.

Amendment 1: The purpose of Amendment 1 is 1. To notify that individuals are to apply for this position and that the award will be made to an individual, not to a firm/company and 2. To extend the questions deadline to 2:00pm ET on 8 June 2018 (Friday) and to extend the quote submission deadline to 3:00pm ET on 14 June 2018 (Thursday).

Amendment 2: The purpose of Amendment 2 is to notify that the Pay Band 4B is less than full performance level of Pay Band 4A for this position. At the time of award, MCC will only consider Pay Band 4B. However during the performance period, the PSC may be non-competitively considered for the full performance level 4A. (See Section 5.A Duties for additional detail.) This provides a growth opportunity for the incumbent.

Amendment 3: The purpose of Amendment 3 is 1. To extend the questions deadline to 2:00pm ET on 22 June 2018 (Friday), 2. To extend the quote submission deadline to 3:00pm ET on 28 June 2018 (Thursday) and 3. To correct 5.a. Major Duties and Responsibilities and 5.b. Knowledge Required by the Position. The changes to this amendments are highlighted in yellow.

1. Introduction and Background

Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)’s mission is to provide grant assistance to support economic growth and poverty reduction in select developing countries with a demonstrated commitment to just and democratic governance, economic freedom, and investments in their citizenry. MCC’s partner countries enter into a five-year agreement (Compact) with MCC that includes a plan for achieving shared development objectives and the responsibilities of each country in achieving those objectives. Our model is defined by core principles, of selectivity, country ownership, transparency, and a focus on results.

Our values identify who we are and what is important to us. Our Values are CLEAR: Embrace

Collaboration, Always Learn, Practice Excellence, Be Accountable and Respect individuals and ideas. MCC’s values define how we behave on a daily basis, both as individuals and as an institution, in pursuit of our mission. They guide how we make decisions, set priorities, address challenges, manage tradeoffs, recruit and develop staff, and work together with our country partners and stakeholders.

This position located in the Office of the Vice President (Front Office) within the Department of Administration and Finance (A&F). The Department of Administration and Finance provides critical mission support by planning and directing the following areas in support of MCC’s mission: Financial management and budgeting; travel, human resources management; information technology infrastructure, resource, and website management; procurement and acquisitions; domestic and international security; facilities management; administrative services; and corporate records management.

2. Scope of Position

The A&F Front Desk is seeking a full-time PSC to serve as a Management Support Specialist to develop and provide administrative support services to A&F Vice President (VP) and two Deputy Vice Presidents (DVPs). The PSC will report to the VP and DVPs.

The contractor shall work with A&F staff in Washington, DC and apply administrative processes and procedures to enable a smooth operation of the A&F. The position is at MCC headquarters in Washington, DC.

This position is not authorized to supervise any Federal employees.

3. Personal Services Contract

MCC is authorized to enter into a contract with an individual as a Personal Services Contractor (PSC) under the authority of Section 614(a) (8) of the Millennium Challenge Act of 2003.

A personal services contract is different from non-personal services Government contract, which establishes an independent contract relationship. Under a non-personal services contract, the contractor or employees of the contractor are subject to the technical direction but not the supervision of the MCC. As defined by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.104, a personal services contract is characterized by the employer-employee relationship it creates between the Government and the contractor personnel. Thus, the PSC is subject to the relatively continuous technical direction, supervision, and control of the MCC. PSCs may be assigned inherently governmental duties (see FAR 7.502). By law and by the contract’s terms, the PSC is subject to most of the laws, rules and regulations applicable to the direct hire employee such as MCC regulations, conflict of interest, under some circumstances MCC authorized employment security clearances and financial disclosure. However, under the MCC personal services contract authority, PSCs are not employees for purposes of laws administered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The following elements apply to this contract:

  • Performance in Washington, D.C., US, MCA eligible countries, other US and foreign cities (as required for outreach purposes), and/or at the PSC’s home of record.
  • Principal tools and equipment furnished by the Government.
  • Services are applied directly to the integral effort of agencies or an organizational subpart in furtherance of assigned function or mission.
  • Comparable services, meeting comparable needs, are performed in the same or similar agencies using civil service personnel.
  • The need for the type of service provided can reasonably be expected to last beyond 1 year.
  • The inherent nature of the service, or the manner in which it is provided, reasonably requires directly or indirectly, Government direction or supervision of contractor employees in order to—
    • Adequately protect the Government’s interest;
    • Retain control of the function involved; or
    • Retain full personal responsibility for the function supported in a duly authorized Federal officer or employee.
4. Key Requirements

