CTB Procurement Advisor

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 2 March 2020

Job Description

The Vanuatu Government Central Tender Board (CTB) Office under the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM) is seeking to recruit a qualified Procurement Advisor (the “Advisor”) to assist the office in providing technical assistance to support reviewing and updating the procurement legislation and strengthened previously revised procurement procedures and capacity building within the office. The office of the Central Tender Board has undergone a reform back in 2013 on exisiting procurement processes & procedures and a review to its governing legislations. The work that this TA is expected to carry out is to assess and review the outome of this reform and assist the office in implementing these issues. Refer to the terms of reference for more detailed information.

The individual would be expected to cover a significant subset of the following capabilities and skills;

1. The advisor must have substantial, demonstrated expertise in supporting the Government procurement reform initiatives. A strong background in establishing panel arrangements and/or shared services will be an advantage.

2. Relevant formal qualifications, such as law, commerce or business

3. Demonstrated understanding of and practical experience with government procurement best practices

4. Experience in improving Government Procurement Business processes and preparing supporting guidelines and materials

5. Experience in delivering procurement trainings and providing mentoring to Government counterparts

6. Experience in Small Pacific States and/or Vanuatu will be an advantage.

There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate. Interested applicants should fill in the Request for Expression on Interest (REOI) - Documents will include all REOI requirements and response forms and copy of the full Terms of Reference can be downloaded on this website.

Responses for EOI can be emailed to The Secretary, Government Central Tender Board Office, Mr Yannick Hughes on yhughes@vanuatu.gov.vu by latest Thursday 26th March 2020 (11.00 local Port Vila Time [GMT +11] and hard copy to be sent by post to the Secretary, Government Central Tender Board Office, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management, Top Floor, Melitco Building, Rue Pasteur, PMB 9058, Port Vila in sealed envelope and be clearly marked “REOI Ref: CTB CS2001 - Recruitment of CTB Procurement Advisor”

For clarification of the content of this Request for Expression of Interest, and any further information contact;

Mr Yannick Hughes - Secretary, Government Central Tender Board Office, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM).

Contact: +678 23032 or yhughes@vanuatu.gov.vu

About the Organization



The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM) aims to promote quality and prevention, data quality, honesty, fairness and intergrity. It values working cooperatively as a team for the broader benefit of MFEM and the nation, with the understanding at all times of the need to operate within its legal jurisdiction. Finally, MFEM places the utmost importance on being politically neutral providing the best possible service to the government of the day, irrespective of political composition.


1. To collect better data, for better policy contributing to better lives

2. To be recognized as competent in Customs and Tax Administration

3. To provide prudent financial management system for the Government


The mission of the Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM) is to maximize government's contribution to promote and improve economic growth and development for the economic and prosperous Vanuatu


The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management emplys 340 staff, plus 24 cabinet members. The officers of the ministry are working in 3 departments (Finance & Treasury, Customs & Inland Revenue, National Statistics Office), plus units attached to the Office of the Director General (Corporate Services, Central Tender Board(CTB) and internal Audit) and expect increase in Office within MFEM in the near future.

More information

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