Cashew Policy Consultant

  • Posted on 6 September 2019

Job Description

Abt Associates is seeking a consultant to provide input and advice to the Government of Cambodia for the development of a Cambodia national cashew nut policy.


The consultant will:

  1. Provide guidance and quality assurance for the collection of additional primary data of Cambodian cashew nut assessment (conducted by HEKS Cambodia) as required.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive situational analysis based on data collected, global trends and benchmarking with relevant countries/markets where possible. The analysis should cover all the three themes that will comprise the policy: (1) Sustainable and resilient crop production; (2) Value chain strengthening; and (3) Export and market development; and include recommendations on policy priorities, monitoring and risk frameworks and action plans as major inputs for the policy and its implementation plan. The international expert will need to draw on extensive knowledge of the cashew sector, while putting Cambodia in the international context.
  3. Share international experiences, and best practices on different topics along the cashew value chain at technical working sessions and workshops.
  4. Lead the policy dialogue including facilitating and participating in stakeholder consultations to validate findings of the analysis and obtain comments on policy recommendations.
  5. Write the policy recommendations report to the government of Cambodia.

These responsibilities will be carried out through the following activities:

  • Cambodia Cashew Value Chain Analysis

Conduct situational analysis by reviewing Cambodian Value Chain Assessment done by HEKS, combined with comparative analysis of world cashew production and trade and Cambodia’s position in the world market; SWOT analysis of Cambodia’s cashew sector; Cambodia’s competitive advantage and marketing strategy options.

  • The competition & the customer - International Market Situational Analysis

Conduct a situational analysis addressing: What do buyers want? Target markets; Comparative Analysis of product, costs and marketing approach focusing on Vietnam and India and successful innovations in the new cashew countries in Africa.

  • Prepare recommendations:

Using the value chain analysis, stakeholder input and comparative analysis of cashew policy in other key producing countries (Vietnam, India, new entrants in Africa) make recommendations on the policy approach to be adopted in Cambodia within the context of the overall current policy for the agriculture sector.

  • Consult with stakeholders on the recommendations for policy development.

The consultant will participate in three one-day workshops held to validate recommendations. A first draft of the recommendations will be validated in a workshop in a province (Kampong Thom or Siem Reap, subject to change), to get the view of province-based actors. Another workshop will take place in Phnom Penh, to consult with stakeholders at the national level. The objective is to gauge the reaction, flag the proposals being made and to consult on the practicality of the proposed policy framework. After incorporating feedback from these workshops, a final consultation workshop will be held in Phnom Penh with a wider range of stakeholders to fine tune last adaptations.

Deliverables and due dates

Early November 2019: Comments and recommendations on value chain analysis by HEKS

Mid-November 2019: Interim situational analysis

Late November 2019: Final situational analysis

December 2, 2019: Inception and methodology report for policy development

December 9, 2019: Policy recommendations to present to stakeholder workshops

December 11-21, 2019: First mission, including factory visits and participation in stakeholder workshops

Week of January 12, 2020: Second mission, including meetings with ministries and final validation workshop

Mid-February 2020: Final report with policy priorities and recommendations and strategic plan, incorporating feedback from stakeholder consultations


The consultant must be a leading expert in the following areas:

  • Cashew value chain strengthening, to include knowledge of sustainable cashew production and processing, as well as value chain strengthening.
  • Market intelligence, to include knowledge of trends in the world cashew market and ability to provide an independent, unbiased analysis of Cambodia’s position and potential compared to other key producing countries, especially Vietnam, India, and new entrants in Africa.
  • Trade policy, to include knowledge of how country policies can support or hinder a country’s competitiveness in the world market, and ability to provide a comparative analysis of cashew policy in other key producing countries, so as to eventually make recommendations on the policy approach to be adopted in Cambodia within the context of the overall current policy for the agriculture sector.

To Apply

Please email your CV and a short statement summarizing your suitability for the position to by September 16. Please include Cashew Policy in the subject line of your email.

About the Organization

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