CEPPS Indicators Database Consultant

Arlington, Virginia, United States
Apply by 13 May 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 13 April 2018

Job Description

Project Description:

The Consortium for Elections and Political Processes (CEPPS) maintains a consortium-wide database of indicators used for projects funded under the USAID Global Elections and Political Transitions (GEPT) mechanism. The GEPT database is designed to house all indicators being used in GEPT products and is a key resource in GEPT Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Knowledge Management (KM) initiatives. CEPPS is seeking an experienced Database Consultant who will support the GEPT M&E Specialist in management of the GEPT database for data storage and reporting purposes.

It is expected that the selected Contractor will work an average of approximately 20 hours a week on the responsibilities outlined above, with variances in time spent dependent on CEPPS workflow. It is expected that in the initial month of the contract, the Contractor may need to work around 30 hours a week to acclimate her/himself to the CEPPS Indicator Database. CEPPS expects the Contractor to sign an initial 3-month contract for services which will be renegotiated based on need. In rare cases, travel to CEPPS field offices may be required to carry out the responsibilities listed above.

Job Responsibilities:

Working under the direction of the M&E Specialist, specific responsibilities for the Database Contractor will include the following:

  • Liaise with the database developer, Newdea, as needed to support development and functioning of the database, and to troubleshoot emerging issues of a technical nature
  • Maintain regular engagement with Newdea to understand updates to database structure and functionalities, and advise M&E Specialist in how these changes impact GEPT database
  • Work with M&E professionals at all three CEPPS partners to develop and test new functionalities for the database, and provide reporting on use of database by program staff for monitoring and oversight purposes
  • Develop guidelines and procedures for use of the database by CEPPS partner staff, and work with M&E professionals at all three partner institutions in delivering trainings on the database to CEPPS staff
  • Support CEPPS partner staff in the input and management of data into the database, as well as in generating reporting from the database and addressing difficulties in these tasks
  • Use database functionalities as well as other tools to streamline entry of indicators data into database for CEPPS program staff
  • To the extent necessary and feasible, support aligning and sharing of data from database with external databases used by USAID missions to manage M&E data
  • Other duties as necessary for management of the CEPPS Indicators Database

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