Tokyo, Japan
Apply by 16 March 2018
Senior-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 19 February 2018

Job Description

APO is looking for Consultants for

1) Industry Department (Digital Strategy, Industry 4.0)

2) Research and Planning Department (Strategic Foresight)

3) Agriculture Department (Future Food, Smart Farming, Agriculture Transformation)

General Duties:

Under the direction and general supervision of the Department Director, undertake the development, organization, implementation, evaluation, and follow-up of assigned programs and projects, such as consultancy/advisory services, research, training courses, workshops, study missions, and country-specific projects, mainly for the industry and service sectors.

  1. Develop projects and programs in the assigned areas or topics especially for inclusion in the annual and two-year programs, along with implementation plans and budgets;
  2. Manage and implement projects including the preparation of documents, recruitment and selection of experts/lecturers and participants, and monitoring and reporting of project outcomes;
  3. Coordinate with national productivity organizations (NPOs) of member countries on project implementation, evaluation, and follow-up activities;
  4. Identify and develop national programs to enhance the capacities and competencies of officials, consultants, and personnel of NPOs and relevant public-sector organizations to provide consultancy and policy advisory services related to applications of productivity tools and techniques;
  5. Develop contents for APO online courses/MOOCs including collaborating with experts/lecturers to develop content;
  6. Engage in various activities related to APO member countries, including the annual meetings of the APO Governing Body and NPOs; and
  7. Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Department Director or the Secretary-General.

Qualifications and Experience:

  1. A minimum of eight years of administrative/supervisory experience in management or technological development in the government, a public/private corporation, training institute, or institution of higher learning.
  2. Excellent communication skills in English.
  3. Consulting experience in the public sector, international organizations, and relevant industry sectors.
  4. A future-oriented perspective.
  5. Knowledge of econometrics and statistics, particularly of productivity indicators.

>>Industry Department (Digital Strategy, Industry 4.0)

Specific Duties:

  1. Manage close communication with the Japan Productivity Center to enhance engagement with both the Japanese public and private sectors.

Specific Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Excellent communication skills in Japanese.
  2. Specialist-level knowledge and experience in Industry 4.0;
  3. A minimum bachelor’s degree, preferably in engineering, science, and/or economics, from a reputable college or university, with specialization in technology management; a master’s degree in the above fields will be an advantage.

>>Research and Planning Department (Strategic Foresight)

Specific Duties:

  1. Develop mid- to long-term APO strategies and program plans reflecting the needs of member countries and global changes/trends.
  2. Collaborate with NPOs in developing new initiatives or digital platforms that can widen the reach and deepen the impact of national productivity programs in member countries.

Specific Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Specialist-level knowledge in a productivity-related field with interest in and familiarity with worldwide digital trends.
  2. Knowledge of the use of foresight tools for advanced strategic planning will be a strong advantage.
  3. A minimum bachelor’s degree, preferably in business administration, technology management, economics, or other similar fields; a master’s degree in the above fields will be an advantage.

>>Agriculture Department (Future Food, Smart Farming, Agriculture Transformation)

Specific Qualifications and Experience:

  1. Specialist-level knowledge and experience in Future Food, Smart Farming or Agriculture Transformation.

  2. A minimum bachelor’s degree, preferably in agricultural engineering or other similar fields; a master’s degree in the above fields will be an advantage.

Send your application forms to:

Industry Department –

Research and Planning Department –

Agriculture Department –

About the Organization

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) was established on 11 May 1961 as a regional intergovernmental organization.The APO is nonpolitical, nonprofit, and nondiscriminatory.


To be the leading international organization on productivity enhancement, enabling APO economies to be more productive and competitive by 2020


To contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of Asia and the Pacific through enhancing productivity.

Five Key Roles of the APO

Think tank: The APO conducts research on emerging needs of members for their follow-up and for determining appropriate assistance to them.

Catalyst: The APO promotes bilateral and multilateral alliances among members and between them and others outside the APO regi... See moreon for collaboration in productivity-related activities for mutual benefit.

Regional Adviser: The APO surveys the economic and development policies and performance of each member and assists in formulating strategic changes for enhanced productivity and competitiveness.

Institution Builder: The APO strengthens the capability of the National Productivity Organizations (NPOs) and other institutions to provide productivity promotion, training, and consultancy services to the public and private sectors.

Clearinghouse for productivity information: The APO facilitates the dissemination and exchange of information on productivity among its members and other stakeholders.

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