Awardee must satisfy the following key requirements:

  • S. citizenship or legal, permanent resident with at least 2 years of residency history, preferably 3 years.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a federal security clearance.
  • Performance in Washington, DC USA, MCC eligible countries, other US and foreign cities (as required for outreach purposes), and/or at the PSC’s home of record.
  • Domestic and international travel will be required.
  • Statement of Employment & Financial Interest (e.g., Office of Government Ethics “OGE Form-450” or similar statement) may be required.
  • Active System for Award Management ( registration (this is a free, Government website) and be listed as sole-proprietor.
  • Designated and/or random drug testing required.
5. Duties a) Major Duties and Responsibilities
  • Serves as a confidential assistant to A&F Vice President (VP) and Deputy Vice Presidents (DVPs); and serves as the principal management support specialist to the VP and DVPs, Department of Administration and Finance (A&F). Manages the VP’s and DVPs’ calendars making complex arrangements when necessary. On own initiative, arranges meetings by reserving the space, setting the time, and contracting the individuals expected to attend. If necessary, arranges for participants transportation and lodging. Transmits the agenda and background materials to participants, advising them of topics to be discussed. Tracks important dates and deadlines for the A&F Front Office, ensuring such events are included on the calendar and appropriately shared with senior staff, so that adequate preparation time is allotted in advance of each event.
  • Provides substantial administrative support to the VP and DVPs, serving as the administrative point of contacts for the A&F Front Office. Duties include scheduling, timekeeping, screening visitors, and telephone calls for the VP and DVPs, filing, task management, as well as drafting correspondence, proofreading, and typing research reports and analyses, memoranda, charts, and other materials.
  • Serves as a liaison between the supervisor(s) and organizational staff by providing accurate and timely advice on procedures, reports, requirements, and other matters necessary to implement the supervisor’s policies, directives, and instructions. Writes meeting minutes and plans and organizes events when called upon. Organizes travel and prepares complex travel itineraries.
  • Assists the VP in developing agendas and priorities, creating initial drafts of communications to key strategic team members, prioritizing plans for addressing issues that are impacting progress towards initiative benchmarks.
  • Analyzes a wide variety of administrative program information and documents to provide proactive quality assurance on final documents for signature to the VP and DVPs. Performs a variety of administrative duties in connection with the Department’s Activities, including preparing a variety of recurring and special reports, utilizing data from files and records, and making personal inquiry to obtain required information. Verifies accuracy and adequacy of information obtained and presented.
  • Drafts correspondence, recommendations, reports, and memoranda related to management and administrative programs and issues. Provides advice and guidance to managers and staff on questions and situations related to the administrative services provided. Conducts research on the internet, updates websites, and types a wide variety of documents, reports, and correspondence. Prepares presentations, papers for meetings to ensure VP and DVPs are well-prepared for meetings.
  • Receives and reviews correspondence, documents, directives, etc. directed to management officials and staff and screens out those which can be personally handled. Distributes other material to appropriate staff according to subject matter and maintains follow-up and suspense controls. On own initiative, determines information needed for reply to inquiries on administrative matters, office procedures, and non-technical aspects of A&F activities. Composes and types correspondence in final form by adapting, consolidating, and highlighting information into a format which most effectively answers inquiry. Reads material submitted for supervisory approval to ensure compliance with procedural requirements.
  • Attends and records the minutes of meetings, as assigned, which are later summarized and distributed. Follows up to ensure that commitments made at the meetings are address; advises the VP and DVPs of important office matters that arise during their absence; interfaces with agency senior staff and other staff at all levels and handles confidential matters within the office. Recommends improvements to administrative processes within the department which may require research and analysis; assists the VP and DVPs as needed with research and coordination in the areas of finance, budget, IT, HR, contracts, and security work.
  • Receives telephone calls and meets with visitors for management and staff; determines the identity of callers/visitors and their purpose to appropriately direct them; screens calls and inquiries to select those which can be personally answered from knowledge of activities, procedures, and requirements.
  • Continually monitors and evaluates A&F programs and initiatives. Identifies potential effects of proposed changes in administrative policies and practices on A&F programs and staff.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

This position description is classified at less than the full performance level of MCC Pay Band 4A. The overall duties and assignments of this position are similar to the Management Support Specialist at the 4A level. Supervision becomes progressively less detailed as incumbent gains more experience.

