Expert on Human Resources Development (KE2)

  • Senior-level, Long-term consulting assignment
  • Posted on 24 June 2020
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Job Description

Project title: Technical Assistance to Support the Reform on Employment Policies and Vocational Education and Training in Albania

Brief description of the project: The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the implementation of the NESS action plan 2019 - 2022, whose wider objectives include fostering decent job opportunities through effective labour market policies, offering quality vocational education and training to youth and adults, and promoting social inclusion and territorial cohesion and strengthening the Governance of the Labour Market.

Specific objective:

  1. Component 1: Support to strengthen the capacities of the National Agency for Employment and Skills (NAES) in designing, delivering and monitoring high quality employment programmes and services, targeted to the needs of the unemployed jobseekers, as per the Service Model.
  2. Component 2: Support the National Agency for Employment and Skills (NAES) in elaborating a medium-term development plan for providers of vocational education and training and developing mechanisms to improve strategic planning, to improve quality of VET offer and measure impact of VET policies.

The purpose of this contract is twofold:

  • To provide capacity development support to the NAES for the efficient and effective management of the employment programme and policies;
  • To support relevant institutions responsible for vocational education and training in the context of the National Employment and Skills Strategy revised Action Plan 2019-2022 (NESS), by reinforcing both the implementation of the new legislation and the development of planning and implementation support mechanisms /tools in the field of Vocational Education and Training.

Results to be achieved:

Component 1

  1. Enhanced capacities of all staff in employment offices country-wide in order to implement the National Service Model (new service model); developed and delivered human resource management model for all the staff of the regional and local employment offices; developed and delivered training needs assessment, training packages based on the functional roles according to the needs of the staff and performance management tools.
  2. Youth guarantee national plan designed, legal framework completed, implementation procedures and modalities prepared, and a pilot benefiting a minimum of 200 NEET (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) beneficiaries implemented.
  3. Increased awareness of employment and skills development opportunities, raise awareness on aspects of discrimination, regarding gender equality in the workplace, decent working conditions for women and men and non-discrimination between men and women in the workplace, raise awareness on the ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment, on the Labour Code, social and health insurance, maternity leave etc. and added transparency and visibility of the NAES through a targeted communication strategy and visibility plan, guaranteeing the participation of social partners and civil society organizations.

Component 2

  1. An integrated human resource management model in the VET sector is designed and implemented in close coordination with MoFE, NAES and NAVETQ.
  2. A National VET Provider Development Plan, including clustering and transformation of several VET providers, and an overall investment plan are developed and serves as the basis for further investments by both the Government and donors until 2022 and beyond.
  3. A comprehensive VET management and information system has been developed, and serves the needs of policy makers, responsible institutions and other relevant stakeholders.

Brief description of the assignment:

Commencement date of the project: September 2020 (tentatively)

Duration of the assignment: 440 work days over 24 months (indicative)


Qualifications and skills:

- Master degree or equivalent in education, law, economics, social science, public administration, human resource development;

- Fluency in English, both written and spoken;

- Computer literate.

General professional experience:

- Preferably 10 (ten) years but no less than 7 (seven) years of professional experience in the field of human resource development.

Specific professional experience:

- Preferably 5 (five) years but no less than 3 (three) years of professional experience in Designing Capacity Development Models for Public Employment Services;

- Experience with human resource development in the public sector, preferably for public employment services;

- Experience in developing and implementing organizational and human resource performance management systems.

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