Consultant For Humanitarian Response in Yemen - Yemeni National

Apply by 13 July 2018
Posted on 2 July 2018

Job Description

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is seeking a highly experienced Yemeni national as a consultant for humanitarian assistance work. Primary function of the consultant is to assist with LWR’s registration in Yemen and to conduct a landscape analysis of the current humanitarian space and an assessment of the operational context in Yemen. LWR is looking at the feasibility of two potential approaches to responding to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen: (1) the shipment of material resources (quilts, health kits, school kits), for distribution through local Yemeni NGOs or INGOs, and (2) developing and implementing a modest pilot program (about $900K for 18 months) in protection, psycho-social support, income-generating activities, or related activities targeted youth, IDPs or other vulnerable populations. The primary geographic area of focus of this position is Aden and adjoining areas. Major outputs will include: geographic and sectoral mapping of the humanitarian actors, collection of information and completion of LWR’s registration with the relevant Govt authorities, situation analysis, and identification of program gaps, identification of potential local partners, and research on setting up an office and recruitment of staff. The assignment is expected to last for three months starting in early July 2018. Specific roles and responsibilities of the consultant is outlined below:

  1. Programmatic Functions

- Assess the operational environment in Aden and surrounding areas, including connecting with the relevant Govt authorities for collection of information for LWR’s registration, and arrangement of visas for LWR HQ staff to visit the country.

- Connecting with and visiting peer agencies, including UN-OCHA, national and International NGOs and donors to get clarity on the coordination mechanism, assess gaps in disaster assistance, and identify geographic and sectoral areas for LWR’s disaster relief programs, in particular (1) potential partners and locations for distribution of material resources, and (2) potential sectors and geographic areas for a targeted program looking at protection, pyscho-social support, income-generation, or related activities.

- Assess, or collect information from relevant entities on IDP movements in conflict areas and analyze the trends of people’s movement within the country.

- Under the technical guidance of the LWR Emergency Program Manager for Technical Capacity, and when feasible, conduct a rapid needs assessment of the selected geographic areas to collect and analyze the information to be used by the EPM-TC for preparation of the assessment report.

- Identify appropriate opportunities for LWR representation and consistently attend relevant UN cluster meetings and other humanitarian assistance coordination meetings to develop an appropriate network and prepare brief notes.

- Identify 3-5 local NGO partners for potential partnership with LWR in material resources distribution, as well as identify local organizations working in protection, psycho-social assistance, and related programming.

- Identify other resources for LWR to utilize for its Material Resources (MR) program, such as customs clearance procedures, import of relief items into the country through the logistics cluster/UN WFP mechanisms, identification of job boards and other HR related information sharing platforms for LWR to use for staff recruitment, and collection of information on labor laws, staff recruitment, etc.

- Based on the analysis outlined above, identify the specific programmatic and geographic areas in which LWR should focus its work.

- Assist in the development of a longer term plan for LWR’s work within Yemen.

  1. Administrative Functions:

- Identify two/three reputable law firms in Aden that are commonly used by international organizations for registration and legal representation purposes.

- Work in a team to select the law firm to pursue LWR registration and provide support and follow up to complete the registration process.

- Assist with preparation of files and documents, including translation of material from English to Arabic and vice versa for the registration process as well as communications with the local authorities.

- Serve as interpreter between LWR HQ staff and local authorities/contacts during team visits to Yemen.

- Serve as the primary security focal point and work the LWR Sr. Director for Global Security on identification of major safety and security threats, development of contingency plans and providing security briefings for LWR visitors.

- Serve as the logistics focal point to assist LWR team members with visa, accommodation, flights and other arrangements for visiting the country.

- Explore physical space for LWR office in Aden, with potential for 3-5 person office space, basic amenities, safety and security, access and other considerations in mind.


- Monthly workplan to be reviewed and approved by LWR

- Situation Analysis Report/s

- Identification of 2-3 local NGO partners that align with LWR core programming areas.

- LWR Registration in Aden, Yemen to establish LWR operations in the country.

- Signed MoU/Contract with the local lawyer/fixer for LWR registration

LWR Yemen Briefing Paper, describing the contacts, safety and security environment, operational context and the humanitarian space.


- Bachelors level education in social science, economics or international development.

- 4-6 years of experience in humanitarian assistance in the field, including conducting situation analysis, coordination with key stakeholders, program design, proposal writing and setting up a country office.

- Thorough understanding of the context of Yemen, including cultural and political dynamics of the conflict and be able to navigate those sensitivities.

- Knowledge of the current humanitarian situation in terms of assistance and gaps and an understanding of the international humanitarian architecture involved in the response in Yemen.

- Strategic thinking and analytical skills in combination with experience in conducting rapid assessments is highly desirable.

- Knowledge of the basic principles of humanitarian assistance, the IFRC code of conduct and belief and commitment to adhere to LWR’s values and principles in disaster assistance.

- Arabic and English language proficiency.

- Employment vetting via LexisNexis

- All applications must be submitted electronically by July 13th, 2018 along with Resume or Curriculum Vitae, and a cover letter explaining your qualification and fit for the job. Please submit your application to:

About the Organization

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) is a non-governmental organization founded in 1945 to respond to the needs of communities devastated by World War II. Since then, it has evolved from a relief agency shipping material resources to war-torn Europe to an agency that works with partners worldwide to respond to emergencies, seek lasting solutions to rural poverty, and work for peace and justice for all. LWR works to promote equity, strengthen organizational capacity, and empower communities to have a voice in decisions that affect their lives, while continually learning to increase our impact. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, LWR works to reduce poverty and injustice by helping communities increase and expand the resources they need to live productive, healthy and empowered lives.

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