Community Development Specialist: for Construction Supervision of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Kabul to Jalalabad Highway (Saparay to Surhkroad)

Società Italiana di Monitoraggio SpA
Apply by 5 February 2013
Senior-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 22 April 2015

Job Description

The scope of Services is as follows:

(i) Overall project management, reporting to the EA and ADB, coordinate with

local communities and other stakeholders in the project area and, with the

Ministry of Interior (MOI) and international security forces on security issues.

(ii) Review and approve the Detailed Engineering Design (DED), including all

drawings, specifications and supporting calculations and documentation for

the Project submitted by the Contractor.

(iii) Act as the Engineer in administering the Contract. Advise the EA, as the

Employer, on all matters concerning implementation of the Contract

including, but not limited to – the progress of the civil works (the Works) and

issues arising, certification of the Works, variations to the Works and the

Contractor’s contract, the settlement of disputes and, arbitration or litigation

if required.

(iv) Monitor, inspect and certify the temporary and permanent Works ensuring

they are constructed in accordance with the provisions of the Contract,

including the Contractor’s approved Quality Assurance Plan, Health and

Safety Plan, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Method


(v) Update if necessary and assist the EA to implement the approved Project

Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plan (LARP).

(vi) Design and implement a Project Performance Management System


(vii) Coordinate the development of the Project Security Plan (the Security Plan)

and supervising its implementation.

(viii) Assessment and design of a Community Outreach Program and supervising

implementation by the Contractor.

Detailed tasks include:

(i) Prepare a Community Outreach Manual for approval by the EA and ADB

setting out: the goals and objectives of the Community Outreach Program;

community consultation requirements and methods; minimum selection

criteria for sub-programs including economic and social criteria; cost

allocation guidelines; supervision requirements; and, an investigation,

analysis and implementation program.

(ii) Design and supervise the community consultation program including

identification, recruitment and tasking of suitably qualified national NGOs or

other local organisations.

(iii) Review and analyze all sub-program proposals in accordance with approved

criteria and prepare a recommended list of approved sub-programs for

approval by the EA and ADB including a detailed implementation

methodology, program and budget for each sub-program.

(iv) Establish appropriate benefit monitoring and evaluation criteria for each subprogram

in consultation with the PPBM consultant.

(v) Supervise and monitor the implementation of the sub-program and certify the

payment of funds by the Contractor.

(vi) Prepare reports on the Community Outreach Program for inclusion in the

Quarterly Reports and the PCR.

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