Consultant Opportunity- Feed the Future Senegal KAWOLOR

Dakar, Senegal
Apply by 16 June 2018
Mid-level , Short-term contract assignment
Posted on 1 June 2018

Job Description

Consultant Opportunity- Feed the Future Senegal KAWOLOR


Feed the Future Senegal KAWOLOR is a five-year cooperative agreement funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) managed by NCBA-CLUSA in collaboration with HKI, JSI, Sheladia Associates, and Dimagi. KAWOLOR will sustainably increase consumption of nutritious and safe diets and achieve the following Intermediate Results (IRs): (a) increased on-farm availability and market supply of diverse, nutritious, and safe foods; (b) increased resilience and income, especially for vulnerable groups; (c) increased adoption of nutrition and care practices; and (d) improved governance of food systems. KAWOLOR’s activities will take place in 2,700 villages across 129 communes in 8 regions, reaching 225,000 households and 2,250,000 people.

  • KAWOLOR will bolster and link each of the aforementioned Intermediate Results in an integrated nutrition-led agriculture systems approach characterized by the following strategies:
  • Scaling through Country-led, Sustainable Platforms, KAWOLOR will replicate and scale up investments based on what works, what is needed, and lessons learned from previous projects.
  • Building out a Food Systems Approach of “Innovation to Integration” through the Nutrition Led Agriculture approach that focuses on production and food systems that serve the health, access, and income needs of vulnerable communities and centers around governance, behavior change, and women as key drivers of a sustainable system.
  • Promoting Inclusion and Resilience by placing women and vulnerable people at the center, while engaging with men and boys to transform gender norms that hinder improved nutrition and health.
  • Fostering a Culture of Innovation and Evidence-based Learning that promotes and applies research and science to ground-level interventions.
  • Achieving sustainability through Public-Private Partnerships that promote market-driven solutions.


Comply with USAID Cooperative Agreement to produce an Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP)


  • LOE: 7 days (document review days, travel days and report writing days TBD by consultant)
  • Review updated EMMP requirements contained in the BEO’s version of the IEE signed off by USAID;
  • Review documentation from Project, USAID and other sources to determine what Feed the Future Senegal KAWOLOR activities require environmental review. Compare the list of project activities with those that have a categorical exclusion, deferral, or negative-with conditions rating in the existing Senegal IEE and document the rating of KAWOLOR activities in terms of likelihood of environmental impact and classical methods for mitigation.
  • Determine any new activities not mentioned in the IEE that would imply an amendment is needed.
  • Map project sites and activities to compare with projected area maps in Senegal Assemble table of known mitigation measures for KAWOLOR activities (drawing on existing USAID documentation and Senegal compliance document)


The consultant will:

  • Draft Environmental Mitigation and Monitoring Plan (EMMP)
  • Write up and share the Final EMMP
  • Elaborate an EMMP checklist

More specifically, the consultant will:

  • Fill in EMMP table with responsible parties, approximate timelines, and monitoring/reporting methods;
  • Identify the potential for negative impact based on findings in the field, with appropriate mitigation actions and recommendations
  • Draw out examples of mitigating actions from USAID environmental compliance documents including newer versions from GEMS;
  • Extract activities that are classified as having no impact if described conditions are met; put in a table with EMMP format and headings;
  • Provide for future reviews of EMMP for new or altered activities by including annual review in the workplan.

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