Customs Compliance Advisor

Senior-level , Long-term consulting assignment
Posted on 5 June 2018

Job Description

Request for Expression of Interest (REOI)

REOI DCIR CS1801 - Recruitment of Customs Compliance Advisor

DCIR is seeking to recruit a qualified Customs Compliance Advisor (the “Advisor”) to assist the department in developing its capacity in the area of strategic policy formulation, implementation and make changes to necessary legislations where appropriate to increase transparency in government decisions and dealings. DCIR administer and coordinates the tax revenue collections and promotes and assist in trade facilitation functionality. Of importance, the objective is to assist Customs Division within DCIR with Institutional Strengthening across all facets of Customs Operations and support implementation of Initiatives for Customs Modernization and Reform. A clear focus will be to ensure the revenue collection and compliance mechanism are robust and enabling to allow for due revenue to be collected.

The assistance will have a direct beneficial impact on the implementation of revenue policies in several sectors including transport infrastructure, Excise on Alcohol beverages, Environmental and Health Goods, Hydrocarbons Oil and Retail and Wholesale Industries.

In general terms the advisor will provide the following services while being engaged with the Department. Assist in implementation of legislative and procedural reforms necessary for becoming a contracting party to Revised Kyoto Convention.

  1. Provide advisory and assist with the implementation of Single Window System
  2. Assist in developing audit verification trails on End User Exemption Holders
  3. Review Customs Audit Procedures in terms of duty collections, excise tax on both international and domestic produced goods
  4. Review Customs Risk Management Policy and assist managers in designing Risk Assessment Profiles.
  5. Assist Deputy Director Customs in improving customs operational capability in relation to all customs activities
  6. As a member of the Customs Reform and Modernization Committee identify and implement reform initiatives agreed to by committee.
  7. Develop Standard Operating Procedures for identified customs activities.
  8. Assist and provide Direction/Advices on developing Customs National Strategic Plans.
  9. Provide advice and liaise closely with Tax Policy Unit on the implementation of new policies and legislative amendments.
  10. Perform other duties as required by Director or Deputy Director Customs.

The individual would be expected to cover a significant subset of the following capabilities and skills:

  • At least 10 years of experience developing, implementing and evaluating policy at national government level;
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience as a technical advisor;
  • Strong knowledge of managing the implications of legal settings (legislative and contractual) associated with new policy;
  • Strong knowledge of customs policy in compliance work plus audit functions;
  • Strong knowledge in Project Proposal/Implementation;
  • Degree in International Customs Law and Administration or a relevant field;
  • Prior experience in Melanesian governments would be an advantage; and
  • Prior experience in Vanuatu and knowledge of Bislama is highly desirable.

There is no restriction on the nationality, citizenship or current residence of the candidate. Interested applicants should fill in the Request for Expression on Interest (REOI) – Documents will include all REOI requirements and response forms and copy of the full Terms of Reference can be downloaded from:

Responses for EOI can be emailed to the Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Mr Yannick Hughes on by latest Thursday 14th June 2018 (11:00 local Port Vila time [GMT +11] and hard copy to be send by post to the Secretary, Central Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management, Top Floor, S.I.P Building, Rue Pasteur, PMB 9058, Port Vila in sealed envelope and be clearly marked “REOI Ref: DCIR CS1801 - Recruitment of Customs Compliance Advisor”

For clarifications of the content of this Request for Expression of Interest, and any further information contact:

Mr Benjamin Malas – Director, Department of Customs & Inland Revenue, Ministry of Finance & Economic Management (MFEM)

Contact: +678 24544 or

About the Organization

The Ministry of Finance & Economic Management is the advisor to the Government on economic, financial and regulatory policies. The Ministry is committed to helping achieve higher living standards for Vanuatu by providing expert advice and sound management of the financial affairs of the Government of Republic of Vanuatu

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