Consultant for Food Card System Evaluation and Recommendation

  • Senior-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 21 January 2020

Job Description

I. Scope of Consultancy

The appointed consultant, in collaboration with the TBC management and staff, will conduct an evaluation of the current food card system, and relevant organisational structure in order to provide detailed analysis of current processes, benchmarking with standard practices, identification of gaps, and to make recommendations for improvements which ensure transparent, integrated, effective, and efficient execution of the food card system.

Specifically, the appointed consultant will:

  • Assess the food card processes, system, and organisational structure; efficiency and effectiveness, environmental appropriateness, relevance and sustainability.
  • Carry out a comparative analysis of TBC’s processes in comparison to standard practices, identify protection and gender dimensions, and impacts on natural resources.
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce risk to TBC including factors relating to system design, business processes and organizational structure.
  • Recommend improvements to TBC’s food card business processes in close collaboration with key process owners and the system service provider, clearly showing functional interfaces with other workflows, i.e., finance processes and supply chain processes and ensure alignment to TBC’s strategy, compliance with donor’s requirements, and good governance;
  • Recommend appropriate organization structure and human resource requirements including staff roles and positions.
  • Establish levels of authority and authorization for each process including suggestions for forums that support constructive interaction and good governance processes.
  • Work closely with the current food card system service provider, and key process owners, to identify proper customization of the system and make recommendations for reports’ automation and formats.
  • Work with TBC’s Senior Management Team and project managers to elucidate key impacts on staff and risks for process implementation, and to advise on appropriate revisions.

II. Expected Outputs/Deliverables:

  • Gap assessment report relating to processes, systems and structures required for effective food card business processes and organizational structure.
  • Mapping of the food card business processes, clearly showing functional interfaces with other workflows, i.e., finance processes and supply chain processes, with consideration of alignment to TBC’s strategy, compliance with donor’s requirements, and good governance practice.
  • Recommendations on organization structure and human resource requirements including job roles and positions
  • Table of levels of authority and authorization for each process.
  • Suggestions on forums which support constructive interaction and good governance to processes.
  • Report outlining proper customization of the system including automated reports and impactful report formats.
  • Recommendations on key management and monitoring considerations for implementation processes inclusive of markets, household expenditures and supply chains.
  • Presentation session to wrap up findings of key outputs/deliverables.

III. Qualifications:

To qualify for this appointment, the consultant:

  • Must have not less than 10 years relevant and professional experience with active engagement with clients.
  • Will possess relevant, professional qualifications in business process improvement/reengineering, cash transfer systems and organization design.
  • Must demonstrate evidence of similar work done with organizations in different settings.
  • Should have executed business process improvement projects involving software implementation and ICT transformation.
  • Will preferably have familiarity with non-profit organizational environments and dynamics.

IV. Provisional Schedule


  • Desktop review 3 days


  • Field visit (Bangkok and Tak Province) 5 days
  • Preparation of presentation 2 days
  • Presentation delivery and feedback 1 day


  • Draft report 3 days
  • TBC review and feedback
  • Finalization of report 2 days

International travel (if required) 2 days

V. How to Apply:

Interested consultants should send their technical and financial proposal no later than 20th February 2020 to clearly indicating on the subject line as below:

“Proposal for TBC Food Card System”

VI. Communication and Response:

Timothy Moore is the designated TBC representative for this initiative. For any information relative to this ToR, please direct all inquiries to his contact information as follows:

Tim Moore

Thailand Programme Director

Tel: +662 238 5027-8


VII. Supporting Documents

  1. The Livelihoods Impacts of the Food Card System in Refugee Camps on the Thailand- Burma Border, 2019 Anna Pollock
  2. External Assessment: Food Security and Livelihoods in Burmese Refugee Camps, 2017 Yuve Guluma
  3. End Evaluation Food Card System Cash Transfer Pilot Programme, 2016 Betty Kweyu

If you would like TBC to share the supporting documents as outlined above, please contact

VIII. No Obligation:

The submission of a proposal shall not in any manner oblige TBC to enter into a contract or to be responsible for the costs incurred by your organization in responding to this application.

About the Organization

The Border Consortium (TBC), based in Thailand, has been working with refugees from Myanmar since 1984. TBC is the main provider of food, shelter and other forms of support to approximately 80,000 refugees, in remote camps in Thailand, located close to the Myanmar border.

TBC is utilizing a cash card system to provide food assistance to the refugees, with a total 17,350 household cards and 130 camp-based vendors across the nine refugee camps.

More information

ToR_Evaluation Food Card System 2020_Final.pdf

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