DRM/Customs Expert

  • Mid-level, Short-term contract assignment
  • Posted on 18 March 2020

Job Description

USAID’s Trade and Competitiveness Activity (TCA) – implemented by Resonance Global – is looking for an expert for a short-term, home-based assignment related to the link between customs reform and domestic resource mobilization (DRM).

Through this assignment, TCA is hoping to demonstrate the impact of trade and customs reforms on DRM for the USAID, host country government, and broader development industry audiences, while providing models/case studies, and “how to” guidance on the types of reforms and practices to put in place.

This assignment builds upon a December 2019 event hosted by TCA entitled Customs, Trade Facilitation Reforms and Domestic Resource Mobilization: Making the Case and Charting the Path Forward. The selected expert would 1) conduct desk research and phone interviews with revenue authorities and customs agencies to select a set of 2-3 regionally diverse countries that have been most successful in establishing effective customs and revenue processes/coordination to advance DRM, and 2) develop a “how to” or best practices guide for field implementers and USAID staff to utilize as they’re advising governments and customs and revenue agencies.

Ideal candidates for this opportunity will have: significant international expertise with DRM and related customs issues, strong writing skills, and some familiarity with the USAID operating context. If interested, please send a short introductory letter/e-mail along with an updated CV.

Note: There is some flexibility as to start-date, but the expectation is that the the assignment (including time for USAID feedback and revisions) will be completed within roughly 3 months after start.

About the Organization

SEGURA Consulting LLC (SEGURA) is an international consulting firm, specializing in advisory services to public and private sector clients in emerging markets around the globe. Combining the experience of senior professionals from a variety of backgrounds, the firm delivers high quality consulting and project implementation support to address the needs of government and business in developing countries.

As part of its portfolio of economic growth projects, SEGURA currently serves as subcontractor to Resonance Global on the USAID Trade and Competitiveness Activity (TCA).

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