MCC may solely consider the advancement to MCC Pay Band 4A based on the PSC’s successful performance. The COR may recommend this advancement at any time during the contract performance period. The advancement to the full performance 4A level is not guaranteed.

b) Knowledge Required by the Position

Knowledge of the principles, methods, practices, and techniques of the programs and operations that comprise the Department of Administration and Finance sufficient to serve as a technical resource to the Vice President/Chief Financial Officer on a variety of issues affecting critical program operations of the Corporation.

Knowledge of management information systems and office automation systems and process, which include work processing, database, and spreadsheet development and analysis, web-based applications, and presentation applications, in order to prepare and deliver written and oral presentations, issue papers, or guidance.

Through knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques in order to provide value added review of documents, reports, and correspondence for presentation to the VP and DVPs for signature and/or approval. Proofreads and edits documents when called upon.

Knowledge of MCC’s budget process in order to support the development and administration of A&F’s budget and manage and report on A&F finances.

Knowledge of the principles and techniques of written and oral communication to speak and write with clarify and tact to project influence with senior managers and senior scientists, provide guidance on complex administrative policy issues, and secure concurrence on complex and controversial issues involving A&F programs and initiatives.

Knowledge of the principles and techniques of workload management to plan and organize work and coordinate administrative activities with various MCC organizations.

Knowledge of the principles and techniques of effective interpersonal relations to work collaboratively and productively with staff, contractors, vendors, and other individuals and entities with which A&F interacts.

Skill in presenting sensitive, confidential or controversial matters to a variety of people in a clear and concise manner.

Strong computer skills and ability to quickly adapt using new technologies as needed.

c) Travel

MCC estimates the awardee may be required to undertake 3-6 domestic and international travels per year as part of this role.

d) Supervisory Controls

The VP and/or DVPs establish overall objectives and determine the levels of resources available. The employee and supervisor(s) in consultation, develop deadlines, projects, and work to be completed. The PSC is responsible for planning and carrying out assignments, resolving most conflicts that arise, interpreting policy on his or her own initiative, and coordinating work as necessary. Recommendations and decisions are generally accepted as technically sound, though a final approval is required in some areas. The PSC advices the supervisor(s) when major unexpected problems or significant controversial issues arise. Work is reviewed for conformance with A&F and MCC policies, requirements, and fulfillment of the assigned objectives within established deadlines.

e) Guidelines

Guidelines include a large body of unwritten policies, precedents, and practices which are not completely applicable to the work or are not specific and which deal with matters relating to judgment, efficiency, and relative priorities rather than with procedural concerns. The incumbent applies and adapts guidelines to specific problems for which guidelines are not clearly applicable.

f) Complexity

The work involved gathering information, identifying and analyzing issues, and developing recommendations to resolve substantive problems of effectiveness and efficiency of work operations in a program or program-support setting.

g) Scope and Effect

Work involves independently conducting a variety of tasks in limited functional areas. The PSC uses standard methods to resolve conventional problems and issues. Work supports A&F operations and systems through efforts to provide information on financial, human resource, and other administrative programs and activities.

h) Personal Contacts/Purpose of Contacts

Personal contacts are with MCC employees and managers, representatives of external agencies, the general public, and vendor and contracting representatives. The nature of each contact varies with the situation and person contacted. Contacts are made to exchange information and to provide advice on organizational or program related issues and concerns.

i) Physical Demands

The work is primarily sedentary. There is some carrying of light objects, such as binders, files, briefing books, and other office equipment and supplies. Travel may be required.

j) Work Environment

Work is performed in an office setting and generally in urban areas. However, field visits to rugged rural areas are possible.

6. Deliverables

Deliverables are associated with the tasks identified in Section 5. Duties to include memos, briefers, analyses and reports as required by the Contracting Officer Representative (COR).

The PSC will provide a monthly progress report as a regular deliverable. The frequency (bi-weekly or monthly) and format of the report will be agreed-upon with the COR, but will consist of an overview of tasks assigned, progress and recommendations / next steps. The progress report will be such that it can be easily aligned with the level of effort (hours) expended by the PSC.

