Digital Communities Manager

London, United Kingdom
Apply by 8 April 2018
Mid-level , Full-time staff position
Posted on 9 March 2018

Job Description

The Digital Communities Manager supports delivery of the E&L Learning Strategy and Plan. They manage the E&L Programme web portal and related technologies supporting organisational learning processes, providing a curated service which engages PF stakeholders and helps develop communities of interest.

The Digital Communities Manager reports to the Learning Lead, and works alongside the Content Editor. They may also manage the work of external contractors (web developers, designers) as required.

This is a two year fixed term contract initially.

Managing and developing the E&L web portal and related technologies

The web portal is a central to the Evaluation & Learning (E&L) programme for the UK Prosperity Fund (PF), and is one of the key tools in which PF stakeholders will engage with the programme and the knowledge products. As such, it will embody high design standards (intuitive, useful and visually appealing), be proactively curated (to grow communities of interest and target PF stakeholder sub-groups), and serve the dual function of disseminating knowledge and learning from across the Fund, and inform active management decision-making (at programme and fund levels). In broad terms, the website will

  • Provide curated access to E&L Knowledge Products (full reports, briefs, info graphics, presentations, videos, email newsletters, webinars, etc.) with featured items, summaries, collections, user comments / uploads, and filtered search.
  • Provide an overview of the E&L team’s work (Home, About E&L, Evaluation Timeline, Contact, Terms and Conditions of Use
  • Provide a platform for a virtual communities of interest (Thematic Support Groups, Peer Assist Groups, After Action Review Groups), for government staff involved in implementing different PF programmes across the world.
  • Sign post other resources supporting organisational learning (e.g. E&L events, external knowledge services, PF staff network members)

The Digital Communities Manager is responsible for:

  • Liaising with digital services and security staff within PF HMG departments to ensure formal requirements and standards are assured
  • Supervising the work of outsourced IT / web / graphic design suppliers), including preparing technical terms of reference and overseeing delivery
  • Developing and administering the web portal and related technologies so that it achieves these objectives. updating and revising the site over time, as the body of evaluation evidence PF grows, and in response to improved understanding of stakeholder learning needs and how to satisfy these.
  • Managing the content of the web portal, including uploading finalised knowledge products moderating and approving user profiles, comments and uploads,
  • Managing subscriptions and user metrics for the email marketing platform delivering the E&L Newsletter
  • Moderating and approving user profiles and comments for the listserve tool supporting Thematic Support Groups, the webinar tool supporting virtual workshop / group participation, and the event logistics tool.
  • Provision of user support and guidance for the web portal and other technologies supporting organisational learning and E&L team internal coordination.
  • Administering and revising technologies supporting E&L team internal coordination (file sharing, collaboration platform)
  • Commissioning graphic designers to produce templates/design guidelines for all E&L knowledge products, including evaluation reports
  • Working over the course of the E&L programme to quality assure the graphic design of all knowledge products, ensuring that these conform to the agreed templates design, and correcting them where they do not
  • Sourcing images, and creating / commissioning info graphics for knowledge products

Required knowledge, experience and attitudes

  • Outstanding digital service design capabilities (but not actual programming / configuration)
  • Extensive online community management experience for an audience of geographically dispersed stakeholders
  • Experience of commissioning and managing the work of web developers and graphic designers
  • Up to date knowledge of relevant web development and graphic design packages and how to ensure these are compliant with relevant security and data protection standards
  • Experience of liaison with service users and analysis of use metrics to understand their needs and preferences, adapt services in response to feedback, and provide user support and guidance.

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