Clinical Officer General

  • Entry-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 5 May 2021

Job Description


 Grade 12 School Certificate plus related experience or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience

 Diploma/Degree: Clinical Medicine

 Experience working in ART management facility and Primary Health Care and community-based health programming for HIV.

 Health care service delivery background

 Prior experience working in HIV Management/Control

 Knowledge of various ART related Documentation

 Understanding of health facility screening tools, registers, client’s files and other necessary health documents

 Understanding of Lab baselines and investigations


 Attention to detail

 Interpersonal skills

 Time management

 Able to work independently


 Screen and Implement test and start

 Ensuring all people who pass through health facility services are tested, those that are positive are enrolled in care.

 Work hand in hand with health facility staff, community health workers, community leaders, pharmacy and lab staff to ensure availability of commodities and linkage of HIV positive patients into care.

 Reviewing to ensure completeness of patient’s files and taking the appropriate action

 Understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation and data review

 Initiate treatment to all HIV positive patients in the Pre-ART registers as tracked from way back before Test and Start

 Identify undiagnosed People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) using a strategic mix of testing services within and outside facilities to maximize yield and ensure immediate linkage to ART.

 Work with Pharmacy and Lab to strengthen the supply chain management and logistics of HIV testing kits and pharmaceutical commodities to meet demand.

 Strengthen the capacity of the health systems of Zambia HIV service delivery

 Able to identify failure and switch treatment.

 Able to order blood parameters at appropriate time lines

 Able to identify OI’s and give the appropriate treatment

 Conduct regular data editing and updates as required

 Perform data quality control.

About the Organization

Right to Care (RTC) is a non-profit company with a vision that all HIV-positive patients receive high quality treatment, care and support, improving their quality of life and productivity in South Africa and other African Countries.

The EQUIP Consortium is led by Right to Care (RTC) in collaboration with four other Africa based Partners. The EQUIP Consortium provides countries with innovative and customized solutions that increase HIV testing and linkage to care, widens the coverage of ART, expands capacity for viral load monitoring and improves retention of patients on ART. With the support of USAID, EQUIP is designed to provide rapid responses to the needs of high-priority PEPFAR countries.

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