Community of Practice Consultant

  • Mid-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 9 July 2018

Job Description

Community of Practice Consultant: International relations/ Conflict Studies

The British Council is seeking a Consultant, who will support the Research Adviser and Conflict Lead in delivering the follow up to All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) 2017 report recommendations. In 2017, the APPG for the British Council concluded the report “Building Young People’s Resilience to Violent Extremism in the Middle East and North Africa”. One of the report recommendations was that community of practice be formed, to develop a stronger joint evidence base. As part of its official response to the inquiry, the British Council has committed to support the development of a community of practice, bringing together many of the organisations which provided evidence for this report to examine evidence and agree on best practice in preventing violent extremism. The main purpose of this consultancy is to deliver the APPG follow-up and support the development and activities of the Community of Practice (COP).

Location: London

Apply by: July 16th 2018

Start date: August 10th 2018

End date: December 2019

About the project

The APPG report detailed evidence on excellent work already being done in these areas by a number of British and international organisations, but notes a risk of lack of cooperation and duplication of efforts due to the fact that no database exists of organisations working in this area and approaches taken to the problem. The committee recommended that efforts be made to gather information which would

  1. ensure that programmes do not run in parallel or contradict each other;
  2. enable organisations to learn from each other ;
  • provide the possibility of strategic partnerships to increase impact.

The report recommended that the witnesses, experts and organisations that informed this inquiry form a COP. The COP will enable a stronger evidence base, a platform to share knowledge and learning about the plethora of small scale programmes in operation and create opportunities for strategic collaboration in the region.

About the role

  • Support the Research Adviser and the Lead Conflict and Stabilisation Adviser in delivering the follow up to the APPG report 2017;
  • Provide administrative support to the COP and other related activities
  • Organise meetings of the COP, write up meetings, support the production of any additional papers commissioned;
  • Ensure that all administrative tasks related to the APPG are done on time and to a high standard;
  • Support the production of all reports which are commissioned in the process of following up the APPG report;
  • Identify research and evidence gaps that remain and need filling in order to make the follow up to the APPG useful;
  • Take and distribute minutes of the APPG follow up committee;
  • Identify critical EU, Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) and wider institutional and think tank stakeholder audiences for the activities of the COP;
  • Ensure the project is managed and delivered in accordance with all agreed financial and procurement standards in the head contract and British Council procedures

Qualifications and experience required


  • Qualified to degree level – politics, international relations, conflict, war studies, defence studies or similar.
  • Demonstrated understanding of politics, development, conflict, stability, or violent extremism.
  • Demonstrated ability to organize and administer processes.
  • Ability to organise, priorities, attention to detail


  • Experienced in delivering programmes which support opportunities for young people

How to apply

If you are interested, please send your CV tailored to the above requirements and a supporting statement to with the title APPG Consultant. Applicants should provide a day rate as part of their applications. The recommended day rate range set by the British Council for this role is between GBP 80 – 110.

Please note we aim to respond to shortlisted applicants about next steps within seven working days of the application submission. The Consultant selected will be for duration of up to 200 days spread over 12 to 18 months. The selected supplier will be expected to do up to four days of work a week in the British Council office.

About the Organization

The British Council creates opportunities for people worldwide by helping societies achieve change in education, civil society, skills, the public sector and justice. Working closely with governments, donors and businesses, we deliver value for money solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

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