Call for Experts: Economic Governance Support - Egypt

  • Mid-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 9 May 2019

Job Description


Abt Associates is seeking candidates for an anticipated multi-year, USAID-funded Activity to increase prosperity in Egypt by supporting greater inclusion in and transparency of Egypt’s economic governance systems. This activity will support local domestic reforms in Egypt to increase accountability and efficiency of public institutions, as well as improve the Government of Egypt’s ability to efficiently provide services at reduced costs to international and domestic investors and average citizens.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Business Enterprise Development Specialist: S/he will have an advanced degree in business, economics, or a relevant field. Experience is required in business enabling environment, value chain finance, market facilitation, strategies for creating competitive advantage, and strategies for upgrading, including those tailored to the very poor. The specialist shall have excellent communication (written and oral), presentation, management and interpersonal skills, as well as private-sector experience and contacts in local, regional or international markets.

Legal Advisor: S/he will have JD or LLB credentials. Experience is required in legal and overseas experience relevant to PFM, trade, and related areas. Some illustrative examples would include legal work experience in: analyzing/drafting legislation, administrative law, business environment and regulatory reform, business formation and dissolution, small business advisory work, bankruptcy, company law, small/medium/micro-enterprise legal issues, and legal work with organizations and associations.

PFM Advisor: S/he will have an advanced degree in business or economics. Experience is required in a) fiscal policy, including public expenditure management, e.g., tax policy and administration, budget planning and expenditure management, tax and nontax revenue forecasting and projections for fiscal analysis, and intergovernmental fiscal relations; b) public debt operations and public debt management, internal and external government debt issuance and management, debt refinancing operations at all government levels, data collections and information systems to provide central monitoring and control over debts of public entities, forecasting governments’ cash flows and borrowing requirements/debt retirement possibilities and refinancing needs, and maintaining and improving government’s creditworthiness on international exchanges.

GESI Advisor: S/he will have an advanced degree in anthropology, sociology, or another related field. Experience is required in quantitative and qualitative poverty data in Egypt; drivers of poverty and exclusion in Egypt; gender data and an understanding of the context for gender equality in Egypt and beyond; disability; and social norms and social movements. Demonstrated ability to work with people in a persuasive, constructive manner. Ability to collaborate and consensus-build are essential. Ability to listen well and employ different styles of communication in different contexts. Demonstrated networking abilities, especially within policy and governance circles in Egypt. At least basic knowledge of donor-driven tools such as theories of change, M&E, project proposals. Ability to research, construct and present: an argument that is organized, concise, evidence-based, referenced.

E-Governance Lead: S/he will have an advanced degree in law,business, or data analytics. Experience is required in e-governance technical solutions and e-governance reforms in Egypt or the region. Experience working with the relevant governmental agencies in advancing e-governance reforms is preferred. Experience providing training of public sector and civil society counterparts in areas of public administration and e-governance.

M&E Specialist: S/he will have an advanced degree in data analytics, economics, or business. Experience is required in with causal model development, monitoring, impact assessment, data collection methods, and evaluation of developmental projects using a variety of methodologies, monitoring and management information systems in developing countries. Familiarity with USAID policies and procedures, Operational Plan indicators, as well as the relevant technical areas, is desired. The individual shall demonstrate excellent skills in written and oral communication, management and analysis, as well as knowledge of sustainable and effective project management.

Learning and Knowledge Management Specialist: S/he will have an advanced degree in a relevant discipline. Experience is required in the design or delivery of training and motivating behavior change, designing and implementing cost-effective platforms with targeted outreach for knowledge-sharing, and facilitating exchange in communities of practice. The specialist shall have expertise in adaptive management, organizational learning/development, systems mapping, development of CLA-related tools, CLA thought-leadership, and providing inputs on how CLA may lead to improved development outcomes, etc. In addition, the position requires excellent communication (written and oral), presentation, management, and interpersonal skills.

Please note:

  • All positions require Arabic language fluency
  • Senior Level positions will require both Arabic and English language fluency (spoken and written)
  • Experience must be related to the work requirements

Prior USAID and/or other donor-funded project experience is strongly preferred. Positions are contingent upon award to Abt Associates.

About the Organization

Abt Associates is a mission-driven, global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of health, social and environmental policy, and international development. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1965, Abt Associates was built on the concept that sound information and empirical analysis are the best foundations for effective decision making. The firm blends the subject matter expertise of our staff with technical capabilities in applied research, program implementation, and data collection to shape policy, strengthen systems, measure performance, and deliver other solutions to our public and private sector clients. Examples of Abt Associates’ work include nationally recognized research, evaluation, and technical assistance to improve the efficiency of healthcare systems, the effectiveness of government housing programs, the production of food, and the measurement of public opinion. Abt’s staff of more than 2000 includes national and international experts who are known for their understanding of communities and governments worldwide, innovative research techniques, and insightful—and often groundbreaking—analyses and recommendations. Approximately 51 percent of our staff has graduate degrees; one in six has a doctorate. Our staff’s educational and professional disciplines include economics, engineering, environmental analysis, epidemiology, food security, health, housing, international development, psychology, social science, statistics, and survey methodology. Abt’s research staff is experienced with prominent statistical software packages, including SPSS, SAS, and STATA, along with qualitative software such as NVIVO and Atlas. In 2011, Abt Associates was ranked among the top 20 global research firms and one of the top 40 development innovators. Abt has offices in Atlanta, Ga.; Rockville, Md.; Cambridge, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; Durham, N.C.; and New York City and program offices in nearly 40 countries in Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Middle East and North Africa.

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