Monthly reports are due the first workday of each month. The PSC also will produce other reports and analyses as requested by MCC.

Deliverables will be considered as a draft upon initial receipt. Drafts will be reviewed and accepted or concerns raised/comments provided within two weeks of receipt. The PSC shall appropriately address MCC’s concerns and provide final deliverables within one week of receiving the MCC response.

In addition to monthly progress reports, the PSC will submit biweekly timesheets on a schedule and format determined by MCC. Timesheets will include a list of hours worked per compact or country program, along with a brief description of the tasks undertaken for each program during the pay period.

The PSC also will produce other reports and analyses as requested by MCC.

7. Qualifications

Offerors must meet all the required qualifications described below by the closing date of this announcement. Desired Qualifications will only be considered once all Required Qualifications are met and will be given additional consideration for those who demonstrate these qualifications. Offerors, at a minimum, must demonstrate that they possess the following Required Qualifications:

a) Required Qualifications:
  • Minimum of an undergraduate degree in any field or an associate degree or professional certification in business, management, human resources management, international relations or a related field.
  • At least 3 years of practical experience leading tasks, projects or programs (e.g. project management), including the ability to define specific tasks, sequences and drive technical progress by tracking technical milestones, budgets and timelines.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and managing a complex schedule for executives.
  • Ability to develop, track, and manage budgets.
  • Experience working with on teams, and interacting with a variety of stakeholders.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Excellent writing and oral communication skills in English.
b) Desired Qualifications:
  • Professional experience in conducting analytical or research work.
  • Knowledge of the theory and principles of management and organization.
  • Demonstrated work experience in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proficiency with the SharePoint system.
8. Required Documentation

Interested offerors must submit following required documents:

  1. A completed and signed Bio-Data Form (Addendum 3) with proposed salary (typed signature is not acceptable. Physical signature or electronic signature are acceptable);
  2. A curriculum vitae or resume (limit 10 pages);
  3. A written narrative of up to five pages clearly describing relevant experience and knowledge of each of the qualification requirements (Section 7 Qualifications); and
  4. At least three and no more than five professional references with current contact information.

Desired Documentation:

  1. A cover letter, not to exceed one page, to highlight your suitability for this position. The cover letter is not considered as the required written narrative (bullet no. 4 above).
9. Compensation

PSCs for the services of individual experts or consultants are limited by the Classification Act. In addition, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has established requirements which apply in acquiring the personal services of experts or consultants in this manner (e.g., benefits, taxes, conflicts of interest).

This is a full-time position and the maximum number of hours allowed is 2,087 hours per year. The contract will include four one-year option periods that may be exercised at the sole discretion of MCC.

Overtime is not authorized on this contract.

The pay range for this position is $27.79 – 51.15 per hour at the MCC Pay Band 4B ( (during the performance period, may be eligible up to MCC Pay Band 4A), inclusive of Washington, DC locality pay. Final compensation based on the qualifications and experience will be negotiated within this pay range based upon the successful offeror’s salary history, work experience and educational background. A salary above this pay range will not be entertained or negotiated.

MCC issues W-2s to the PSC. For U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens, MCC makes the employer contribution to FICA and Medicare for the PSC. MCC withholds FICA, Medicare, federal tax and state tax on behalf of the PSC. The PSC is not eligible for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.

10. Benefits

Under the MCC personal services contracting authority, PSCs are not employees for purposes of laws administered by OPM, such as Federal Retirement Benefits and health and life insurance. As such, the PSC is not eligible for participation in the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees Retirement System. Moreover, the PSC is ineligible to receive Federal Health and Life Insurance or participate in the Federal Thrift Savings Plan.

Notwithstanding the above, and if agreed upon by the Government and the PSC before the award of a contract, the PSC may receive a pay supplement of up to 15% (for full-time PSCs) of the employee’s direct labor cost in lieu of fringe benefits.

a) Sick Leave

The full-time (FT) PSC earns sick leave on the same basis as direct-hire MCC employees, that is, maximum four (4) hours for every biweekly pay period.

b) Annual Leave

The full-time PSC earns four, six, or eight hours of annual leave for each biweekly pay period depending on the number of years of previous federal government employment based upon determination made by MCC.

c) Parking & Transit Subsidy

A full-time PSC working at MCC Headquarters in Washington, DC is eligible for parking or transit subsidy, subject to the availability of funds. The full time PSC whose duty station is overseas is not eligible for this subsidy.

d) Credit Hours

A full-time PSC is eligible for credit hours (up to 24 hours earned) under the MCC Credit Hour Program. PSCs may not receive credit hours for time spent in travel status. The PSC shall be compensated for the credit hour balance upon termination, subject to availability of funds.

