Deputy Chief of Party, USAID Iraq Performance Management and Evaluation Services

  • Senior-level, Full-time staff position
  • Posted on 27 February 2020

Job Description

QED is preparing to bid on the upcoming USAID Iraq Performance Management and Evaluation Services. The purpose of this program is to provide utilization-driven support in the areas of project/activity monitoring, evaluation, research, organizational learning, and knowledge management. The primary goal of this contract is to improve performance management at all levels to help the Mission meet Agency requirements, make better informed strategic and management decisions, and advance USAID learning on effective development approaches.

We are seeking a qualified Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) to assist in leadership this anticipated three-year (plus two optional years) activity to be full time and based in Baghdad for the duration of the Activity. S/he will be responsible for supporting the COP in overall activity management, managing administration and operations, coordination with local staff of USAID implementing partners, and assistance and oversight of the staff training and local capacity building.


The DCOP plays a key role in supporting the program Chief of Party to effectively achieve the results defined in the contract. The DCOP’s primary responsibilities include ensuring overall compliance with USAID rules and regulations, financial management, international and local personnel recruitment and management, subcontractor management, project start-up, and project close-out.


  • A minimum of 10 years’ experience in leading an organization, in both management and technical areas
  • Advanced university degree in relevant subject areas, preferably in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, International Administration or International Business
  • Fluency in English required, fluency in Arabic speaking and writing skills also required
  • Demonstrated experience managing diverse teams and working collaboratively across teams
  • Previous experience in using analytical tools to identify comparative and competitive advantage
  • Experience in business/private sector and/or economic development experience in Iraq, Middle East region, or conflict zones is preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to assemble, quickly and effectively, and to manage a highly‐skilled, interdisciplinary team; to interact with and lead a broad range of governmental and non‐governmental actors and institutions across sectors; and to implement detailed, organized, timely, accurate M&E program

About the Organization

The QED Group, LLC, is a full-service international consulting firm committed to solving complex global challenges through innovative solutions. QED has a 20 years history of evidence based development, which includes more than $3.5 billion in programs evaluated and work in 96 countries around the globe. We are determined to provide all our clients with best-value services so they increase their efficiency, learning capacity, and accountability to the public in an ever more complex and interconnected world.

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