11. Travel

The PSC is subject to the Federal Travel Regulations and MCC travel policies and procedures to the same extent as MCC direct-hire employees.

12. Quote Submission Instructions to PSC Candidates (Offerors)

In accordance with FAR 52.214-34 and 52.214-35, all submissions are to be in the English language and US Dollars. Submissions in other languages or monetary denominations shall not be considered.

This section is the basis for evaluating all quote submissions. Offerors must separately address each listed qualification requirement and demonstrate how s/he meets each. Unless stated otherwise, all qualification elements will be weighted equally.

  • Qualified individuals should be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) before submission, either in “Active” or “Submitted” status. Award of a contract cannot occur until the registration is in “Active” status. The approval of your record in SAM may take a few weeks. Therefore, you must be registered in SAM before submission. Offerors without a SAM registration (neither “Active” nor “Submitted”) may be rejected.
  • Submissions shall be formatted to fit on 8 ½ x 11” paper. Suggested margins are 1” all around and the font should be Calibri or Times New Roman, no larger than 12 point. Hourly rates shall not be mentioned anywhere in your submission other than on the Bio-Data Form (Addendum 3). It is the responsibility of the offeror to ensure that all pages are properly formatted to fit and that all information properly fits within the margins of each page.
  • Qualified individuals must submit a completed and formally signed Bio-Data Form (Addendum 2). Typed signatures are not acceptable. Either physically sign or save the Bio-Data Form as a PDF and electronically sign it. Please ensure that you provide a current, valid e-mail address and telephone number for notification purposes. The Bio-Data Form must be fully completed including a proposed hourly rate & signed for the submission to be considered. A Bio-Data Form without a proposed hourly rate and/or signature may cause you to not be considered.
  • Qualified individuals must submit a curriculum vitae or a resume, which clearly demonstrates their education, experience, knowledge, and skills and abilities as they relate to the qualification elements. Resume must indicate: the earliest possible start date for the offeror; as well as formal title, and duration (start date / end date) for each listed position. Resume is limited to 10 pages and must not contain a photo or any salary information.
  • Qualified individuals must submit a written technical narrative of your experience and knowledge in regards to the qualification requirements under Section 7. Qualifications in no more than five pages. You must clearly demonstrate how your prior experience is either relevant or directly related to the duties of this position as listed under Section 5. Duties. The responses should describe specifically and accurately what experience, training, education and/or awards you have received that are relevant to each factor. You should cite specific examples where appropriate.
  • Qualified individuals must submit at least three but no more than five professional references, who are not relatives or family members. Submitted references must include current information for the following:
    1. Name of reference,
    2. Offeror’s relationship to reference,
    3. Title of reference at current job,
    4. Reference current telephone number (work or personal), and
    5. Reference e-mail address (work).

At least two references should be from direct supervisors (current or prior) who can provide information regarding the applicant’s knowledge and experience. Preferably, the references should be from within the last 5 years of the applicant’s professional employment history.

  • Submissions must be signed and received prior to the closing date and time specified above to be considered for this position. Typed signatures are not acceptable.
  • To ensure consideration of submissions for the intended position, please reference the position title and announcement number on the subject line of your submission email and on supporting documentation and any cover letter.
13. Response Deadline

Electronic submission is required. Mailed copies of any submission shall not be accepted. Electronic packages shall be submitted by e-mail to before the deadline stated on page 1 of this Combined Synopsis Solicitation. Submission shall reference the position title and the announcement number on the subject line of the e-mail.

MCC does not accept responsibility for delays in transmission or receipt of any submission. Offerors are responsible for submitting their package so as to reach the designated Government office by the closing date and time specified on page 1 of this Combined Synopsis Solicitation. Submissions received after the closing date and time will not be considered, unless there is acceptable evidence to establish that it was indeed received by the Government installation prior to the time and date specified in this announcement. Receipt of submissions in response to this announcement does not constitute an award commitment. The U.S. Government will not reimburse any costs incurred in the preparation of a submission. Any submission is at the sole risk of the offeror.

14. Question Deadline

Any questions regarding this announcement must be submitted in writing via email to and before the deadline as given on page 1 of this Combined Synopsis Solicitation.

15. Selection Process a) Selection Process

In order to be considered for the requirement, the offeror must meet the qualifications listed above. Consideration and selection will be based on a panel evaluation in accordance with the Section 7 Qualifications. In addition to the materials listed above, offerors are strongly encouraged to write a cover letter, not to exceed one page, to highlight their suitability for this position. The cover letter is not required and is not accepted as the required written narrative.

All Submissions will be evaluated based on the documentation submitted, the offeror’s evidence of the above qualification requirements, performance in a potential discussion/negotiation session, if conducted, and information provided by references, if contacted. Please note that for evaluation purposes, MCC will take into consideration your proposed labor rate and any requested pay supplement in lieu of fringe benefits. All submissions will receive one of three scores for the required and desired qualifications: Does Not Meet, Meets, or Exceeds. MCC reserves the right to conduct interviews with the most qualified offerors and/or conduct a reference check on those individuals.

Offerors are strongly encouraged to ensure the work history portion thoroughly documents the duties, responsibilities and accomplishments that are directly related to this requirement in order to verify specialized experience. Errors or omissions may affect your evaluation.

The U.S. Government & MCC are not obligated to make any award or pay for any costs associated with the preparation and submission of a proposal in response to this announcement. Award of this contract is contingent on availability of funds. MCC reserves the right to not award any contract as a result of this announcement.

Upon MCC’s evaluation, the Government may decide to negotiate a different pay band than what was proposed based on the offeror’s experience and qualifications.

b) Evaluation Criteria

All quotes will be evaluated based on the evaluation factors listed below.

The following evaluation factors and sub-factors are listed in descending order of importance, starting with the most important:

  1. Technical Capability: Offerors must clearly demonstrate on the submitted CV or resume that she/he would satisfy the qualifications in accordance with Section 7. Qualifications to perform the duties in accordance with Section 5. Duties. Only those quotes that meet the required technical qualifications per Section 7. Qualifications will be considered. Candidates with desired qualifications will be given additional consideration.
  1. Past Performance: Offerors will be evaluated 3 to 5 professional references for relevant work performed during the past three years. The Government will evaluate relevant work with successful performance.

The Government reserves the right to consider information from any other sources when evaluating the offeror’s past performance.

  1. Price: The Government will examine price quotes for reasonableness and completeness. Offerors are requested and encouraged to provide any discounted pricing.

Except when it is determined in accordance with FAR 17.206(b) not to be in the Government’s best interests, the Government will evaluate Quotes for award purposes by adding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement. This includes options under FAR clause 52.217-8 Option to Extend Services, which applies to this solicitation. Evaluation of options under FAR 52.217-8 will be accomplished by using the prices offered for the last option period to determine the price for a 6-month option period, which will be added to the base and other option years to arrive at the total price. Evaluation of options will not obligate the Government to exercise the option(s).

c) Contract Award

This contract shall be awarded solely to an individual, not to a firm. The individual must have an active DUNS No. and “Active” status in the System for Award Management (SAM) for award.

d) Contract and Period of Performance

The successful offeror may be offered a full-time, personal services type contract for a one-year base period plus 4 one-year option periods, based upon performance, agency requirements, and available funding.

The base period of performance shall be from date of award for 12 months. All option periods are exercised at the sole discretion of MCC. The contract will be for a full-time PSC position with 10,435 total hours over the duration of the contract.

e) Place of Performance

The Contractor’s primary duty station will be MCC Headquarters in Washington, DC.

16. Addenda

See attachments for:

  1. Provisions and Clauses
  2. Position Description
  3. Bio-Data Form

[End of Solicitation]

About the Organization

MCC is a U.S. Government corporation whose mission is to reduce global poverty through economic growth. It provides large-scale grant assistance in the form of 5-year Compacts, or agreements, that fund large-scale development projects in carefully selected countries that demonstrate a commitment to good governance, economic freedom, and investments in their citizenry. MCC Compacts are implemented by host governments through legal entities that they establish (referred to as Millennium Challenge Accounts or MCAs). Typical MCC Compacts include projects in agriculture and irrigation; energy; transport infrastructure; land rights; health; and education. For more information on the MCC, please visit

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